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6578Re: The Wishy-Washy Mahanta

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  • prometheus_973
    Jan 3, 2013
      Hello Janice,
      Yes, one would think that
      a "Modern Day Prophet"
      would, at least, attempt
      to live up to his PR, but
      that's not the case with
      Klemp. Why put himself
      out there by demonstrating
      his powers? It's not like
      he announced to the
      whole world that he was....
      oh wait, he did!

      That was a long time ago
      and he never did make
      any predictions as most
      prophets do. Even Twit
      made some predictions.
      But, I'm sure that EKists
      haven't noticed and don't
      mine and that's why he
      doesn't feel any pressure
      to preform his responsibilities
      as a real prophet.

      Instead, Harold is very
      cautious of being too
      direct and understood.
      He'd rather have EKists
      fill-in the blanks and
      imagine what they want,
      need and expect until
      they go too far and have
      to have a behaviour
      adjustment by their RESA.
      That's why Klemp usually
      gives a very one dimensional
      perspective when he tells
      a story.

      Plus, Klemp's lazy so
      why put too much
      effort into it! And, he
      figures that all he needs
      to do is the KISS thing
      of Keeping It Simple (for)
      Stupid. Of course EKies
      will substitute Soul for
      Stupid but Stupid fits!

      It's really quite amazing
      how simple Klemp's
      redundant message is.
      If EKists would just compare
      Klemp's simple minded
      witticisms to other "spiritual"
      leaders one would have
      to wonder what they see
      in Klemp. He's an embarrassment,
      but they just laugh at his
      quirkiness because he's
      operating on so many
      high planes of consciousness
      simultaneously. LOL!

      Just Google Kristamurti's
      quotes or the Dali Lama's.
      Klemp, the great Mahanta,
      isn't even in the same ball
      park with the current Dali
      Lama! And, in HK's Autobiography
      (pg. 385) he claims that
      Buddhism is a 4th Plane
      religion while Eckankar
      is a 14th Plane Religion!
      But, EKists need to compare
      the two leaders and how
      they present themselves
      and what they have to say.

      Will ECKists make the
      comparison? No, of course
      not! They won't even allow
      the door to be opened a
      crack because some light
      might get in and show
      them the Truth. They can't
      handle the Truth and
      would rather remain ignorant.
      It's much easier, besides,
      what would they replace
      Eckankar with? It's too much
      responsibility to think for
      oneself and exercise free
      will. And, it would make
      life too lonely to lose all
      of those EK friends.


      Janice Pfeiffer wrote:
      Well, since HK is the mahanta why couldn't he have simple told the man that the child was or was not the soul of his mother? Yep, he is wishy washy to say the least. He doesn't seem to ever answer a question directly. I guess he is afraid to give a committed answer because some one else might write in and ask the same question and he might give the opposite answer. Smells like a charlatan to me.

      Prometheus wrote:

      The December 2012
      Eckankar Mystic World
      in the Ask the Master
      section are two interesting
      questions and answers.

      The first question has
      to do with Stress and
      how to overcome it.

      HK's answer is wishy-
      washy at best. He says
      that stress is "very
      uncomfortable... Yet
      stress is a good teacher."

      Klemp goes on to say
      that people can increase
      their tolerance to stress
      by eating healthy, getting
      enough sleep, and by
      "Reducing our overuse
      of electronic devices."

      In other words it seems
      Klemp is saying, in a
      roundabout way, to use
      moderation. After all,
      he's saying to reduce

      Then, again, how does
      a EK staffer at the ESC
      not use their computer
      8 hours a day?

      The next question involves
      reincarnation. This guy's
      wife gave birth to a baby
      boy and two days later his
      mother translated (died).
      He indirectly asked if this
      new baby was his mother.

      Instead of giving this EKist
      a direct answer, Klemp,
      the wishy-washy Mahanta
      says, "Yes, it is quite possible.
      When it comes to rebirth,
      anything at all can happen...
      Whichever Soul is now your
      son, everything is in accord
      with what is best for all around."

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