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6536Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: It's So Sad About the Newtown, CT. Shootings

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  • etznab@aol.com
    Dec 18, 2012
      The mother reportedly took her son to the firing range and he was
      taught how to shoot the guns. So he knew how to use them.

      Something about this whole story just doesn't sound right to me. I
      think there are probably other missing pieces.

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      Newtown, CT. Shootings

      Hello Non and All,
      When one looks at the
      mother of the shooter
      she appears different
      to different people.

      She was intelligent,
      wealthier than most,
      and she was generous.
      She could have passed
      as a saint.

      Then, there was the
      private side where
      she seemed to share
      a similar paranoia as
      her one son displayed.
      She didn't want to talk
      about getting help for
      him, but just hoped
      and prayed that he
      would magically
      grow out of it.

      She owned several
      guns and was in the
      doomsday prepper
      mindset. Her husband
      was out of the picture
      but was successful
      (had money) from afar.
      However, both were
      failures as parents and
      as protectors to their
      one child and, especially,
      to society. I see a law
      suit on the horizon.

      The media has stated
      how close-knit the
      Newtown community
      was. But that's not true.
      People knew that her
      son had issues, knew
      that she had guns, and
      knew that shootings
      by deranged young
      men aren't all that
      uncommon. Still,
      nothing was done,
      there was no intervention.

      People were afraid
      to cross boundaries
      and to get into her
      personal space. Plus,
      people liked her and
      she had money. But
      I'm thinking that she
      didn't want herself,
      and maybe her son,
      stigmatized by seeking
      help for his Mental
      illness. However,
      someone in the community
      should have stepped
      in just the same. It
      wasn't like his odd
      paranoid schizophrenic
      behaviour was hidden
      from view when he
      was in school.

      People live in their own
      private little worlds and
      we respect their right
      to do that, but maybe
      we've given them too
      much freedom when
      they haven't demonstrated
      responsibility. Forced
      care and prevention
      and the tracking of
      sick people for follow-up
      seems to be one alternative.

      Isn't that what "community"
      should be more about?

      But one has to wonder.
      Where was the "religious"
      community? What was
      their role in all of this?
      Is everything with them


      "Non" wrote:
      It is beyond sad to numbing and shocking. I think it is our culture of
      It is difficult to even find a good movie with a decent story line that
      filled with blood and explicit gore. I went to a recent Bond movie and
      was bored and left. Where was the subtle humor and sexual innuendo,
      just in your
      face violence and malevolence, no imagination. Go looking for a fun
      video game
      and most of them are war games of some sort.

      As far as religion in these circumstances, they are still caught up in
      trying to
      fit it into God's Will, or what have you. I see it as a failure to give
      teach real empathy and compassion. Admitting to their part as abusive
      neglectful and even lacking "Soul" or "Heart", just going through the
      motions of
      ritual. I know I overgeneralize, but ....

      Without knowing all of the details, there is one blaring detail, and
      that is a
      very unstable household in which there were a lot of bullets and high
      rifles and guns, and apparently a lot of rage.

      I am reminded of the song from South Pacific..."You have to be taught
      to hate
      and fear....".

      I believe we have lost or never adequately have achieved our sense of
      or caring. We have a long way to go. There are some societies in the
      past and
      present where violence was/is rare and isolation and depression a very
      occurrence. We are/have been a society of conquest, and yes even

      Beginning with treating children with kindness while teaching
      boundaries and
      respect for each other is not an impossible task. We do not live in a
      that places children and their care first. We are often looking at
      committing these crimes. Boys are neglected imo, and abused more often
      than is
      admitted. Perfectionism is not necessarily a good goal. There is too
      competition....not enough cooperation. IMHO



      "prometheus" wrote:

      Hello All,
      I've been watching the
      TV coverage of this tragedy
      for a few days now. It
      makes one wonder how
      a mentally deranged
      young man can do such
      evil and to such innocent
      children... face-to-face!

      However, I found the
      religious take on all
      of it to be quite strange.
      Some of the comments
      in the prayers of the
      ministers were odd.

      One cleric said that
      it happened in order
      to have people to
      question life and to
      be able to go through
      their own transformation.
      Thus, it's a test!

      One guy mentioned that
      the children would not
      have to experience sin.

      "After passion comes

      I'm not sure why people
      were praying to God and
      talking to or beseeching
      God when he didn't offer
      up any protection to these
      innocent children. But,
      are innocent children in
      other countries protected
      from harm? It's like how
      Klemp protects his eckists.

      The Governor of CT. sounded
      like Peter Sellers in "Being There"
      when talking about after Winter
      there will be Spring and growth.

      There is belief that a grander
      plan is afoot and that it won't
      be revealed until you can no
      longer speak and share and
      this gives those left hope that
      the promises will be fulfilled.

      I'm thinking that Eckists
      are probably sad, too, but
      also think that they see it
      as karma being karma and
      that there is no death.

      "What is seen is temporary
      but what is unseen is eternal."

      Do clerics merely repeat what
      we already know or is it merely
      a pep talk while reminding
      us of what we are supposed
      to believe? Or, do they see
      themselves as the experts
      who have memorized scripture,
      dress up in special garments,
      while we regular people are
      the ignorant sheep meant to
      blindly follow?

      It is interesting to see a
      commonality of sorts, but
      individual choice seems to
      take precedence as it always

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