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  • prometheus_973
    Sep 19, 2012
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      Hello All,
      Thanks for sharing and
      bringing up this subject.
      Many H.I.s, unfortunately
      for them, feel rather aloof
      and spiritually advanced
      due to the "number" on
      their EK membership cards.

      They are deluded enough
      to think that this number
      is an indication of Higher
      Con because the liar Twitchell
      said it was in order to
      sell more memberships
      and materials. Klemp
      continues the lie!

      The biggest argument for
      these deluded people are
      the few stories told of Twit,
      Klemp, Rebazar, etc. were
      seen somewhere on the
      streets, etc. or in a dream
      before these newbies saw
      their pictures and were
      told that these were EK

      Klemp has even revamped
      people's experiences of having
      seen Jesus by having Ekists
      show them pics of Gopal Das,
      whereby, they suddenly realized
      that it wasn't Jesus after all.
      It was a mistake in identity
      and was actually Gopal Das
      whom they saw!

      The truth is most H.I.s have
      little to no actual spiritual
      experiences or dreams and
      they grab at straws. The
      amount of experiences are
      no more than any other group
      that focuses upon mental
      techniques during meditation
      or before going to sleep.

      As with all religions it is
      a matter of faith and belief
      and Klemp has even mentioned
      that was this was the real
      key to Eckankar.

      I remember once that Klemp
      told 4th initiates to hang out
      with 5ths and 6ths as a way
      to share in their consciousness
      and prepare for their 5th. One
      person I knew quit hanging
      out with her non-H.I. friends
      and even looked down her nose
      at lower initiates (like herself).

      Basically, as it is within any
      hierarchy, the long timers
      want to see the newbies go
      through the same amount
      of crap they had to go through.
      It's jealously and envy.

      These H.I.s don't know anymore
      about spiritual matters than
      the next person because it's
      all subjective.

      Basically, old outdated techniques
      like focusing upon the Third-
      Eye versus the Crown chakra
      will never be changed even
      though an older EK discourse
      uses the Crown Chakra technique.

      Other than that it's all about
      selling and supporting Klemp's
      ego and the EK Organization
      which is Klemp's inherited
      vocation and spiritual con.

      Thus, the survival of the EK
      Org. and support of Klemp's
      second rate books will continue
      to be the central focus of Eckankar


      Janice Pfeiffer wrote:
      Thank you Lady for expressing just how I felt while I was in. You did it so well. Looking back, I am wondering if a lot of high initiates shy away from answering questions for newbies because they are afraid they will say something that is frowned upon by Minneapolis and also like you say show they don't know a lot anyway. When I was very new and would talk about some experience I had, I often wondered if it was jealousy that made some of them snap at me because I did so. It was kind of like as a newbie, they couldn't tolerate you having experiences they had not had. Thanks again for your posting.

      Lady wrote:

      Hello Prometheus et al. The reason I joined this group mostly is because I was curious. I was actually googling the "Hu" looking for some history behind it other than what Eck says it is and this came up. I still enjoy singing the Hu, but I like chanting and doing chakra clearing, etc. But, wow, I was so surprised to find out there were people who felt about Eck like I did. I wasn't in it very long, but having been a seeker for such a long time, I just had this feeling somethings were just off. The biggest red flags for me was when I would ask a higher intiate any questions, I just got the brush off and eventually realized that most of them probably didn't know much more than I did. I was born into the Catholic church, and I felt like every time I asked a question, it was like I was committing a 'sin.' LOL!!! But, I was looking for spiritual truth, not someone else's philosophy, and although I felt that most of the people were nice and polite enough, there was no real substance, just regurgitated words of the same thing. I have no animosity toward HK or Eck, probably because I wasn't in that long, but it's nice to know I'm not deluded...which is how I felt they were treating me when I wanted to know more. It's like thinking I'm crazy when I finally come to realize everyone else around me is and I'm the only sane one...It reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode where this beautiful girl's face is wrapped in gauze, and the doctors come in with surgical masks on and tell her they did their best, but there was nothing they could do, that she would remain ugly for the rest of her life, and they take their masks off and all have pig faces...anyway. We can only hope the best for those still caught in the deception, but I believe somewhere in their 'knower' that they know the truth or will figure it out. Rowan.

      prometheus wrote:
      > Please POST (no emails please) "Why"
      > you want to join this site (ESA) and
      > whether you have: any connections
      > to Eckankar; know any ECKists; have
      > a story involving Eckankar; have opinions
      > & insights involving Harold Klemp
      > and/or Eckankar.
      > Thanks,
      > Prometheus
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