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6721Are Eckists on FB? Some Are and Share With Nothing to Fear!

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  • prometheus_973
    May 27, 2013
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      It's strange that a religion
      like Eckankar that teaches
      there is nothing to fear, least
      of all death, seems to have
      a lot of fearful people. Some
      have their Facebook sites
      open for all to see and share
      while others (RESAs included)
      hide their information. They're
      not being true Vahanas are
      they? Talk is cheap and for
      them walking the walk is too
      difficult, but is similar to what
      Klemp does... impersonate!


      Here's an Eckist, or I think
      she is, and she has some
      EK friends that we all know.

      Who is she? Klemp's daughter!
      See if she'll "friend" you or
      maybe one of the ECKists
      will. McKenna knows everyone!