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6574Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: ECKankar is on Facebook

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  • Janice Pfeiffer
    Jan 3, 2013
      Sounds like to me two things are going on.  HK is changing the teachings of eckankar to concentrate on other things so people will stop talking about Paul Twitchell's antics.  Second, it seems eckankar is getting more desperate to drum up new members.  A few years ago it was TV adds and now it is facebook.  One thing I really have trouble respecting eckist for is their lack of independent thought.  Whenever HK changes the rules no matter how drastic his ideas are from the few previous years, they just accept it.  Heck, they don't even seem to notice.  They all seem like a bunch of sheep who are expected to mirror whatever HK does. It is so pathetic in my opinion. 
      I guess HK now needs angels since he can relate those to his former Lutheran Bible teachings.  Even if he isn't using them as the Bible teaches, it is something he couldn't invent for himself.   The man just has no imagination or creativity at all.  He sounds desperate for something to replace Pauls lies.  Why in a few years, I imagine that those of us who got out wouldn't even recognize the eckankar teachings after  they do get rid of all that paul compiled and stole.  Yet eckist go on with out noticing a thing because whatever HK says must be right. 
      --- On Wed, 1/2/13, prometheus_973 <prometheus_973@...> wrote:

      From: prometheus_973 <prometheus_973@...>
      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: ECKankar is on Facebook
      To: EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, January 2, 2013, 7:17 PM

      Happy New Year Everyone!
      I thought I'd bring this
      subject back for another
      look. I've noticed that
      the FB activity has picked
      up for EKists. Odd isn't it,
      that the EMF/EMR dangers
      have been set aside as
      though it never existed.

      Isn't it odd, as well, that
      ECKists are so preoccupied
      with angels of the non-
      human kind? I think it is.
      They write and read and
      recommend books on:
      Animal Angels; Dog Angels;
      Cat Angels; Horse Angels.
      Whatever happened to
      Human (people) Angels?

      Or, are these EK Masters
      mistaken for angels?
      Actually, it doesn't seem
      so. They wouldn't lower
      themselves to the mundane.
      I'm thinking of the "Parking
      Space Angel."

      Angels, according to
      Klemp's 1st Lexicon,
      are defined as:

      "Beings above the ordinary
      man who help to serve
      man in many ways; also
      called PRETS, DEVTAS,
      BHUTS, DEVAS, etc. They
      have great powers and
      are quite willing to serve
      people who live in harmony
      with them." [page 10]

      However, HK never mentions
      "Animal" Angels of any sort.
      Plus, when I looked up BHUTS
      in the same EK Lexicon it
      stated: "Beings in the subtle
      region close to earth; a kind
      of ANGEL above ordinary
      humans who help in many
      ways." [page 22]

      So, now Klemp is saying
      that these "beings" are a
      "kind of Angel." Plus, HK
      states that these angels
      of sorts (Bhuts, Devas,
      Devtas, Prets) reside "in
      the subtle region close
      to earth." So, where would
      that be? Okay. It's the

      However, Klemp also
      states that these Angels
      are "above the ordinary
      man." But, don't ECKists
      believe that they, too,
      are above the ordinary
      man and are, also, above
      these Astral Plane Angels?

      Really, this is just common
      logic via using Eckankar's
      own dogma and Klemp's
      approved view of these

      Therefore, why do EKists
      have a need for Angels of
      any sort when they, themselves,
      should be above the "great"
      Astral Powers of these angels?

      Well, the truth is that EKists
      have no powers because
      Klemp (their LEM/Mahanta)
      has no powers.

      Therefore, EKists have to
      imagine that someone else
      (angels, masters, mahanta)
      are in charge and lord over
      them. Except, EKists are the
      ones who always do the real

      Strange that Angels have
      become the imaginary caregivers
      for animals versus mankind.

