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6594Re: The Wishy-Washy Mahanta

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  • etznab18
    Jan 10, 2013
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      "However, HK has somewhat contradicted what is in CH. 3 of the Shariyat. It states that "the spiritual workers created man and placed
      within him a living imperishable Spirit, called Soul."


      Then the spiritual workers created man and placed within him a living imperishable Spirit, called Soul; and man became like the living gods of the spirit worlds with intellectual powers, physical strength, and Soul. ... ." - S.K.S., Book One, p. 44

      Compare with:

      "The Seventh Command: And when this was done, the Seventh Intellect said: 'Let us make man after our own fashion and let us endow him with powers to rule this earth.' Then the Seven-Headed Intellect, The Creator of All Things throughout the Universe, created man and placed within his body a living, imperishable spirit, and man became like the Creator in intellectual power."


      and (this is the older version)

      "Then Narayana, the Seven-headed Intellect, the Creator of all things throughout the universe, created man, and placed within his body a living, imperishable spirit, and man became like Narayana in intellectual power. Then was creation complete."


      Judging by the number of other similarities between writings of Twitchell and Churchward (concerning creation and Lemuria, etc.) I wonder if that quote by Twitchell was not entirely original. In fact, I believe Churchward's first book (Lost Continent of Mu) was part of the recommended reading list mentioned in LTG.

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" wrote:
      > Hello I Am,
      > Okay, let me give it
      > a shot and use some
      > excerpts etc.
      > HK's talking about
      > psychological studies
      > using identical twins
      > (not conjoined) that
      > were separated soon
      > after birth. They grew
      > up elsewhere and had
      > different influences
      > but dressed the same
      > and had the same type
      > of dog and gave the
      > dog the same name etc.,
      > etc.
      > Thus, it seems that
      > Free Will relies upon
      > genetics (nature) more
      > than it does upon nurture,
      > although, HK says that
      > Yogi Berra stated that
      > "in theory, practice doesn't
      > matter; in practice, it does."
      > BTW- According to Klemp
      > "The Lords of Karma have
      > selected a body with the
      > appropriate genes for each
      > student."
      > However, HK has somewhat
      > contradicted what is in CH.
      > 3 of the Shariyat. It states
      > that "the spiritual workers
      > created man and placed
      > within him a living imperishable
      > Spirit, called Soul."
      > There is no other mention
      > of these "spiritual workers."
      > Anywho-
      > HK is so clever the way
      > he'll twist a quote to add
      > even more confusion to
      > his message of absolute
      > servitude and obedience.
      > I counted HK using "But"
      > four times. In an old H.I.
      > Letter he said never to
      > use "But" with one another
      > and that it was a nail in
      > the coffin of invention and
      > took away from what was
      > previously said.
      > HK:
      > "BUT they dug in their heels
      > at the finding that such twins'
      > IQs were nearly as similar as
      > their heights."
      > "The hamster's destiny is firmly
      > set. A kind owner may let it out
      > into the room on occasion. BUT
      > it is still in a house."
      > "Researchers, too, can advance
      > only to a fixed point in their studies
      > of what elements make up a whole
      > individual. BUT they do not have
      > a magical key to the spiritual self.
      > The Mahanta, the LEM holds that."
      > Funny that Klemp states that he
      > holds "a magical key" to control
      > others like a Black Magician would.
      > "The Mahanta alone can help people
      > out of the mire of illusions. BUT they
      > must have the right kind and amount
      > of daily experiences."
      > I'm taking it that EKists must be Vahanas
      > and FREE WILL volunteers on Klemp's
      > Mahanta Sales Team in order to have
      > the "right kind and amount of daily
      > experiences."
      > Yes, Klemp like most religionists
      > doesn't like science and psychologists
      > since getting locked up in an asylum
      > and having to "play-the-game" to
      > be released early.
      > HK states that "Real free will rests
      > entirely on trusting the Master's
      > prompts [signs?] as to which of
      > many choices to make in all things
      > human and divine."
      > In other words do as I say not
      > as I do and there is no such
      > thing as Free Will for ECKists.
      > Does that kind sound like Cult
      > think? Klemp is getting nuttier
      > and scarier! HK goes on to say
      > that "He gives suggestions" and
      > "seldom does he issue directives...
      > True Free Will of an individual
      > stands upon the Mahanta's
      > guidance."
      > Klemp, now, looks into the mirror
      > as he speaks from experience:
      > "Master Magicians turn subjects'
      > ingrained ideas about patterns
      > against them. A subject thinks
      > he has the quick mind and eyes
      > to catch a Magician in an act,
      > even while he is being unburdened
      > of watch, glasses, wallet, and keys.
      > That is the ever so sly kind of ruse
      > played upon people by illusion."
      > "Again, keep in-touch with the
      > Mahanta [me]. Do your spiritual
      > exercises," but write those snail-
      > mail IROs so I'll know what you're
      > thinking and so I can use those
      > stories for my next book.
      > iam999freedom wrote:
      > Hi Prometheus,
      > On Dec 24 Etznab wrote, "Now, on the other hand, when Harold Klemp wrote about
      > "free will" and genes in the December 2012 Wisdom Note I had to say to myself:
      > "It looks to me like Harold has lost it!"
      > Btw, I read that Wisdom Note just before bed. In the morning when I
      > turned on the TV there was a news blurb about conjoined twins that had
      > been successfully separated. Then they went on to describe the twins
      > and how they were NOT the same and that (in so many words) one had a
      > different character than the other."
      > I asked Etznab if he could send a summary to ESA of the article in the Wisdom
      > Note so I could try and tie in HK's quote with what Etznab saw the next morning
      > on TV about conjoined twins. (above)
      > I still have yet to receive a response.
      > I was wondering if you could share what could have been in the Dec. Mystic Note
      > that relates to the quote above about the conjoined twins.
      > Thanks,
      > I AM
      > prometheus_wrote:
      > >
      > > The December 2012
      > > Eckankar Mystic World
      > > in the Ask the Master
      > > section are two interesting
      > > questions and answers.
      > >
      > > The first question has
      > > to do with Stress and
      > > how to overcome it.
      > >
      > > HK's answer is wishy-
      > > washy at best. He says
      > > that stress is "very
      > > uncomfortable... Yet
      > > stress is a good teacher."
      > >
      > > Klemp goes on to say
      > > that people increase
      > > their tolerance to stress
      > > by eating healthy, getting
      > > enough sleep, and by
      > > "Reducing our overuse
      > > of electronic devices."
      > >
      > > In other words it seems
      > > Klemp is saying, in a
      > > roundabout way, to use
      > > moderation. After all,
      > > he's saying to reduce
      > > "overuse."
      > >
      > > Then, again, how does
      > > a EK staffer at the ESC
      > > not use their computer
      > > 8 hours a day?
      > >
      > > The next question involves
      > > reincarnation. This guy's
      > > wife gave birth to a baby
      > > boy and two days later his
      > > mother translated (died).
      > > He indirectly asked if this
      > > new baby was his mother.
      > >
      > > Instead of giving this EKist
      > > a direct answer, Klemp,
      > > the wishy-washy Mahanta
      > > says, "Yes, it is quite possible.
      > > When it comes to rebirth,
      > > anything at all can happen...
      > > Whichever Soul is now your
      > > son, everything is in accord
      > > with what is best for all around."
      > >
      > > Prometheus
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