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  • prometheus_973
    Mar 22, 2013
      Hello Janice,
      Thanks for the comments.
      Yes, Klemp is very protective
      of his position. All long-time
      Eckists, especially H.I.s, know
      that they have to be guarded
      with what they say to other
      Eckists and write to the ESC
      in their monthly IROs (Initiate
      Reports Only). I'd write HIRO
      and that seemed to get more
      attention. Of course, Klemp
      didn't read most of the IROs.
      He assigns people at the ESC
      to read them for him and they
      will classify them for content
      and put them in categories.
      This way Klemp can select
      and pull them easier to use
      in his stories.

      Klemp, in my estimate,
      will be 71 years old soon.
      It's hard to say if he'll step
      down Oct. 2013. He should
      have stepped down 10-15
      years ago in order to give
      the EK Org a new, younger
      face and a more pleasant
      disposition. But, he's a taker,
      a talker (not a listener) and
      is self-involved with his trashy
      third-rate books. HK's more
      concerned with numbers,
      for the International Who's
      Who of Intellectuals ninth
      edition (that he paid to get
      into) than with the plight of
      Eckankar. This is one reason
      he's "writing" so many books.
      Plus it's the money for his
      pockets. Klemp gets 50%
      royalties on everything with
      his name on it. Many Eckists
      are proud that their leader
      has gotten some pseudo-respect.
      However, they refuse to see
      that this is vanity on their
      part and especially on Klemp's.
      Maybe he's stocking the shelves,
      in part, for the next LEM
      who might not be a "writer?"

      I still think that Klemp will
      make a move, before retiring
      as LEM, to make Joan an ECK
      Master with the 12th Initiation.
      She's already a 9th. But, I'm
      also thinking that Klemp will
      remain the Mahanta after he
      retires as LEM. He'll do what
      Darwin tried to do and let
      someone else do the heavy
      lifting for a few years. After
      all, Klemp has already established
      the belief that a new 12th
      initiate (male) LEM is in-training
      for several years (at least)
      before becoming the Mahanta.
      And, it's established EK
      lore (created by Twitchell)
      that a true Mahanta, versus
      a LEM, only comes along every
      now and then. So, Klemp will
      be able to hang onto his
      Mahanta title until his death!
      Perhaps this is the plan and
      it's not necessary to stop
      writing nor to step-down
      as both LEM and Mahanta?


      Janice Pfeiffer wrote:

      HK acted very harshly toward an English chela who was having experiences that indicated 
      to the chela he might be the next LEM. HK threw the chela out of the org and chastised Ford Johnson for bringing the man's writing to him. This lead to Ford Johnson leaving the org and writing a tell all book called Confessions of a God Seeker. So we know how vicious HK will be toward anyone who might be a rival in power or spiritual prowess. For this reason only, sometimes I do wish there was a hell, cuz HK would certainly be dancing among those flames for all the damage he has done to the souls who follow him in the org. He is a fake of the worst kind. Although he is pint sized, his ego is about the size of Texas and whereas his intellect would probably not intimidate first graders he could certainly learn a lot from the little kiddies about spirituality. Thank yall for giving me another chance to take a swing at the org and it's backwards leader in my own humble way. God bless all the free souls tonight and bless all the chained ones in the org that they might soon wake up and SEE the LIGHT. 

      Non, if HK every does do a face off with anyone, I certainly would like to see it too. That is highly unlikely to ever happen because he is as big a coward as he is a liar. At least their threats of suing others has most likely stopped for the same reason scientology stopped; social media will now drag their disgusting crap out into the open for all to see and there is nothing they can do but deny, deny, deny. It's a shame a few investigations aren't started concerning the org like the feds and other country leaders have done on scientology. I just love it when those spiritually high minded turkeys have to grouble to the feds to keep their nonprofit status. It should happen to the org cuz there isn't one more deserving of that kind of government attention. I do wish it would happen.  Have you ever wondered what would happen if some one challenged HK at one of the world wide events especially if they couldn't stop it from being televised?

      eckchains wrote:

      Certainly klemp's field of dreams is to be worshiped as spouting, or should I say spewing, the nonsense of himself as the highest state of consciousness in all of the universe and existence. How would he do with some other eckie type master making the same claims? I would like to have all these Narcissistic Masters be put in one room or hotel together, and thrash it out. Now that would be a reality TV show I might watch! :D
      > Non ;)
      prometheus wrote:

      A Book Quote by HK:

      If we realize that our field of dreams
      is not the same as someone else's
      field of dreams, we'll get along better
      with that person. This is a hard thing
      to learn sometimes.

      Harold Klemp
      The Language of Soul
      > >
      ME: Field of Dreams? Apparently
      he saw the movie. But of course
      we don't have the same dreams
      as others.... or do we? The thing
      we don't have in common is
      religious dogma and the methods
      of, supposedly, achieving our
      dreams. Otherwise, we all have
      > >
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