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6352Klemp Mentions His Broken-Hip Injury of Last Winter

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  • prometheus_973
    Sep 3, 2012
      In the 09/2012 The
      Mystic World, Klemp
      tells of his hospital
      experience with the
      nursing staff.

      BTW- Notice HK's use
      of BUT and reference
      my previous post about
      the use of IF, AND,
      and especially BUT.

      I'll comment on the

      Klemp begins with his
      story by making it seem
      that his accident was
      tied into being a channel
      for the Holy Spirit.

      If asked, would you do
      anything for the Holy
      Spirit? And most would
      respond, Yes, of course!

      "BUT what IF it meant
      a complete change in
      your way of doing nearly

      Notice the use of "BUT"
      and "IF?" Two words EKists
      are Not to use when
      communicating with
      one another.

      So, Klemp is setting us
      up with his broken-hip
      injury, caused by a fall
      on "black ice," to be
      something special and

      In fact, life happens!
      Everyone goes through
      injuries, pain, and suffering.
      Klemp is making it seem
      like his injury was because
      he's what? Taking on the
      Karma of his chelas and,
      thus, he slips and falls?

      Or, maybe this "Slip & Fall"
      is a Waking Dream telling
      ECKists that Klemp has
      Fallen from Grace! And,
      the "Black Ice" is telling
      us that HK's a "Black Magician"
      like Darwin was! Darwin
      did give the Rod of Power
      to Klemp (the 12th initiation)
      and initiated him with
      several other Higher Initiations.
      Plus, DG & HK met secretly
      (twice, circa 1981-82)
      in a Sound Proof Dark
      Room where HK worked.
      The Light and Sound was
      kept out of this room
      while they were preparing
      for the transition. And,
      it was Klemp's idea to
      meet there, and Darwin
      hesitated when learning
      it had been previously
      been converted to a
      Sound Proof room and
      was used as a Dark Room
      by Klemp. However, Gross
      overlooked his inner nudge
      and paid the price!

      Anyway, Klemp mentions:
      Faye, the RN; Holly, the
      Physical Therapist; Lori,
      the Occupational Therapist;
      Dora, the West African
      Nurse's Aide.

      Of course, Klemp claims
      that everyone was talking
      about the leader of Eckankar
      falling on black ice and
      breaking his hip.

      BTW- Klemp is pictured
      at the 2012 EK Springtime
      Seminar setting in a wheelchair.

      Anywho, HK talks about
      Faye, nutrition, and states:
      "BUT Faye, a member of
      the Assembly of God church,
      was determined to be the
      complete professional. No

      Apparently Klemp feels the
      need to give some background
      on these people to make it
      sound like he cares about
      them. What Klemp fails to
      see is that ECKist, or not,
      we are all put into these
      same scenarios or similar
      situations and make small
      talk and friends with those
      who are taking care of us.

      Klemp, then, mentions that
      some of Faye's co-workers
      didn't understand their easy
      "banter" and thought she was
      being disrespectful since HK
      was a preacher, of sorts, and
      a cultist. "BUT I left her supervisor
      a glowing commendation about
      her healing laughter, care,
      compassion, and understanding."

      Klemp says, "Do with me as
      you please." Although, the
      title of this front page article
      is "Do With Me As You Will"
      which is promoting HK's accident
      as a Karmic sacrifice for his
      chelas. Klemp's clueless about
      the sufferings of others because
      he has always lacked empathy!

      "Again, the EK had done with me
      as It would, to better touch Souls
      ready for the journey home to
      God." Isn't "God" actually Kal,
      whereas, Sugmad is different?
      This is an official EK Pub so why
      call Sugmad "God," unless, you
      actually mean God!

      Next, Klemp mentions Holly
      his physical therapist. She
      mentions that, "Tomorrow at
      this time our divorce will be
      final." Klemp responds with,
      "That's great!" Holly shrugs
      her shoulders indifferently
      and says, "I guess."

      Klemp shares his wisdom
      of this while overlooking
      the obvious hurt and doubts
      that Holly is going through
      by saying, "For her, the past
      is the past; the present is
      busy enough. Dear Holly."
      To me this is a feeble attempt
      at empathy. Plus, IMO, the
      past isn't the past, especially,
      when children are involved.

      Next comes Lori, Klemp's
      occupational therapist.
      He tells about her hunting
      small game and recounts
      a story she told that a cougar
      once stalked her and her
      husband. "BUT Lori does not
      hunt cougar: it is a trophy
      animal. She hunts for meat."
      I guess that makes it okay
      to kill.

      Now comes Dora, the West
      African (Ghana) nurse's aide.
      She brought ice for Harry's
      hip and relayed messages
      to the RN to bring "more
      pain medication." "BUT Dora
      did more, much more. When
      the pain became nearly unbearable,
      she laid a warm, encouraging
      hand on my shoulder. Her
      eyes, too, said, 'I understand."
      Odd that Klemp was in so
      much pain. One would think
      that a 14th Initiate could HU
      it away!

      Anyway, Joan came and picked
      Harry up with some top ESC
      staffers. And Klemp ends his
      "tribute to a few of many
      beautiful people in the healing
      field" with these words:

      "And, Spirit of all living things,
      I live to hallow Your name
      among lost and wandering
      Souls. So do with me as You

      Klemp's con, along with his
      delusion and narcissism, is
      making this sound like
      he's beseeching Spirit in
      a prayer and giving thanks
      that he can help "lost Souls"
      by touching people with
      his common everyday words
      and presence... like everyone
      else does in life. Except,
      HK is more special than
      other Souls because he's
      the M/LEM of a false
      teaching that pretends it's

      What's funny is that Klemp
      thinks he's giving EKists
      a pep talk and is showing
      them how they should act
      or respond to people if they
      are in situations similar to
      his as a result of Karma,
      tests, and/or as channels
      for Spirit.

      What Klemp is clueless of,
      and doesn't know, is that
      most EKists and even more
      non-ECKists have already
      responded in ways surpassing
      Klemp's experience with his
      non-lifethreatening injury.

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