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6718Re: How much money do ESC staffers (and HK) get paid?

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  • prometheus_973
    May 17, 2013
      Twitwit was a liar and a conman
      and Rebazar is an imaginary
      character. Get real! Ooops!
      That's your scam too isn't
      it! Then again, perpetuating
      a lie and a religious con via
      these old writings and fabrications
      is easier than reinventing the
      wheel and being/sharing Real
      Truth! Too bad, so sad.


      duanethegreatwriter@... wrote:
      > Ask Rebazar and Paul, they will show you...
      > Duane

      prometheus wrote:
      > I've heard that Kemp and Company
      > are looking to fill some accounting
      > positions. However, when sending
      > out notices of positions available
      > it seems Klemp never mentions
      > what they pay. Why's that?
      > It seems that when it comes down
      > to money that Klemp keeps his
      > cards well hidden and always omits
      > details. What does Klemp get paid?
      > What are his perks? Who paid for
      > his house? How many properties
      > does Eckankar own and where are
      > they located?
      > However, EKists aren't allowed to
      > ask such questions and if they do
      > they will be reprimanded or ostracized.
      > This means losing a chance to have
      > a future initiation. However, the good
      > news is that if one is a Seventh (7th)
      > Initiate there's a 99.7% chance you've
      > gone as high as you will ever go.
      > Therefore, asking questions about
      > pay and perks and about an Annual
      > Financial Report will simply get you
      > the silent treatment by some while
      > inspiring others to hold Klemp and
      > Company accountable for the very
      > first time. That would be different.
      > Talk about "Change!"
      > Prometheus
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