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  • prometheus_973
    Dec 27, 2012
      Hello I AM and All,
      Yes, religion doesn't allow
      people to have their own
      unique experiences with
      Self, Divinity, Spirit, etc.
      And, there's always some
      expert to redirect a person
      into their own niche when
      each should explore their
      own path but unite on the
      inner realms of the same,
      elusive, invisible Real.


      I AM wrote:
      Yes Prometheus the story of Lillith imo also is a lot of mythology which has no
      proof at all and really makes no sense.

      On the other hand the story of Lila I can't say from anything I've experienced
      or read that's resonated with me that would convince me either way that
      everything was one in the beginning and then became differentiated into
      multiplicity or rather there is self that is always and has always been other.

      I had an interesting dream when I was about 15 years old. The dream was very
      clear and understandable. There was a being of light and love and there were
      souls of individual unique light that were an extended part but not completely
      one with this being of light and love. I was quite happy because I felt a lot
      of love and light emanating from this being. Many of the other souls were quite
      dormant and apathetic. All of a sudden there was a booming roar of thunder and
      this being became quite angry because of the dormant souls not being happy about
      being in such an apathetic state.

      Suddenly there was a dark abyss that appeared and souls were being in some cases
      thrown and in other cases going quite willingly into this darkness. Some were
      quite happy with the violence and hate that appeared to await them for at least
      they would have a chance to experience more than mere apathy. I was one of the
      souls who was literally shaken and afraid of going into these dark worlds
      seemingly devoid of love. However I became aware that I had to go as well
      because I hadn't learned to share the love I was receiving. I was also assured
      that one day with experience and learning I would return to a better world of
      love with more freedom of expression.

      Upon awakening when I reflected on that dream I thought that it symbolized the
      early days of creation before time and space (the worlds of darkness) were

      I should mention that during that period in my life I was learning about life
      beyond the physical state of consciousness through OBE's and also with beings
      from the other side. Whether this dream was "mocked up" by them in order to
      instill with me their interpretation of creation I am not sure although at the
      time I was quite certain of the authenticity of the dream. Also prior to that
      dream I did not read one iota of eastern mystical teaching.

      When I read Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife" a lot
      of the book (for obvious reasons of brevity I only included an excerpt), but
      certainly not all of the book, was very similar to my own experiences. And I
      tend to try and synthesize what I read into what I experience or resonates with
      me. The most important part of the book for me is that Love is at the core of it

      I've never been quite sure of why this being would individualize in the first
      place if that's what it did. I've read that it was kind of an experiment to
      perhaps relieve its own stagnation. Don't know.

      I AM

      prometheus wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > It's all interesting mental
      > gymnastics and circular
      > thinking fueled by myth.
      > When reading about lila I
      > thought of Lillith and how
      > God kept screwing up in
      > order to please Adam.
      > Prometheus
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