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6502Re: Klemp Chastises H.I.s About "Guidelines"

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  • prometheus_973
    Dec 13, 2012
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      Hello Janice,
      Klemp will keep tightening
      the screws and dangling
      the initiation carrot. It's his
      M.O. However, he doesn't
      care about the repercussions
      because he's financially
      solid and secure with his
      book royalties and retirement
      plan. But he does still like
      the attention. Eckankar, and
      EK writing, is Klemp's hobby.

      It's interesting if you look
      at some pics of the H.I.s at
      Retreats or at their H.I. Meetings
      you might notice there are
      many elderly (70 years plus)
      H.I.s. Those age 60 and older
      probably make up 75% of
      the total number of EK Higher

      Klemp, by slowing down initiations
      and placing the glass ceiling
      on the 7th has discouraged
      many H.I.s. Of course there
      are some 8ths and a few 9ths
      but these numbers are nowhere
      what they should be and don't
      reflect the dogma or goals of
      Twitchell. The frustration with
      Klemp's stinginess in doling
      out initiations via his narcissism
      has done more harm to Eckankar
      maintaining membership numbers
      than any of their PR tactics have
      been able to compensated for.

      Yet, many EKists refuse to see
      this reality and hold Klemp
      responsible. HK's ploy is telling
      them that it's all a "test" and
      to be patient and detached
      when, in truth, it's all a "trap."

      There are many 7ths who have
      had their 7th Initiation for 25
      years! Why? Klemp is playing
      with them and they've got too
      much time, energy, money, status,
      EK friends and history invested
      to leave. It's all they know. It's
      pitiful, and the longer and higher
      they are the less free they are.
      But, they are good actors and,
      like Klemp, have learned how
      to play the game... follow the


      Janice wrote:
      Thank all of you for the interesting reading. I think it would be cool if klemp keeps tightening the screws. Hopefully, it will only drive more away. So many of you had a lot more time than I did in eckankar. I really had a hard time dealing with HI attitudes from day one. Reading what you have to say explains a lot of things for me. I appreciate it very much.

      Non ekchains wrote:
      It is so really boring when you look at it, the one man show with his clones. I don't really get why the H.I.'s don't just implode. The klempster has nothing to offer. Then again, true believers are just blobs of beliefs that become brittle over time, concentrated self-delusion, and yes a lot of fear and insecurity and even pent up rage. H.I. stands for Higher Idiot. :)

      Non ;)

