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6742Re: Eckankar Renews, Revitalizes, Revamps, Repeats, and Regurgitates

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  • prometheus_973
    Jul 23, 2013
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      Hello Janice and All,
      Yes, Klemp states that:
      "Eckankar is taking a vital
      step to bring a new spiritual
      opportunity to you, your
      fellow Eckists, and spiritual
      seekers around the world."

      The New ECK Study Program
      (2013) is based upon a 1970
      quote from PT's first Shariyat
      and the borrowed dogma from
      Sant Mat and a similar prophecy
      from the Judeo-Christian Bible
      as well as the Book of Mormon,
      et al.:

      "ECK [Spirit] is life itself, the
      Audible Life Stream. The time
      is coming that will bring ECK
      to the world as a universal
      spiritual belief. Mankind will
      accept it. ECK will serve all
      races of people and all countries."

      Harold is "updating the presentation"
      of the ECK discourses and the
      ECK study program with a "greater
      current" of the Light and Sound
      of God. Really! I don't know how
      he's doing it... more words(?) or
      why he's waited so long but that's
      the talk.

      Here's more from Klemp's business
      partner and the President of Eckankar,
      Peter Skelskey (he knows where the
      bodies are buried):

      "All available resources of time,
      energy, creativity, and finances
      are being put forth to support
      Sri Harold's vision for the future
      of the ECK teachings on earth."

      Wow! That sounds oddly familiar.

      "The costs are substantial, yet
      the spiritual benefits to mankind
      are beyond measure."

      That sound familiar too!

      I wonder if Peter and Harold
      will supply a financial report
      in order to show where all of
      these "costs" are going? LOL!

      ECK Mission Fund Goal -
      Eckankar has set an initial
      fund-raising goal for 2013
      of $3,000,000 to help support
      this program.

      Peter continues:
      "Will you lend your heart and
      hands to this great effort? Your
      gifts, in whatever amount, are
      truly appreciated. It will take
      each and every one of us to
      make it happen. You are the
      heart and soul of the ECK mission.
      You are a Co-worker with the

      See, now we all know that's Bullshit
      because we were never "Co-workers"
      "with" Sugmad or with the Mahanta.
      We were always "Underlings" versus
      Co-workers. It's a hierarchy! There's
      no equality! You work "For" the higher
      ups and not "with" the higher ups.
      You are evaluated by the higher ups,
      therefore, you are not peer to them.
      There is only the facade of Soul=Soul
      and of being a "Co-worker." It's
      double-talk, and smoke and mirrors.

      Here's more:
      "Your gifts of love and service will
      help many others find their way home
      to God. I thank you from the bottom
      of my heart for your help with this
      great mission."

      From the bottom of your heart?
      Can't you be more original than that?

      "PS If you want information on including
      Eckankar in your will or estate plans,
      check the designated box on the donation
      form and return it in the enclosed envelope.

      Also, if you would like to make a donation
      via the Eckankar website, visit xxxxxxxxx/
      Donate to make a secure donation via the

      "Learn to give, without ever
      thinking of a reward. That's
      how to find the treasures of
      heaven." --Sri HK The Language of Soul

      Of course there are several problems
      with the above quote. First, it's a
      lie. Next, Eckists expect and are
      owed rewards via outer Initiations.
      That's the way it's been set-up,
      except, Klemp (a narcissist) refuses
      to follow the established rules.
      And, let's talk about this "heaven"
      which is promised and is dangled
      like a carrot in lieu of higher initiations.
      Define this "heaven?" Where or what
      is it? What "level?" It's just words!
      It doesn't exist but if it did......
      Klemp would be the last one to
      know! Plus, Religious Dogma
      designed for the masses will
      never get you there (heaven) if
      there is even such a "place" or
      state. Isn't this obvious by now?!


      Janice Pfeiffer wrote:
      Oh wow, that sounds like more money in dues since every now and then a guilt trip will be laid on everybody to give and give some more to spread the word of the Eck especially since they haven't been very successful in dragging in more suckers. Hey, somebody has got to pay!

      prometheus wrote:

      Yes, more redundancy! After
      almost twenty years of promising
      "change" Klemp has finally
      decided how he is going to
      accomplish this. Unfortunately,
      HK's not stepping down, but
      there's always the hope that
      he will... only to be dashed to
      pieces after every Oct. 22. In
      any case, here are some of the
      incredible "program" changes
      ready to take place to revitalize
      a dying, stagnant, insignificant
      and inherited religious scam:

      * New discourse format with audio
      CD and dynamic workbook activities

      * Revitalized study program with
      updated discourses in sequence for
      chelas who have completed the first
      seventeen years of ECK study

      * Family membership to include two
      discourses and two copies of the Mystic

      * Letter of Light youth newsletter to
      be included with each membership
      with children under 18

      * Easy membership donation options.
      You may give as you are able. You can
      now make monthly donations using a
      credit card in the amount of your choosing.

      See! What a change! What a revitalization!

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