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6712DUANE / Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] More on Duane (Heppner) From Alt.Religion

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  • robokidnx
    May 10, 2013
      This has been going on for decades now and every time it happens is more proof that eckankar is pathogenic. It's almost creepy how every eckie seems to adopt the same paternalistic condescending posture as soon as they start having "experiences" that confirm their personal fictions.

      Eckankar/Klemp's signature arrogance gets served up like loads of delusional mystery sauce with every fastfood brainwash burger the cult sells. The "higher" they go, the more interchangeable as Leggo pieces the eckies become. Indistinguishable from each other – especially the ones jacked up with their own personal rods of power. (How many are there now, anyway? They must hand those things out like Licorice Twizzles on the Astral Plane.)

      Hey, it's okay to follow a cartoon religion, DUANE-O! The Power Rangers and The Kin of Atta are waiting for you too. IT'S ALL REAL in the pseudo multiverse of the cult-soaked cloak of consciousness. Good luck with your mission, Jedi!


      > Hello, nice to hear from you... You are some real funny kids... Its okay to get out of your Literal Self and go to The RealSide and contact Rebazar and Paul yourself, or Gopal Das or Fubbi... They are all waiting to hear from you... It takes courage to Be Real... Test it out yourself, then you will know for sure without all your guessing... Things do 'look' a particular way here and that is The RealTest... Have Fun Deciding! Also, a gift for you...
      > Duane
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