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  • therealconnection
    May 6, 2013
    Hello, nice to hear from you... You are some real funny kids... Its okay to get out of your Literal Self and go to The RealSide and contact Rebazar and Paul yourself, or Gopal Das or Fubbi... They are all waiting to hear from you... It takes courage to Be Real... Test it out yourself, then you will know for sure without all your guessing... Things do 'look' a particular way here and that is The RealTest... Have Fun Deciding! Also, a gift for you...


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    Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] More on Duane (Heppner) From Alt.Religion

    Hello Etznab,
    I saw your posting about
    this Duane guy and thought
    I'd share it here. If you have
    anything to add please do so.
    I guess that I just haven't been
    following the crap like I used
    to and wasn't aware of another
    Twitchell Clone/Con. The only
    reason I noticed him is that he
    asked to be a member of this
    group and I allowed it. We'll
    see if/how he replies to the info
    we've found and to our comments.

    Author of books about Rebazar Tarzs, etc.

    A quote by Duane:

    "[....] Very few knew that Paul Twitchell handed
    me The Rod of Power in 2001, with Harold and
    an unconscious Joan standing in the background
    and watching. Harold decided to go with his att-
    itude about Joan and her relationship with The
    Three Headed God instead of listening to The
    RealGuidance. [....]"


    So this person can write about Rebazar Tarzs,
    the Rod of Power, etc. Interesting that is. And
    the other groups like A.T.O.M., Dhunami, etc.
    can do likewise. Even to the extent of writing
    books (allegedly) dictated by Paul Twitchell.

    Haven't researched these Heppner books much
    at this time.

    A quote from the Web site:

    "[....] BOOK TWO...The present day life for Duane
    and his training up to 2001, when Paul Twitchell
    gave Duane 'The Rod of Power' for the first time.
    Rebazar Tarzs once again takes Duane far past
    The Gods of Man into The TruHeart of The ALL IS.
    It took Duane 30 years to step into his first attempt
    at a position most of this world knows nothing about.
    Then Rebazar, with all The Real Universal Guides
    and his friends Kathy and Beverly present put Duane
    into 'The RealLight of The IS' for the second time in
    2007. [....]"


    So other people have experiences with Rebazar
    Tarzs and the Rod of Power. Not only Graham F.
    And (arguably so) not all people familiar with the
    name Rebazar Tarzs believe "all" the stories out

    The "authority" as to what be the legitimate his-
    tory for Rebazar Tarzs (I imagine) could depend
    on the leader, the organization and the dogma
    that mentions him. I doubt that all parties agree
    about everything.

    How could this happen? This is just a thought,
    but it could happen if Rebazar Tarzs exists as
    an imaginary character with no real verifiable &
    credible history supported by empirical facts &
    physical history (other than "stories"). It could
    happen this way because nobody can claim a
    REAL PHYSICAL HISTORY for a mythical, or
    imaginary being! So Rebazar Tarzs could - in
    effect - "belong" to everybody and anybody.

    If Rebazar Tarzs were real, the "Torchbearer"
    of Eckankar, wouldn't Eckankar Inc. have the
    legal right to prevent others from "making up"
    alternate histories? OK.

    Because it has not happened & other groups
    have claimed Rebazar Tarzs as master in their
    own lineages, handing over a Rod of Power &
    describing personal experiences with him, the
    potential for various, even competing dogmas
    looks very possible now and in the future. How
    can this type of thing be resolved?

    Just another reason I continue to research &
    look for evidence about Rebazar Tarzs.


    P.S. I need to determine Heppner's age, and
    see if possible whether this person could be
    Paul Twitchell reincarnate.

    I've wondered about the latter, because Paul
    died in 1971 and could easily be over thirty
    years old (if reincarnated) by now.

    In one of the Eckankar books I recall a being
    telling Paul that even he would return some-
    day. Meaning (IMO) that Paul would reincar-
    nate into another physical body on Earth.

    This message has been deleted.


    On Jun 18, 3:48 pm, JR < johnrcl...@... > wrote:

    > On Jun 18, 9:53 am, Etznab < etz...@... > wrote:
    > > A quote by Duane:
    > > "[....] Very few knew that Paul Twitchell handed
    > > me The Rod of Power in 2001, with Harold and
    > > an unconscious Joan standing in the background
    > > and watching. Harold decided to go with his att-
    > > itude about Joan and her relationship with The
    > > Three Headed God instead of listening to The
    > > RealGuidance...."

