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6686Rod of power and Rebazar

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  • harrisonferrel
    Apr 9, 2013
      True, there are a lot of rods and sticks supposedly having to do with channeling power. The witch's wand and sorcerer's wand are two examples, as well as those already mentioned. But in any case it's all make-em-up.


      If you carefully (or even not so carefully, I suppose) read Twitchell's books you'll find that Rebazar was a pretty stupid ignoramus. For instance, I was struck by the ridiculous explanation of the planes in the Shariyat (I think that was the source, or it could have been Flute of God) in which Rebazar talked about the stratigraphy of the sky as different planes. I read this and reread it just to understand whether this was a metaphor. But it was not. It was analogous to Medieval people explaining geography in areas they had never traveled.

      It's curious that great spiritual beings (I don't believe there is such a thing, by the way) can never explain things beyond the zeitgeist.
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