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63902012 ECK Worldwide Seminar Oct. 19-21

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  • prometheus_973
    Oct 18, 2012
      Yes, it's this weekend,
      and is billed as "A Year
      Of Consecration."

      Here's some of the
      PR used to sucker in
      a handful of newbies
      and to re-inspire and
      placate the old timers:

      "Greater awareness of the
      Light and Sound of God,
      a knowingness that guides
      you through rough waters,
      and insight into the ways
      of Spirit in your daily life--
      these are the gifts of the
      Mahanta's love."

      ME: Once again, Klemp takes
      credit for every aspect of
      an ECKist's daily "spiritual"
      life. This is teaching codependence
      versus Self Mastery! Why?
      This is the insidious part.
      Klemp needs three things:
      Power; Money; Adoration.

      "Each aspect of the 2012 ECK
      Worldwide Seminar offers a
      golden opportunity to strengthen
      your bond with the Mahanta."

      ME: If an H.I. can actually
      meet up with the Mahanta
      on the Higher "Inner Planes,"
      for a one-on-one Q&A etc.,
      What is the point in wasting
      time and money by traveling
      to the EK Worldwide Seminar
      on the Lowest (Physical) Plane
      and seeing HK from a distance,
      in an audience, and listening
      to a dumbed-down talk where
      he shares other peoples'
      embellished stories? The whole
      point, for Klemp, is the adoration.
      And it gets him out of the house
      and breaks up his hum-drum
      life as a little known "prophet"
      of a minor cult. Yes, it's a pep
      rally too, and is a "re-educational"
      tool that keeps people hooked/
      bound (brainwashed), and it
      brings in some money.

      "Rededicate your heart to your
      highest spiritual purpose at this
      seminar. Enjoy a rich mix of
      fellowship, inspiration, and
      upliftment--highlighted by
      Sri Harold Klemp's Saturday-
      evening talk. Then watch yourself

      ME: These comments about the
      "heart" is somewhat confusing
      when one thinks about the Astral
      "Heart (4th) Chakra." After all,
      Eckankar uses the Tisra Til or
      the Third Eye in order to leave
      the body and this is the 6th
      Astral Chakra. On the other
      hand if we're relating the "heart"
      to Love, as Jesus taught, this
      is another problem. According
      to Paul Twitchell, who was the
      founder of Eckankar and only
      self-created Mahanta, Jesus was
      merely a 2nd Initiate in Eckankar.
      Plus, a 2nd Initiate 2,000 years
      ago is the equivalent of what
      level of initiation today?

      How many times has Klemp
      made these same promises
      to H.I.s? Yet, have they really
      grown? I don't see it and they
      don't see it! That's why many
      ECKists have to close their
      minds when they close their
      eyes. They have to trick and
      delude themselves into believing
      and that's the quiet desperation
      that Klemp is counting on.

      What's even funnier, and
      sadder, is that ECKists will
      probably have to go through
      Metal Detectors, again, in
      order to see Klemp in the
      main hall on Saturday evening.
      What's with that? It never
      happened prior to 9/11, but
      now the Metal Detectors and
      handbag search has become
      a tradition of fear mongering.

      How can Klemp be what he
      claims to be... a supernatural
      being higher and more powerful
      than the God of other religions,
      but is fearful and can't practice
      detachment. What is Klemp
      subconsciously teaching ECKists?
      Really! He's making them more
      insecure and is causing them to
      close their eyes and minds even
      tighter in order to deny the Light/
      Truth. This is a key piece to the
      puzzle and of the Mahanta fraud.
      The Metal Detectors, bag searches,
      and Security Guards on Saturday
      Evening are staring ECKists in
      the face, yet, they rationalize
      and refuse to see that Klemp is

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