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6468Re: A Jerry Mulvin Update- 2012 Probation Violation!

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  • prometheus_973
    Dec 8, 2012
      Hello Etznab and All,
      I only know what I read
      on Sharon's Yahoo site

      This is what Jerry's 2nd
      wife, Colleen, stated but
      that they were 7ths. This
      other info states that he
      was a 6th initiate when
      he left Eckankar.

      I suggest you go to
      Eckankartruth and
      ask these same questions
      for clarification on
      this issue and, perhaps,
      some old documents
      verifying this claim,
      Time-Frame etc.,
      (by Colleen) could be
      scanned and posted.


      etznab wrote:
      Jerry helped Paul get
      things off the ground?

      Is there any written
      history to that effect?

      I'm interested in hearing

      <prometheus wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > I thought I'd bring a couple
      > of posts back to the front page.
      > For those new to the site and
      > to this info Jerry Mulvin helped
      > Paul Twitchell (the creator/plagiarist
      > of Eckankar), early on, to get
      > the scam/con off the ground.
      > From 2012:
      > Jerry's DOB: 08/1936, Age 75
      > ************
      > Here's some earlier info-
      > Click below address;
      > Type In Mulvin for last name;
      > Type In Jerry for first name;
      > Click On Search;
      > The next page will appear with the
      > Case # (S-0700-CR-1998092222);
      > Click On The CASE #:
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