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66292013... New Pope, New LEM?

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  • prometheus_973
    Feb 11, 2013
      I guess we'll have to wait
      until October. Really though,
      when is Klemp going to
      resign? The Pope usually
      has the job for life but
      chose to step down. Maybe
      this is a "sign" for Klemp
      to retire as well.

      Why doesn't Klemp step down?
      It's because he's a narcissist
      and likes being BMOC. It's pride
      and ego. In school, on the farm,
      in the Air Force and afterwards
      he was always a whinny loser.

      And, Klemp's afraid. He's afraid
      that his replacement will do
      to him what he did to Darwin
      and to most of Paul's books.

      But, if Klemp did step down
      would he promote Joan to the
      12th Initiation before Oct. 22?
      Poor Joan. Jumping through
      hoops and kissing his arse
      for a meaningless initiation.
      But, if she stayed at the ESC
      she's be HK's eyes and ears
      and would feel even more
      puffed up with pride and

      It would be interesting to
      see how the new LEM handled
      the situation if Joan was made
      a 12th. Maybe he would make
      some of his own 12ths?