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  • Janice Pfeiffer
    Aug 30, 2013
      This reminds me a whole lot of what I have read about Islam.  If the laws are written exactly like this in the org, then it seems from the time a person becomes a 5th, you are expected to fake everything by not showing your true feelings.  Well all I can say is if these are actual rules, then the eckist I knew were failing badly.  I never saw so much back biting, rumors of adultery, men who actively hit on new females, expressions of actual hatred toward other chealas and also HI's acting like lower Chelas should worship them pre-org.  Every time, I learn something I didn't know about the org, the more grateful I feel that I escaped its clutches.  And the more I laugh too.  If my finding the org had any meaning for my spiritual growth, it was to show me how brain washed people act and how not to be a good spiritual example.  Thanks for my continued education, Prometheus. 

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      Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2013 7:02 PM
      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] The Four Zoas of ECKankar
      The four Zoas (laws) of Eckankar
      for the Mahdis, the initiate of the
      Fifth Circle, are:

      1) The Mahdis shall not use alcohol,
      tobacco, or drugs; gamble; or be
      gluttonous in any way. No Mahdis
      shall be existent on the animal level.
      He is a leader, and he must fix his
      attention above the psychology of
      the brute.

      ME: Of course, this isn't exactly the
      way it is. Some drugs are acceptable.
      Over-the-counter and prescription
      drugs are okay to use when needed.
      I assume that this applies to Medical
      Marijuana where legal. Plus, Klemp
      has stated that as long as H.I.s do
      things behind closed doors and in
      moderation that this is okay as well.
      And, H.I.s always rationalize about
      gambling. If you donate the money
      won to Eckankar, then, buying that
      lottery ticket is seen as okay by some
      RESAs. Plus, look at all of those
      overweight H.I.s! Are they gluttonous
      in any way? Yet, H.I.s are supposed
      to be good examples and the righthand
      of the Mahanta. And, look at all of
      those really mean and nasty H.I.s
      out there... they are truly brutes!

      2) The Mahdis shall not speak with
      tongue of vanity or deceit or unhappiness,
      criticize the actions of others, blame
      others for wrongdoings, quarrel, fight,
      or inflict injury. He shall at all times
      be respectful and courteous to his
      fellowman and show great compassion
      and happiness.

      ME: Unfortunately, this also
      makes it very difficult to complain
      about the negativity and verbal
      or emotional abuse of other ECKists,
      especially, RESAs. And, when people
      aren't doing as they say they will
      do this makes complaining more
      difficult. Plus, it is instructing H.I.s
      to Fake Happiness when they might
      be very upset due to a loss of health
      (cancer), wealth (foreclosure), job
      loss, a loss of a loving relationship
      (divorce), or the death of a loved one.
      All in all, these are ridiculous guidelines.

      3) The Mahdis shall have humility,
      love, and freedom from all bonds
      of creeds. He shall be free from the
      laws of karma which snare him with
      boastfulness and vanity. He shall
      have love for all people and all
      creatures of the Sugmad.

      ME: How does karmic freedom happen
      when Klemp can't keep any promises?
      And, how does karmic freedom affect
      ego and vanity alone? Why are these
      focused upon versus disease, good
      fortune, and spiritual growth?

      4) The Mahdis must preach the
      message of ECK at all times, and
      prove to the world that he is an
      example of purity and happiness.
      He must show that the disciple in
      the human body must have a Master
      in the human body. This is a fixed
      law of the Sugmad. . . . These are
      the four laws for the Mahdis, the
      initiate of the Fifth Circle and above.
      They shall be abided by and shall
      have the respect given to the Mahanta,
      for each law within itself has great
      authority and power. The works
      of Eckankar depend mainly upon
      the Mahdis.

      ME: Right! The business of Eckankar
      depends mainly upon it's free voluntary
      sales staff versus the limited, lack
      luster, and paltry efforts of the M/LEM....

      —The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad,
      Book Two, pp. 51–52

      BTW, if others want to discuss
      other items listed in the Spiritual
      Duties of the EK H.I. you can
      go to Eckankar.org and to
      Members Only and select H.I.

      user name: june2013
      PW: you

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