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6792Three Invisible Guys at EK Temple for a Past Worldwide

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  • prometheus_973
    Oct 13, 2013
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      Yes, Klemp shared this delusional

      and imaginary daydream in the 09/2013 
      H.I. Letter. This isolated event/story 
      is being used to, once again, validate 
      PT's/HK's claims that there is an ancient 
      lineage of ECK Masters. The ancient
      lineage story/myth/lie gives Klemp 
      his authority as it did Twitchell. And, 
      it give Hope that people (EKists) can 
      have experiences with them in this 
      Here and Now Outer Reality! 

      Does this make the experiencer 
      of a visit from Three ECK Masters 
      (simultaneously) a Prophet and the 
      Spiritual equal to Klemp? It could 
      when one looks at Biblical history.
      Not really. You see, the ECKist
      was a woman. Therefore, there's
      no threat to Klemp since women
      in the Bible and in Eckankar cannot
      become Prophets!

      Furthermore, it's interesting to note
      that Klemp states this woman's
      'ekperience' occurred 'Some years 
      ago.' What? Nothing new to share?

      Thus, is Klemp planting a seed 
      for more delusion to sprout, grow, 
      and bloom for this year's EK World 
      Wide? Most assuredly! And, it's 
      another way to get people volunteer 
      at the Temple and make a Donation.

      Okay, here's the story in a nutshell.

      'Celine' volunteered to 'serve' at the
      EK Temple and arrived so early that
      the doors were still locked, although, 
      the staff was inside. She sat down
      outside on a bench to wait for the 
      doors to be unlocked. 'Three' men
      in strange garb approached her and
      'insisted' on sharing her bench and
      she needed to slide over to make 
      room for them. 

      Okay, does this sound strange?
      But that's how the lies start. 
      This is how the scammers 
      get their foot into the door to 
      your mind by getting you to 
      accept something implausible 
      from the start. Now it's time 
      to take the next step to see 
      just how gullible and desperate
      the EK member/believer is.

      The one man was tall and wore
      a Turquoise Turban and was
      usually the spokesman for the
      three. The other two wore darkish
      business suits. Apparently it was
      a cold day and none of the men
      wore overcoats. Since they were
      impervious to the cold this is one
      indication that they might be EK
      Masters... other than their rudeness
      to squeeze in on her while she was
      sitting on the bench.

      They asked her a lot of questions,
      although, my guess is that 
      she doesn't remember them 
      (like with dreams) since Klemp
      is not sharing what the questions 
      were. However, the questions
      and the men made her nervous
      since she checked the locked
      door after each time she answered.

      "BUT she had questions too."
      She asked the men how long
      they had been ECKists? Of
      course that never got a response.
      Instead, the turbaned guy said 
      something that was dated, didn't 
      make sense, and was a lie, 
      especially, if one knows 'EK 

      The guy in the turban said, 'How 
      lucky Paul Twitchell was to have 
      been trained by Sudar Singh.'

      For one thing 'Sudar' Singh was
      actually Kirpal Singh. Plus, if
      one believes the Sudar Singh
      story it's that Sudar was the 
      970th LEM and that he only
      gave Twitchell the 1st & 2nd 
      Initiations circa 1923 when PT 
      was age of 15 and after meeting 
      Sudar in Paris with Paul's sister 
      Kay-Dee. They both followed 
      him to India and stayed for about 
      10 months.

      After this, Sudar supposedly 
      handed PT over to Rebazar for 
      two additional trips to India in 
      the early 1950s where the conman/
      liar Twitchell claims he finally 
      completed his 12 Initiations.

      Okay, back to the EK Master story-

      Next, the guy in the turban turned
      to his companions and said, 'Can
      you sing HU within?' They nodded
      yes and the four of them 'sang' 
      this holy name of 'God' each in
      their own way. After awhile 'number
      one' said to Celine, 'You may go
      now.' The Temple doors clicked 
      open and Three 'hostesses' stood
      at the doors.

      Klemp likes to use the EK Principle
      of the Threes, but seems to overlook
      the fact that referring to the three
      female volunteers as 'hostesses' is 
      a sexist term.

      However, the Three wise guys 
      approached Celine again, 'Repeat 
      your name three times and spell it.' 
      She did. The spokesman then asked 
      the directions to the men's room 
      and all left. BUT they never came 
      out (circle jerk?).

      Interesting, that Celine knew the
      directions to the men's room. And
      we find out later that none of the
      other 'hostesses' ever saw these 
      men when the doors were initially
      opened. Only Celine had seen them.

      Does this mean that EK Masters
      are everywhere but only choose
      certain people and always private
      isolated situations to reveal themselves? 
      That's convenient! 

      Why don't they reveal themselves
      or appear at the private H.I. Meetings 
      during Seminars? See, this is more
      proof that it's all a religious lie that 
      requires faith and belief and a good

      Months later Celine got the answer 
      to who one of these ECK Masters 
      was when ECKankar released a 
      'picture' of Rami Nuri (from Venus).
      I wonder why she didn't realize who
      he was since the Letter 'M' appears
      on his forehead and this information
      is listed in Klemp's older EK Lexicon?

      BTW- Does anyone really believe
      that this guy came from Venus?
      Nobody can live on Venus! Really!
      This is science! Why are EKists 
      that stupid and gullible? Actually,
      when there's a conflict with common
      sense and belief a good EKist will
      put it out of their mind and not think
      about it... conflict resolved!

      Here's a really stupid finish to 
      this story-

      Strangers at the ECK Temple 
      approached Celine and said,
      'You've had a change in consciousness.'
      Klemp is claiming it was due to
      her 'chance encounter' with the
      ECK Masters. So, ECKists
      approached Celine at the Temple
      and, basically, told her she experienced
      'a miracle' (a change in consciousness).
      Apparently she couldn't keep silent
      and told them of her daydream/delusion.

      I only have one question. Were 
      these ECKists, including 'Celine' 
      and Klemp, off their meds again?



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