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6716How much money do ESC staffers (and HK) get paid?

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  • prometheus_973
    May 17, 2013
      I've head that Kemp and Company
      are looking to fill some accounting
      positions. However, when sending
      out notices of positions available
      it seems Klemp never mentions
      what they pay. Why's that?

      It seems that when it comes down
      to money that Klemp keeps his
      cards well hidden and always omits
      details. What does Klemp get paid?
      What are his perks? Who paid for
      his house? How many properties
      does Eckankar own and where are
      they located?

      However, EKists aren't allowed to
      ask such questions and if they do
      they will be reprimanded or ostracized.
      This means losing a chance to have
      a future initiation. However, the good
      news is that if one is a Seventh (7th)
      Initiate there's a 99.7% chance you've
      gone as high as you will ever go.
      Therefore, asking questions about
      pay and perks and about an Annual
      Financial Report will simply get you
      the silent treatment by some while
      inspiring others to hold Klemp and
      Company accountable for the very
      first time. That would be different.
      Talk about "Change!"

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