      Whatever happened to Prajapati
      the ECK Master who cares for
      animals [pg. 163]? Why aren't
      ECKists looking to or writing
      about him? Is it this "Common
      Language" thing, again, where
      EKists fool people into believing
      they, too, have "angel" beliefs?
      I think so! It's a scam that these
      EKists are playing on themselves
      and others.

      Plus, this same 1st EK Lexicon
      talks about the "Protean Soul."
      It's a "Higher form of the ASTRAL
      BODY used at times by the Master
      to appear to the chela; his thought
      can force it to assume any shape
      or form." [page 167]

      So, are these Angels actually
      the Protean Soul, Upper Astral
      Body, of Master Klemp? Hmmm.
      I wonder why he doesn't appear
      in this form at EK Seminars in
      Afrika. I guess, according to
      ones imaginable capabilities
      and powers of suggestion,
      he does!


      prometheus wrote:

      Hello All,
      Isn't it odd that Klemp,
      who talks about the
      harm that EMF/EMR can
      cause, is encouraging
      EKists to "friend/subscribe"
      ECKankar on FACEBOOK!

      Is HK intentionally putting
      ECKists in harm's way?

      Or, is there no longer any
      concern for harm caused
      by EMF/EMR?

      Klemp claims to "protect"
      ECKists but I'm not sure
      from what. And, I doubt
      that ECKists are all that
      sure either. Is the EMF
      scare, now, no longer
      convenient since EK is
      on FB?

      Klemp doesn't protect EKies
      from making bad decisions
      so there's no guidance is
      there? It seems HK will say
      anything when it benefits
      him and he can side-step

      After all, Klemp doesn't protect
      his chelas from getting cancer
      or from getting other diseases
      on this lowest of Planes. Where
      is the GODman's power to protect?
      Klemp can't even "protect" his
      chelas by directing them to
      the right doctor, insurance,
      or preventative procedures.
      Was HK's fall on "Black Ice"
      a Waking Dream or ECK Wisdom
      for ECKists to see that Klemp
      is a "Black Magician?" Is the
      ECK warning ECKists by causing
      HK to break his hip? Or, did
      HK's negativity "cause" him
      to be injured? Klemp can't
      even "protect" himself, or
      is the story/excuse a continuation
      of the holding tank for karma

      This, lack of outer protection
      and inner guidance is strange
      since (according to EK Dogma)
      Klemp, as the LEM/Mahanta,
      has authority over his chelas
      versus that of KAL.

      Promises, promises, but no
      help. If anything, Klemp uses
      negativity by side-stepping
      his own responsibility to his
      followers and doing a reversal
      ploy (with guilt) by placing
      blame on the ECKists for not
      doing everything they should
      have done (spiritually). Have
      they: Contemplated daily;
      HUed; are arahatas; are
      vahanas; volunteer, read
      the Shariyat; keep a dream
      journal; follow the four zoas;
      donate money; blah, blah!
      Or, didn't the suffering EKist
      "believe" strong enough?
      Wasn't he/she completely
      delusional and stupid and
      this is why "bad" common
      and everyday things happened...
      like with those who don't
      have the Mahanta's protection.

      Maybe some EKists have trusted
      too much in the Mahanta and
      didn't follow through on that
      medical condition and check-up
      as a more rational person would
      have done?


      If Klemp never accepts
      blame for not being there,
      except in the occasional
      dream or an imagined mock-
      up, then, that leaves only
      the chela as the responsible
      adult. In truth Klemp is harming
      ECKists by misleading them
      to think that he is guiding
      and protecting them via
      "signs" etc.

      What a scam! What a con!
      Yet, ECKists, somehow,
      don't seem to mind nor
      are they capable of connecting-
      the-dots in order to see
      through their veil of delusion.
      There is a correlation with
      Klemp and ECKankar to all
      other fake masters, Popes,
      preachers and to all of the
      other false religions in the
      world. ECKists need to Wake
      the "F" Up... before it's too


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