    > > Etznab
    > > P.S. I need to determine Heppner's age, and
    > > see if possible whether this person could be
    > > Paul Twitchell reincarnate.
    Ask him. He's on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/people/Duane-Heppner/1146615584
    Rich Smith has respect for him, if you can squeeze it out of him.
    Rebazar is on Facebook.http://tinyurl.com/rebazar
    and here....http://www.facebook.com/people/Tarz-Thiranan/100000622346595?ref=search
    > .
    Oh. OK.

    So if true that Paul Twitchell handed him
    the Rod of Power ... umm, it could then
    suggest Paul Twitchell has not yet been


    [Just responding and babbling from here
    on out :) Not speaking to any one person
    in particular.]

    I tend to think Paul Twitchell already has
    been reincarnated. I tend to think people
    use the names Paul Twitchell, Rebazar
    Tarzs (and others) as "mediums" for the
    communication of spiritual teachings &
    principles. That's OK by me, so long as
    I'm not expected to take literally there is
    half a hundred hidden Masters dictating
    to people on Earth. Telling them what to
    say. It might be true, but I don't think it
    true in each and every case. Sometimes
    I think it's people's imaginations getting
    information from the whatnots, whatever.
    Not from some ancient yogi living at the
    top of a mountain, etc. And sometimes
    it's a person who is a good story teller
    practicing his craft and making a living.

    About the taking bits of stories literally,
    this is probably my biggest concern as
    far as history goes. Because, usually if
    two or more different and contradictory
    stated accounts of historical fact exist,
    then either one, or both of them are not

    Of course, from all the reported history
    I have seen for Paul Twitchell and other
    Masters, some of it is probably true &
    correct. The difficulty I've found is when
    looking for supporting evidence to rule
    out pseudo history & found imagination
    and belief to be the only verifiable and
    supporting evidence.

    This is all my opinion only and I'm not
    trying to claim Mastership in a long line
    of unbroken Masters. Rather, I like to
    research about those who do. See what
    people are saying / claiming and what
    can be learned from all of it.

    I think there is a difference between
    actual & verifiable history vs. stories
    and guesswork about what has been
    lost. Where anybody & everybody is
    free to make whatever fanciful stories
    they like (for whatever purpose). And
    if the actual truth cannot be verified by
    others by supporting physical evidence
    because none exists, I think there is
    all the more tendency for people taking
    liberty to embellish a story.

    Forgive me I'm rambling.

    When I first came across Paul T. and
    his Eckankar writings, IMO they read
    very well. Some fine stories with lots
    of exoteric and esoteric teachings. It
    was fun to read his books because, for
    me (at the time), Eckankar added to &
    appeared to teach more than any other
    teaching I knew about. I think this is a
    part of what Paul Twitchell did for many
    people in the United States and around
    the world who were not familiar with any
    light and sound teachings, similar to
    what a person might find via Shabda
    Yoga, etc.

    I think there comes a point, however,
    where a person naturally tends to un-
    fold beyond what they learned in the
    past. To take another step, so to speak,
    and to "go further". This is where (IMO)
    a "Master" becomes significant. One
    that has gone further than the person
    following their teachings. It can be an
    aid on the path to have a "Master" for
    one seeking guidance, and I believe
    there is something to the phrase that
    "When the chela is ready the Master

    This is the whole thing really. What is
    not so easy to describe without others
    getting the wrong impression. I mean,
    Who? or What? is "The Master". In my
    opinion the exoteric dogma and popular
    beliefs are somewhat like clouds that
    hide the esoteric inner truth that only
    an individual can comprehend / realize
    on their own. For world history though,
    which is another matter perhaps, what
    helps is when people who know just go
    ahead and tell the truth. Without going
    and changing it for personal interests,
    without fitting it to any particular organ-
    izational religious dogma, without put-
    ting it behind a veil of symbols making
    it occult to only a select few, without
    making claim that only one person on
    Earth (or in the whole universe) must
    be believed and taken for their word
    above and beyond all other beings, etc.
    At least, if the latter must be true, then
    that person damn well better be telling
    the truth! Not just another person who
    is "playing" the part.

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