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6681Fw: Ho Hum, Another Cult and Clone of Eckankar

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  • Gnothe Seauton
    Apr 8, 2013

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      I am not an advocate for either of these Spiritual Paths...the rod of power has passed from one movement to another time and time again. It appears Spirit has it's own selection committee outside of our organisations and their claims to fame. Yes twichell was a Living LOGOS Master upon the lineage, so was Baba Sawan Singh Ji who belongs to Sant Mat Spiritual Movement. My point is, that it was the individual and not the movement. This has since changed - no longer will the rod of power pass from movement to movement. It will remain now and until dissolution of the Physical Universe - within the Spiritual Movement of LOGOS-IBbala Malende. I expect this will not sit well with Spiritual Movements the world over, however their feelings are of little consequence. The Lord Eagle is one of 5 in the Father Lineage above the Son Lineage we speak of. It was The Nameless One, Helios, Aton, Maitreya and recently the Lord Eagle - also called LOGOSOGO. The movement here/physically has little form and infrastructure...there is however a website www.logos-im.org.za The crux lies in the Rod of Power - again of the "Living Master" Currently Suntre Boewel. There is so much truth in these Spiritual Movements granted, but there is only one rod of power, which only recently has come to rest. This movement "LOGOS" is founded via the "Father". In the past there was the Father Sun, then the Father Christ....now the Father LOGOS. So in this case the Father LOGOS has founded the movement hence the longevity and certainty that the Rod of Power is fixed within the movement henceforth.

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      > Hello All,
      > This was taken from their
      > site. Notice the similarities
      > to Eckankar. And, they even
      > mention Eckankar!
      > Their Mahaji is a 14th initiate!
      > And this guy is the 973rd
      > Living ___ Master. I guess
      > nobody told him that the
      > previous 972 either didn't
      > exist, or were stolen from
      > other religions. Actually, he
      > probably knows these previous
      > "masters" don't exist and
      > that Twitchell was a wannabe
      > fraud like this guy and Klemp
      > are emulating in order to
      > sell their wares!
      > *********
      > About Sri Kahtifji The Mahaji the Living SRAOSHA Master.
      > The Living SRAOSHA Master is the titular leader of AKATHA. He (always a man as of physical vibratory rate – a scientific factor and not a social idea of male or female) is at least a Twelfth Plane Initiate (the title Mahaji has two meanings – synonymous with the Living SRAOSHA Master who is a 14th Initiate or higher and a fourteenth initiate as well). He receives in Soul Body (Spirit Body), what is known as the Yastiprabhava (Rod of Power – centralised vibratory spiritual power from God sometimes known as the "quickening, polarisation, godhood, etc."  He is not God ITSELF but like any Soul just a spark of  God. Still the Living SRAOSHA Master is the central or highest developed spark of Soul as the leader of AKATHA.) in the Valley of Shangta at the Oracle of Tirmir in India. Only one can exist at a time.
      >  I, Sri Kahtifji (Sri Timothy Arnold [sobriquet of Sri Tirkahtif ra-Zah]), presently represents the 973rd Living SRAOSHA Master with the lineage starting with Rama at midnight on October 22, 3100 B.C. (Before the Common era). On that date marked the beginning of the Iron Age or the Kali Yuga. Since a new era started then, it was easy to mark the beginning of the lineage (older masters are called "Ancient Masters") albeit no end exists to the lineage as it goes on forever as long as the lower worlds (see God Worlds chart) exist. Still beginning points are earmarked in history as of convenience in time and space. We can still write a list of masters in a lineage book that will not be too long. The title is given to the lineage of AKATHA Leaders down through history.
      > The AKATHA lineage is the longest unbroken line of spiritual masters in the universe that teaches the principles of the ancient science of Sahaji. The name has been different at times, e.g., Eckankar from 1965 to 1971, Kabav from 1500 to 1518, and Melvev in the 13th Century. AKATHA has been public this time since 1988. The tenure of the Master varies like the path itself wherein the length of mastery tenure has been from 226 years to two days. Hence, one can see quite a range here. The important point remains that the Living Master is a temporary position and not one man forever, taking away the idea of dictatorship. Also, it explains the messiah or savant complexes are, in reality, just hero worship or a god complex for a time and a dictatorship absolutely. Presently, we have the same occurrence taking place in the new age movements with self-styled savants making a claim for god-ship expecting the public to proclaim them. The temporary tenure of the Living SRAOSHA Master shows no permanent leadership by one man giving a relief to the student. The Master emphasizes this point often making sure the students understand thoroughly especially when the tenure is long. I have been master as of this writing for 23 years and as it gets longer emphasize the fact of the lineage quite often reinforcing the fact of non-dictatorship by one person.
      > The purpose, prime directive or mission directly from AKSHAR of the Living SRAOSHA Master is nothing more than to take the ready Soul back to God or at least the Fifth plane of Sat Lok (shown on the God Worlds of AKATHA chart on this website). The purpose has always been and always will be in finding the ready Soul as the true Bodhisattva (One who sees and experiences God-Realization and returns to guide others back to IT). The Rod of Power explained in the previous paragraph gives the Master the ability to guide the ready Soul into the Higher Planes. The Master's experience of itself affords the ready one an expert guidance for travelling in Sahaji. Of course, the training of this inner and outer master has taken many lifetimes to achieve culminating in the Rod of Power reception. As of this long training and after the Rod of Power is transferred to this Master, the Living SRAOSHA Master, the chela or student can now avail himself of this special experiential teaching expertise. Thus, AKATHA reveals that the experienced Master having been to the highest planes of the God Worlds of AKATHA can also guide his students there as well. Thereby, the truth seeker who has always yearned for God from the very beginning remembers through the Mahaji, the Living SRAOSHA Master what he or she has lost.
      > Furthermore, I am 61 years old, born on July 20th 1950 in Metz, France (Germany before WWII). I am considered Prussian insofar as the family was descended fairly recently from Prussian royalty, the von Brauchitsch Bauer-Rothschilds. Being raised in the America's Midwest, the family was hidden away as of the problems with the early 20th Century Third Reich in Germany. The family was moved after the Weimer Regime collapsed in 1927, but my mother returned in the late 30's attempting to right things there with the estate. She met my father ,then a third cousin Bauer-Rothschild. They married and moved back to the states in 1951. Having spent my first year as an infant in Europe helped my conditioning for America being more subjective to the recent problems here. Drugs and loud music have infiltrated it severely with the only hope I believe is the music that AKATHA creates at Its seminars.
      > Moreover, my first few years of life were plagued with not understanding myself being raised as a Catholic. It is true that the Catholic faith is wholesome regarding their ten commandments and pure living and speech. However, a lot was to be desired for me not distinguishing specifically  the essence of man as Soul until I met Paul Twitchell who appeared to me nightly in his Atma Sarup body in Sahaji or Soul Travel, the out-of-body projection. He appeared to me for most of two years starting in 1965 whilst I did not know who he was until seeing his picture on the cover of one of his books in 1971. By then he had passed onto his new job as Guardian of the Kazi Dawtz AKATHA Temple of Golden Wisdom on the Ninth Plane. Paulji (name of endearment) taught me the teachings of AKATHA then known as Eckankar. I became an Eckist in 1972, a few months after Paulji's translation (death). In his Atma Sarup or Soul Body appearance those few years before, he reminded me of my training for leadership of the path. Peddar Zaskq (Paulji's spiritual name) predicted my mastership and leadership of AKATHA in his "Illuminated Way Letters" of January 1971. Thus, in 1988, I became the Mahaji, the 973rd Living SRAOSHA Master and brought AKATHA public to the world.

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