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6342Another Example of How All Religions Lie

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  • prometheus_973
    Aug 31, 2012
      Every religion spins history
      and the truth. Twitchell stated
      that Eckankar has always been
      with us but went by different
      names and was a secret teaching.
      Below (in this wikipedia quote),
      we're told Islam is, basically,
      the ECK and every other religion.
      A rose is just a rose by any
      other name? The only thing,
      here, is that Muhammad was
      the last and true Prophet. Thus,
      Paul Twitchell, Joseph Smith,
      L. Ron Hubbard and Harold
      Klemp are all False Prophets.
      Anyway, it's so interesting
      to see how all of these "Prophets"
      have corrupted truth, as well
      as Muhammad. On the other
      hand, I really don't see how,
      or where, Jesus ever corrupted
      the "Truth."

      "The reason the Muslims believe the Quran is universal and will remain uncorrupted is because they believe that previous Islamic holy books, namely the Torah given to Moses; the Psalms given to David; and the Gospel given to Jesus, were for a particular time and community and because they believe that, even if the books were corrupted, many prophets were still to come who could tell the people of what was correct in the scripture and warn them of corruptions. Muhammad therefore, being the last prophet, was vouchsafed a book which, in Muslim belief, will remain in its true form till the Last Day."