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6418Re: "The Karma Seeker"

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  • zephrendhun
    Nov 8, 2012
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      Dear Prom and all,

      Interesting thing about this book is that its original title was " The Lost Slipper of Soul " and I have that version. I also know the author who is a fine enough chap but I think Stefan is still an H.I. I believe he is an H.I. 'on the fence', so to speak. Many H.I.'s remain in Eckrakorn, hoping that Harry the Klempster will soon retire or die. Then they can see if they will become the next LEM or if Harry's replacement is ok, then they will probably continue with their delusion that Eckrakorn is a true spiritual path and not just the cult it is. Its tough being an individual and losing all of the friends and acquantences one encounters in the E-cult. But their true reason for excommunicating a long time freind is that they really have their doubts about this crap's truth as well. Besides after being a none E-cultist for a while, I have formed some significant friendships that really don't give a s**t what my religious views are. The road is lonely sometimes on one own path, but there are no lies or delusions. Divine Source loves spiritual renegades, just check out Jesus the Christ. Enuff said. Peace and chicken grease!


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