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6789RE: Re: HK: Look For Signs via "Chance Encounters"

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  • noneckchains
    Sep 26, 2013

      They do a lot of attempts at "love", but it is more connected to a how to book like How to Make Friends and Influence People. A relative of mine did develop the smiley face of the sales pitch. It is a sales technique used by many to gain your trust and disarm you. I've been taken too many times by trusting smiling faces of people I didn't know that well or like my eckie friend, once they realize that you won't play along they aren't very friendly anymore, and can become quite nasty or shun you. Suddenly you have become an agent of kal, and those signs become dark messages that contact with the one who questions will derail them from the path of eck, blaming you, the non believer, for bad karma in their lives, especially if that eckist is a family member. The Shunning HI is a reality and can cause a lot of harm when they have some economic power or status. Manipulation and pretense is the name of the game, acting "as If", but being in reality a the opposite of anything Nice.

      Non (-:

      ---In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, <eckankarsurvivorsanonymous@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Hi Prometheus,

      You wrote:
      Then, again, not every
      newbie can see past the
      personal contact from
      those kind hearted and
      smiling faces of ECK
      and almost every H.I.
      is one.

      My response:
      Wow. Do you mean to say that the high initiates have actually resorted to love bombing new members now? That's hilarious!

      It's typical though when you think about it. A manipulative mind control cult like eckankar doesn't have the spiritual resources to create an actual environment of love and acceptance. Few religions do.

      Eckankar has never really given weight to the value of love anyway. The best they can do is mumble the word "love" and attach it to other content-free nominalizations like "eck" and "mahanta."

      What eckankar does offer, on the other hand, is a menu of simulacra and models of behavior that are engineered to bring desired results - whatever they happen to be at the time.

      Love? Not so much.
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