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  • prometheus_973
    Dec 27, 2012
      Hello Etznab and All,
      Yes, the gospel here:
      had a very warped way
      of viewing women as
      well. I had read, elsewhere,
      that Lilith was created
      in the same way as Adam
      and was his equal, but
      she didn't want to stay
      with Adam, she was more
      spiritual. Plus, Adam was
      a tool, was domineering
      and only wanted sex.
      Thus, Lilith asked God
      if she could be with
      him in Heaven and this
      was granted. Therefore,
      Lilith was not a demon
      and evil but was actually
      very spiritual.

      The HBO series "True Blood"
      has a different take on Lilith.
      She was the first Vampire and
      God's first, perfect, creation.


      etznab wrote:
      Too bad there wasn't someone to challenge the writers at the time of
      the creation. It seems there was not, but maybe there was and they were
      eliminated for having a rational mind. It's not much different today
      because one can see where words were cribbed, changed around and where
      myth and propaganda took its place. It sometimes happens when a person
      tries to point these things out that others often react with anger.
      They will try to attack you and your work. I have seen it over at
      a.r.e. many times and it hasn't stopped. The message I read today was:

      "I wonder why people really bother themselves about showing others the
      charade in eckankar. If you really believe it is all crap but others
      choose to believe in it then leave them be. [... .]"


      Can anybody tell me how many men, women and children were killed in the
      name of "religion" because people BELIEVED and they were left to be?

      I think the problem with "beliefs" is that one can take a natural event
      in history and with "belief" make a hundred, or more ficticious
      versions of it. What this can do, however, is set a hundred or more
      people against one another. And as they are allowed to be in their
      "belief" that each of the stories is literally true they can have
      children and teach them to believe as well.

      As it is today there are so many cultures following so many religions
      (that also interpret history and explain creation) holding people
      within the yoke of so many particular "beliefs". And not all, but some
      of the people who don't agree with one another will fight and die for
      their beliefs ... regardless whether they know them to be true, or
      where and how they even evolved.


      For the record, I can't prove the credibility of Lila as described by
      the sources I quoted and know that it could be as Prometheus stated; so
      many mental gymnastics, whatever. At least I could mention it though,
      ask for feedback and not get strung up on a cross for doing so.

      I think one of the ways to arrive at truth is to offer something up to
      others for critical inspection. There is a "freedom of religion" in
      America which protects people's right to "believe" in whatever, but at
      the same time if a person researches the evolution and creation of
      religious dogma, etc., that is not the same as attacking other people,
      IMO; neither is sharing the research on a public forum. It is simply
      historical research and a desire to clarify fact from fiction. I
      believe the latter is also a right under the U.S. constitution.

      Non wrote:
      Kind of funny actually, that Adam had to try out bestiality to get
      God's attention. Also, how could God be so stupid as to get it right
      for the beasts, but not for Adam? Sounds like God is very human trying
      to figure all of this out, and trying to explain how there could be
      variations for humans in sexuality, androgynous, and even women
      complaining about their preference as far as sexual positions, and then
      being horribly punished for their insolence.

      I needed a good laugh! So typical of religious myths to explain things
      by pulling stuff out of your arse. Sorry, had to.

      Non ;)

      <prometheus wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > It's all interesting mental
      > gymnastics and circular
      > thinking fueled by myth.
      > When reading about lila I
      > thought of Lillith and how
      > God kept screwing up in
      > order to please Adam.
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