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6749Re: Harold Klemp Doesn't Have Any Brainy Quotes!

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  • noneckchains
    Jul 31 6:28 PM
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      The only brainy quote from klemp is from his incredible shrinking brain. Mostly, he is concerned with shielding from others his complete lack of any useful knowledge, that is of course not worth a quote, except maybe as an example of what a fool and liar, Kult Leader, sounds like.

      Non ;)

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hello All,
      I was looking at some
      Brainy Quotes by the
      Dali Lama and thought
      how astute and insightful
      they were and wondered
      why Klemp's 'Mahanta
      Consciousness' quotes
      aren't as clever, bright
      and empathetic.

      Then, I thought I'd look
      for some Brainy Quotes
      by Klemp. Guess what?
      He's not listed as having
      any! Surprise, surprise!

      You'd (well, ECKists) would
      think that HK'd be listed
      among these hundreds
      of authors and leaders.
      After all, these people
      aren't 14th Initiates and
      "One" with the ECK (Holy
      Spirit). Klemp, also, claims
      to be:
      A Modern Day Prophet!

      Actually, the proof is in
      the pudding. Read some
      of the Brainy Quotes
      by these various people
      who were or are non-EKists
      and not even 1st Initiates
      and compare what they
      say to anything you can
      find from Klemp. Who says
      it better or best? Not Klemp!
      Why's that? Hmmmmm?

      Could it be that HK's not,
      and has never been, as
      "conscious" as a 14th
      Initiate should be and
      created by PT to be?


      However, as much as we
      like the Dali Lama it should
      be pointed out that this too
      is a male only religious role.

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