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  • etznab18
    Jan 17 3:47 PM
      I can't seem to go for long now without my Yahoo emails bouncing. So, again, I didn't get this message in my email folder and read it just now after visiting the site.

      Will try to elaborate in the future about the subject.

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" wrote:
      > Hello Etznab,
      > What's this pertain to?
      > I wasn't able to pull these
      > sites up.
      > What's Marman saying
      > about "the Astral Library
      > dream"(of PT's?) being
      > misunderstood... in what
      > way?
      > What is the interpretation?
      > It's more than a metaphor
      > correct?
      > Didn't Klemp say that he,
      > too, visited the Astral Library
      > and saw Ancient manuscripts
      > with Twitchell's handwritten
      > notes scribbled in the margins.
      > It seems that only EKists have
      > access to this specific Astral
      > Plane Library and that it's a
      > really old style (ancient/wisdom
      > filled) library that, mostly, EKists
      > are taught to dream of and
      > conjure.
      > BTW-Anyone who plagiarizes,
      > as Twitchell did, is also a liar.
      > So why believe anything Twitchell
      > said?
      > This is what bothered Klemp.
      > Klemp realized that Twitchell
      > was worse than Darwin! The
      > Astral Library story/dream was
      > B.S. Klemp has made a vocation
      > out of Eckankar just as Twitchell
      > and Gross did. He rationalizes
      > it all away by thinking that he
      > is giving a select group of New
      > Agers something to believe in.
      > HK's giving them much of what
      > the other religions give: Faith;
      > Belief; Promises; Pride; Hope.
      > While taking their money and
      > being seen as Pope like by
      > being infallible and beyond
      > reproach.
      > Prometheus
      > "etznab18" wrote:
      > A.R.E. repost from 01/13/13
      > "[...] As for the Astral library dream, this is unfortunate that it has become
      > misunderstood in this way. I [Doug Marman] cover this in my book as well.
      > I know that some could say that I am just offering another interpretation,
      > but how do I know my interpretation is the correct one?
      > The reason I feel confident is because Harold talked with me about the
      > whole issue of Paul's plagiarism shortly before he had that dream and
      > gave those talks or started writing about it.
      > He was quite straightforward and told me that even though it might be
      > hard to swallow he was discovering a growing list. I know Harold was not
      > happy with what he had learned and felt that Paul had left him a mess to
      > clean up. This is exactly what he says at the end of his Astral Library dream
      > as well. [... .]"
      > [Based on: January 2003 Doug Marman T.S. post - Response to Usually Skeptical:
      > More Questions to Doug Marman]
      > http://www.thetruth-seeker.com/dispBB.aspx?st=152&page=179#m144
      > My contributions to the "growing list".
      > https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups&hl=en#!searchin/alt.religion.eckanka\
      > r/Ref%23$2041391720
      > ***
      > https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups#!topic/alt.religion.eckankar/8\
      > lGt1TvUM3Q
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