      prometheus wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > In the Dec. 2012 H.I.
      > Letter I've read that
      > Klemp still needs to
      > update his Guidelines
      > for the H.I.s in the
      > field and chastise
      > those who are slow
      > to get with the program.
      > Many long-time H.I.s
      > want the freedom
      > of Soul to be more
      > individualistic,
      > spontaneous, and
      > creative by thinking
      > they (Soul) can operate
      > outside-of-the-box,
      > thus, being channels
      > for the ECK. Klemp
      > has previously stated
      > that he's imperfect,
      > but that's not the case
      > with the ECK, correct?
      > Why, then, shouldn't
      > their current (Present)
      > Inner EK Guidance be
      > followed versus that
      > of outer set-in-stone
      > ESC Guidelines printed
      > in the Past and approved
      > by a committee of imperfect
      > people on a plane ruled
      > by the KAL?
      > H.I.s still haven't learned
      > that it doesn't work
      > that way in Klemp's
      > version of ECKankar.
      > It's a hierarchy where
      > everything is spelled
      > out and controlled
      > by him and his secret
      > RESA police and that
      > all field work must be
      > approved of first and
      > follow the current
      > Guidelines.
      > Many inexperienced
      > EKists like the idea of
      > being told how to do
      > this or that and what
      > approved books to use
      > and what to say and
      > other details to make
      > the promotion of
      > Eckankar easier.
      > But the real point the
      > ESC (Klemp) is making
      > is to have EK PR more
      > consistent and cookie
      > cutter looking/sounding
      > for the public.
      > Plus, the EK Guidelines
      > are like following a
      > recipe set-in-stone
      > that disregards individual
      > or regional tastes and
      > disallows any additions
      > or omissions of other
      > ingredients, methods,
      > and/or spices.
      > Klemp's foretold admonishments
      > are about H.I.s resisting
      > change. They "rock the
      > boat" out of "fear" and
      > that's "it's all about fear."
      > That "they huddle in packs"
      > and "reinforce in each other
      > a group's opposition to
      > anything new." Strange
      > that Klemp's H.I.s are
      > subject to fear since he's
      > supposed to protect them!
      > However, the real 'change'
      > that H.I.s resist is in rejecting
      > Klemp's nonsense and
      > heavy handed control tactics.
      > Many H.I.s, however, chose
      > the Freedom of Soul versus
      > being bound to dogma.
      > HK side-steps delivering
      > on his promises of protection
      > and never has anything
      > profound to share. And,
      > where are those Higher
      > Initiations that are, supposedly,
      > yardsticks in measuring
      > Consciousness and Spiritual
      > Growth? Klemp is playing
      > the long-con and is, thus,
      > stingy and self-serving.
      > Harold goes on to say that
      > these H.I.s are "obstructions
      > on the path to God instead
      > of being stepping stones."
      > Apparently, being creative
      > and spontaneous and
      > following "Inner Nudges"
      > and/or "Signs" are not
      > permitted if it conflicts
      > with the LEM's outer,
      > Physical (1st) Plane, Guidelines!
      > The LEM states that, "We
      > are here to learn." However,
      > what is it that Klemp "learns"
      > from others since he never
      > listens? He's the Top goD
      > and doesn't partake in
      > two-way dialogues with
      > those under his authority.
      > Klemp sounds quite intolerant
      > and unloving as he continues
      > to chastise his H.I.s. "They
      > believe that if they sit still
      > and breathe only enough to
      > sustain life that they may
      > well dodge the lightning
      > strikes of irksome change."
      > Is that a threat? HK sounds
      > like KAL! However, by doing
      > Klemp's bidding do ECKists
      > really avoid "lightning strikes?"
      > Don't EKists still die of all
      > sorts of illnesses and situations
      > that could have be averted
      > if they had gotten proper
      > and immediate care? Sure!
      > Therefore, Klemp can't protect
      > ECKists and his veiled threats
      > are meaningless... unless
      > you've given this Black
      > Magician power over you!
      > But, it seems that HK
      > has something else stuck
      > in his craw. It seems to
      > me that Klemp doesn't
      > like his 7ths just sitting
      > still and Contemplating
      > or HUing, and enjoying
      > life. But why shouldn't
      > they take it easy after
      > 40 years of doing PR
      > work for Eckankar!
      > So, what does Klemp
      > the All compassionate,
      > loving, positive, and
      > empathetic icon of EK
      > conclude?
      > "An H.I. who blatantly
      > refuses to adhere to
      > the ECK Guidelines
      > needs to be addressed
      > on the issues." Hmmmm.
      > I wonder what that
      > really means? Well,
      > unless you're already
      > a 7th you can kiss that
      > next initiation good-bye
      > for like 10-20 years!
      > Klemp continues to say,
      > "These are big stakes!
      > Continued refusal means
      > it's time for a replacement
      > to step in. A change is
      > due. Change. isn't it
      > funny how we have come
      > full circle?" No! It's not
      > really funny. Klemp
      > abuses the concept
      > of "change" and makes
      > it into a misnomer.
      > What "changes" are there
      > in Eckankar? The same
      > old things are merely
      > revisited, updated, dusted
      > off and made to seem
      > "new." It's all a facade,
      > smoke and mirrors, and
      > a game of pretend by
      > creating brightly colored
      > straws to grab at and
      > cling to when drowning.
      > Too bad that EKists are
      > so deluded and needy
      > and aren't able to read
      > between the lines and
      > see the real truth behind
      > Klemp's words and methods.
      > Prometheus
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