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6732Re: Is Klemps X Brother in Law Ferreting Out Detractors?

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  • prometheus_973
    Jul 7, 2013
      Hello Ravikalam and All,
      I really don't know what to
      make of it except I doubt
      that any Ekist such as HK's
      X brother-in-law is infiltrating
      other groups to spy... at
      least on former Ekists.

      Now, I wouldn't put it past
      some Ekists to infiltrate
      metaphysical and/or Eastern
      religious groups (via fairs)
      in order to recruit new Ekists,
      especially, since I've done
      that myself. Twitchell suggested
      that ECKists do this and some
      of us who came from a metaphysical/
      psychic background and an
      Eastern religious experience
      have done that. We'd go onto
      college campuses, too, and
      into various student groups
      (and functions) to recruit as

      In any case you mentioned
      Klemp's X Brother-In-Law
      but I'm wondering how Klemp's
      X Son-In-Law (Brian Partridge)
      is doing?

      I thought it was funny that
      Marge mentioned him, many
      years ago (not by name) while
      at a H.I. Retreat in Texas,
      and told how "spiritual" he
      was. It just goes to show
      that 8th Initiates don't know
      much... they might even
      be less aware than the average
      person. Generally, they do
      eventually become adequately
      skilled at acting their roles
      and as seminar/workshop

      Klemp, himself, is supposed
      to be the highest of all initiates
      ... a Modern Prophet just
      like in the "Bible." I've read
      that if a prophet can have one
      prediction/prophecy out of
      ten come true that this was
      a good score and was proof
      that the guy was a real prophet.

      What's Klemp's score on prophecies?

      One out-of-ten? Actually, Klemp
      (The Modern Prophet) doesn't
      do prophecies. For Klemp to
      refer to himself as "A Modern
      Prophet" as he did in the title
      of his Autobiography is to be
      deceptive... and a liar. It's all
      hype for this farm boy/wannabe.

      Unfortunately, ECKists are
      so brain-dead, fearful, weak,
      arrogant and delusional they
      would never allow themselves
      to think about such things like
      Klemp NOT Prophesying. Why?
      It's because their egos and belief
      are so fragile. EK H.I.s have all
      of those years, initiations, and
      friendships invested and nothing
      to take its place. They're in la-la
      land. ECKists can't afford to see
      the truth. Instead of waking up
      and smelling the coffee they've
      chosen to sleep-in and dream
      their lives away by following lies.


      ravikalam wrote:
      I have been bitting my tongue for a long time trying to make heads or tails of
      it?. So I will come out with it and you all can tell me if I am tripping my
      nards off.

      In 1980 I was at the Riverside Eck Center in southern California minding my
      own business. In walked a guy who introduced himself as the brother of marjore
      klemp. I knew the klemp dude as i saw him speak a few times and sat next to him
      at one of the major seminars.

      Anyway to the point. I remember distinctly the brother in law of klemps
      voice distinctly. I have the memory of an elephant. I saw him again in 2003 and
      again heard his voice. It was a voice you would not hire for any radio or
      television shows. It is a wimpish squeamish meterosexual voice such as klemp had
      somewhat before he became the man. And i guess after?. You know kinda like
      hanibal lexor meterosexualized working at the funeral parlor?

      I came upon a website called akatha and there was a taped conversation
      amongst maybe 8 to 10 of its members. I listened to this taped conversation. I
      was taken back as I heard that exact distinct voice I was familiar with from
      1980 and 2003 of the brother in law of klemp.

      The akatha website was owned by someone in Minneapolis before it was taken
      down with claims that it was being repaired and was offline but a temporary site
      was now up. In other words the site I saw was no longer up but a newish one
      replaced it.

      Wouldn't it be bizarre if the brother in law dude of klemp had infiltrated
      that group to ferret out eckies who had joined while still being members of the
      org? I got a really strange feeling about it. I know the talent of the klemp
      bunch to be into skull duggery and dark left handed tom foolery at punishing
      betrayers to their camp.

      I caught wind that a number of people may have had the same notion as i
      and did some digging themselves. That is about the time the akafruity site
      disappeared from the internet.

      What are all of your thoughts on this?.

      I know the ecki machine is wound up tight with rage and quite frankly i would not put
      it past them to menace detractors and defectors in this fashion by joining their
      groups to weed out badies to the superior cause. x )
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