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6636A Shake-up, Caffeine, and Some Birds

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  • prometheus_973
    Feb 25, 2013
      It seems Klemp is grabbing
      at straws to find some speck
      of "wisdom" to impart upon
      his flock of brain-washed
      and gullible wannabe followers.

      In this March 2013 issue of
      The Mystic World of Eckankar
      Klemp's front page article
      spins three average stories
      in order to create a "spiritual"
      message from the ECK.

      I find it interesting, still, that
      Klemp continues to use "but"
      when years ago he quoted Kant
      and told H.I.s to avoid using
      this word, especially, with one
      another. He said its use rescinded
      what was previously said and
      was a nail in the coffin of invention.

      The three stories come from
      a Nigerian (of course), a Canadian,
      and a U.S. woman. And, all three,
      supposedly, show the workings
      of the Holy Spirit in everyday
      life. "BUT they often go unnoticed."

      Okay, Jacob, the Nigerian, had done
      some work for a corrupt government
      agency (In Nigeria? Amazing!) "BUT
      pay for his work was slow in coming."

      "The unimaginable happened a
      few days later." Curious, but how
      would this be "unimaginable" when
      Eckists are supposed to be working
      with their imaginations? Anywho,
      there was a massive shake up and
      the corrupt officials were removed.

      "Time had passed, BUT still Jacob
      awaits his payment." He confesses
      and admits to the sin of "smugness"
      and in "being a channel for the
      changes that took place." Odd that
      the positive EK obeys the negative
      power of ego? "Where was the humility?
      Yet Jacob will be made right when
      that lesson sinks in."

      Thus, Klemp is saying that EKists
      don't have to be Positive channels
      for the EK to work. What about the
      Mahanta? Anyway, it's stupid story!

      Next comes the Canadian who's
      on her vacation in a foreign country.

      BTW- Three years earlier "Mary"
      asked the Mahanta to help her
      stop drinking coffee. She "sensed"
      that it might be harmful to her

      Once again, the "Principle of
      the Threes" is being showcased.
      Apparently Klemp is promoting
      the impression that he (the Mahanta)
      will get around to Eckists' requests
      all in good time (times three?),
      so keep the faith and don't lose
      hope... Amen!

      So, anyway, Mary who's wanted
      to stop drinking coffee due to
      what she considers as the harmful
      effects of caffeine gets a "nudge"
      while at a store to buy an Energy
      Drink because it listed that it contained
      a bunch of vitamins.

      Are most Eckists this oblivious and/
      or dimwitted? BTW-That was a rhetorical
      question. Plus, she followed a "nudge"
      to buy it! Aren't Eckists supposed to
      be following their "nudges" seeing as
      how the Mahanta is guiding them and
      the "ECK" is lighting the way?

      Guess what happens after "Mary"
      has "three" cups of coffee and then
      follows her nudge to have an energy
      drink ultra high in caffeine?

      "Mary went to the pool. There, she
      began to feel queazy, BUT the feeling
      would surely pass." Yes, heart palpitations
      and a freak out! Not to worry, though,
      a doctor was nearby and quickly diagnosed
      her problem and had her drink lots
      of water and lie down.

      It was Klemp, the Mahanta, helping
      Mary via a negative frightful experience
      to give up her addiction to coffee/caffeine.
      Apparently, Mary never learned to
      look for caffeine on an ingredients
      label nor learned to do all things in
      moderation. It's not that caffeine is
      harmful and should be given up, it's
      the dosage. Once again, Klemp misses
      the mark in, yet, another silly analysis
      promoting his propaganda.

      Yes, "The hand of the Master was
      apparent here, even three years
      after her request for help in over-
      coming this dependency on caffeine."

      The last story stupid story involves
      birds and how they, and all animals,
      will communicate with Eckists because
      they recognize that EKists are their
      angels. Just kidding. That last part
      was mine, however, I'm sure this
      belief isn't far from their imaginations
      and their egomaniac delusions.

      The mother bird flew up to the
      feeder, but its feeding tray was
      empty so she used her beak to
      pry up the lid, hopped in and when
      the lid came down she was trapped.

      the mother bird chattered to her
      "chicks" (fledglings) for help. They
      saw "Carol" through a window and
      went to her for help and flew at the
      window to gain her attention. Carol
      saw that the mother bird was trapped
      so she went outside and freed her.

      "The lesson borne by all three
      stories is that divine love and
      INTELLIGENCE--the ECK--is
      always at work among us. Look
      for Its dealings."

      It's too bad that Mary didn't use
      some "intelligence" and see that
      an "Energy Drink" contained about
      the equivalency of 10 cups of
      coffee or have the common sense
      to know that it would be bad for
      her. However, she did follow her
      "nudge" and that didn't require
      common sense nor intelligence.
      It only required blind faith. Thus,
      Klemp's message should be is
      that nudges that lead to negative
      events, in the long run, can have
      positive results. Or, be careful
      what you wish for. Either way,
      it will always be a win/win for

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