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  • prometheus_973
    Jan 21, 2013
      Hello Etznab and All,
      Yes, Twit's plagiarisms
      are apparent to us and
      Klemp recognized it by
      admitting that PT needed
      to get ECKankar off the
      ground quickly and, thus,
      used other people's
      research to do so... by
      hook or crook.

      The end justifies the
      means (PT's lies) according
      to Klemp. EKists have
      accepted this and will
      overlook or rationalize
      this because they see
      the modern creation of
      ECKankar as the greater
      good. But, Negativity (lies)
      cannot bring forth Truth.

      The thing is, a person
      is supposed to cite their
      sources and put copied
      text inside of quotation
      marks. That's why they
      are called "quotation

      If one doesn't use quotes
      or cite sources the reader
      is mislead into thinking
      that these are the actual
      words and ideas of the

      Thus, Twitchell and,
      now, Klemp became
      false prophets via their
      own efforts and amoral
      behaviors. Klemp is the
      biggest hypocrite in EK
      and is the last one to
      ever criticize an H.I.'s

      As far a "God" goes; it
      is interesting to look
      at the oldest religions
      that are still around.

      Twitchell, it's obvious,
      took a little something
      from all religions, but
      not necessarily the "best"
      from them as the story

      Besides, most of these
      religious beliefs are flawed
      to begin with. That's one
      reason for the various
      denominations. Thought,
      perception and perspective
      from groups of believers
      dictated belief and experiences.
      And, this has usually led
      to change and has, in some
      cases, evolved over time
      (not always in a good way)
      while the fundamentalists
      have regressed into the
      literal beliefs of the lies,
      fabricated stories, myth,
      and exaggerations coming
      from known, unknown or
      unsubstantiated "original"
      sources pior to "prophetic"

      "Inspired" Scripture is
      always seen as coming
      from God, although, there
      are many degrees of
      perception. Truth cannot
      be easily validated, but
      religions by-pass any
      of the rational requirements.
      Religion is the easy way
      to accept God's existence
      and that's why they've
      made it difficult to follow
      with endless dogma, rules,
      and laws.

      Perhaps, The Real, individual
      path, is via deconstruction.

      All ancient and new religions,
      over time, have seen much
      of their scripture changed
      by inclusions or exclusions
      by councils or prophets and
      other "experts" or theologians
      and scribes influenced by
      sex, ego, power, basic greed,
      money and politics.

      Hinduism is the oldest
      religion, next come:
      Judaism; Zoroastrianism;
      Jainism & Buddhism;
      Christianity; Islam.

      It's interesting to look
      at how these old school
      religions have morphed
      into various denominations
      and sects.


      "etznab18" wrote:
      > Sharing this because I just now found out about it.
      > (1) Search for the word God in Boorstin's 1961 book, The Image.
      > http://tinyurl.com/as88ksd
      > (2) Note the words "The Laws of Nature and of Nature's God" on p. 182.
      > (3) Compare p. 11 in Boorstin's book with p. 75 (last paragraph) of Twitchell's Letters to Gail III.
      > http://www.scribd.com/doc/19980986/Letters-To-Gail-3
      > Example: Keywords "intriguing feature" and
      > "There remains a tantalizing difference between man-made and God-made events."
      > - A sentence that appears in both books, by Boorstin (1961) and Twitchell (1964 letter & 1990 book.)
      > ***
      > Evidently, Paul Twitchell (in 1964) quoted some of Boorstin's book when he wrote his letter to Gail on February 29th, 1964. But how many people, before now, knew that Boorstin also (earlier) wrote the same sentence?
      > "There remains a tantalizing difference between man-made and God-made events."
      > https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups&hl=en#!topic/alt.religion.eckankar/TyAy_z3eMPQ
      > ***
      > There are other sentences exact between the two authors.
      > I like having found this because I can now compare the two sources and learn how each author described the subject. Also can learn if Paul Twitchell reworded in any places another author's copyrighted work.
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