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  • prometheus_973
    Apr 9, 2013
      Hello All,
      I don't want to say that
      I have a closed mind
      about all of this "spiritual"
      stuff but it does make
      one wonder about credibility.

      We've all been burned by
      cons and conmen of various
      sorts selling various concoctions
      of snake oil.

      I do know that religions
      are a farce created by men
      and that "God" was created
      in their image. A litmus test
      for religion is to see if women
      (half the population) are treated
      as equals to men. This is a
      definite sign that indicates
      that it is a false religion. Sure,
      the men have their ancient
      scripture and explanations
      why it's all for and by men
      but God would never allow
      that to be true.

      Just as Adam Dream Healer
      is a con there are people
      everywhere desperate to
      make a living by using their
      wits (street smarts) or educational
      credentials and awards that
      are seeking out a larger audience
      of suckers. Some of these
      people have actually deluded
      themselves into believing
      the spiel, but this helps them
      to be more convincing as well.
      Klemp is one of these people
      and he's found his little niche
      with Eckankar. Anyway here's
      what Stefan Meyer is into:


      The Ancient Science of Cards,
      btw, mine is the King of Diamonds!

      So, it sounds kind of like The
      Ancient Science of Soul Travel.
      It's not Tarot or Astrology and
      it's not psychic. It's an ancient
      mystery science that goes back
      to ancient Atlantis. Therefore, it
      has to be true. It can't be a con
      nor pretend or wishful thinking.


      Stefan G. Meyer wrote:

      The book will be available for free
      Kindle download on amazon.com
      for five days from April 29 through
      May 3. However, I'd also be willing
      to send a copy as an e-mail attachment
      in Word or PDF format in exchange
      for a fair and impartial review.


      Prometheus wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > Thanks Stephan for
      > the review that mentions
      > the League (Eckankar).
      > The person who wrote
      > that review is also an
      > author of the below
      > book on Amazon.com
      > http://www.amazon.com/On-Being-God-Beyond-Purpose/dp/1439244847
      > On page 2 he writes:
      > "Outside of rational awareness,
      > science fails to explain anything
      > mysterious or that which falls
      > outside of that awareness."
      > Actually, I'm not so sure that
      > this is true. We have a rational
      > awareness that there are still
      > stars in the sky when the sun
      > is shining, but lately science
      > has come to know more about
      > mysterious Black Holes and this
      > information falls outside of our
      > own awareness.
      > However, his book does look
      > interesting, although, it sounds
      > like a modern remake regarding
      > the thoughts and perspectives
      > of Eastern religious leaders of
      > the distant past... Ramakrishna
      > for one. Except, with Ramakrishna
      > balance was not a key approach
      > to seeking God. One is to have
      > a yearning for God as a jobless
      > man has a yearning for work...
      > yearning is all you need to have
      > in order to realize Him (paraphrased).
      > In any case "The Karma Seeker"
      > looks like it gives an interesting
      > look at the mindset of Eckists.
      > I haven't read the book and don't
      > plan on buying it. If it becomes
      > available online for free I'd give
      > it a critique.
      > Prometheus
      > Stefan G. Meyer" wrote:
      > Prometheus:
      > Got an unsolicited review of
      > The Karma Seeker the other
      > day.
      > Thought you might be interested
      > in what he says about the book.
      > http://amzn.to/ZnZ6jX
      > Stefan
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