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6780Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Fw: Your technique please:

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  • Janice Pfeiffer
    Aug 30, 2013
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      Well it can be some what disconcerting when you get to the point that you feel there is you and only you scripting the movie called life.  I think all of us would feel better if we got absolute proof that God is in heaven and he knows us, loves us and is protecting us.  Eventually, those of us who take the time to look, find that it just ain't so and if there is a Big Seer of all things, he really is not directly involved with us at all.  Now that is enough to leave the faint of heart shaking in its shoes.  But then again, for those who did seek and did not find, it can be a freeing experience because come what may, there is no need to go ask said Big Seer, what to do, how to feel and what's it going to cost me.  It's kind a neat knowing you make the rules, you pull the strings and you are dancing to the tune of your own making.  And further more, it don't matter a good GD what the rest of the world thinks about it.  How more free is that? 
      So most of us found the org, hoping to find the answers we didn't get elsewhere. Now it wasn't delivered to me in the way that I expected or they might have hoped for.  But once I was clear of that raunchy org, I did find the ability to answer my own questions. And that is why I am grateful to that org.  It's a shame they would not approve of my gratitude.  Ya Think?

      From: Gnothe Seauton <prometheus_973@...>
      To: "eckankarsurvivorsanonymous@yahoogroups.com" <eckankarsurvivorsanonymous@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Saturday, August 24, 2013 12:50 PM
      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Fw: Your technique please:
      Hello Keefer and All,
      I received this email a few 
      days ago and didn't know 
      how to respond except to
      say that we are all our own
      'spiritual technique.' 

      I used to meditate but now 
      I do so only on occasion. 
      I've found HU to be an 
      easy mantra and I use 
      it physiologically to calm
      the mind. For me, there 
      are no connections to eck 
      or to any religious dogma.
      I've disassociated this word/
      sound to eckankar, to sant 
      mat, and to religion per se. 

      IMO, all religions are 
      false teachings.

      If anyone would like to 
      share their own thoughts 
      about akatha, eckankar, 
      or other 'techniques' and
      what you use or don't use
      please feel free to speak
      your mind and to opine.


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      From: keefer 
      Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2013 
      Subject: Your technique please:
      Hello Prometheus, I ran across your article from akatha, I wanted to get the technique from you, I have been practicing for 4yrs but nothings happening, was initiated by a sant mat guru from beas India and doing the akatha exercises also. Im not good with organizations and attending meetings/satsangs and getting programmed with only their instructions. I try to keep myself open to receive new information when it comes my way.  I do have a consistent meditation practice though. I just want real results.  keefe
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