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6399Defensive Romney video about Mormon Cult

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    Nov 4, 2012
      Yes, Mormon Cult with capital "C". Welcome to Mormon Theocracy if Romney is elected. Since Romney runs as a Religious Politician then he should have to answer questions about his "Faith", why he believes the Garden of Eden was in Missouri, what was Joseph Smith's reason and vision for running for President of the United States. Why did Joseph Smith run a Theocracy, his own City of about 10,000 people in the 1800's, and that is huge. They believe in the high and mighty one who will arise in the end times for the second coming of Jesus, and something about the appearance of the White Horse prophecy, Romney? He is just arrogant and delusional to believe he is that and a slick liar, depending on who he's talking to and what he hopes to gain from that interaction, just like any common Con Man.


      Well, there are Democratic Mormons, but I'll bet they are considered "Jack" Mormons. That is, they aren't quite as dogmatic, but just haven't made overt, questions they may have that would most surely get them excommunicated.

      while I'm not an Obamabot, and of course question many of his policies or his not being vocal enough in gloating some about his accomplishments (watering down some aspects of Obamacare in attempt to get along with RepubliCons), and I guess that he tried to get along with those whose ONLY primary goal was to deny in an obstructive way, Obama a second term. But let's remember that he never really had a Democratic Majority, especially when Kennedy and Bird died in the Senate. And of course of course the mess left by another Religious Plutocrat, Bush.

      Sorry for the political post, but this video really was reminiscent of the reaction I have had from eckankarists who start accusing you of being hateful for asking questions about their precious Religion (Cult) that is in their minds nothing less than the Absolute Truth and Dogma, a scary sight to witness.

      Non ; )