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6288Re: Why Don't ECKists See the Truth?

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  • prometheus_973
    Aug 5, 2012
      Hello All,
      Thanks for the reply.
      Good insights! I'd like
      to comment as well.

      Janice Pfeiffer (JP) wrote:
      I think we believed the lies because
      we simply wanted too. We thought
      eckankar filled a void in our lives
      so we chose to believe the rediculous
      stuff that helped explain away the

      ME: EK does appeal to those
      who are nonconformists and
      who are interested in metaphysics,
      and New Age topics and agendas.
      Yes, it did fill a void because our
      former religions we were raised
      in did not answer questions that
      we wanted to "know." These religions
      were based upon belief, faith, and
      scripture written, edited, and rewritten
      by many authors and scribes, who
      are unknown. And it took place
      2,000-3,000 years ago (except for
      the many rewrites). But, religious
      history is much more recent if you're
      a Mormon, Scientologist, or an ECKist!

      JP: Then, if you got any sense at
      all, one day, you just have to face
      the fact that, it is all quite rediculous
      and the man in charge isn't anything
      special and even all the other eckist
      start to appear to be really lacking
      in social and spiritual graces.

      ME: So true! I knew quite a few
      who were high up in their local
      Satsang Orgs who seemed, and
      were, very unstable.

      JP: I give thanks everyday that I
      am not still among the blind. I give
      thanks that there are others like
      you that came out of eckankar's
      web of spiritual death. It would
      be nice if we could wave a magic
      wand and have all the still deceived
      become wide open to the truth
      about eckankar. We all know it
      is not going to happen that way.

      ME: If I had a magic wand I'd
      change more than just Eckankar.
      Ford's book (Confessions of A
      God-Seeker) opened things up
      for me. I'm just glad I heard about
      it and then paid the money to buy
      it and then took my time to read
      and reflect upon what was being
      said. I, of course, had to verify
      the information given by Ford
      Johnson and purchased "The
      Path of the Masters." I'd met Ford,
      knew he was a 7th initiate and
      a RESA, as well as a Harvard educated
      attorney, and I had heard him
      speak so I respected his intellect.
      I must admit that his book was
      not a pleasant read because it
      was shattering my whole belief
      system and trust.

      There're two or three funny
      stories about Ford's book.

      When it was in manuscript
      form Ford emailed some of
      it to 7th Initiates. I had one
      tell me about it and offered
      to print it out for me. I declined
      the offer.

      Later, a high ranking up and
      coming local EKist and wannabe
      RESA, who was a trustee on the
      local Board, told me about Ford's
      book. Of all people! Yes, he's
      still a member of EK and still
      looking for that 7th and RESA

      Then, there was this really
      strangely odd EK couple that
      speed read Ford's book and,
      then, threw it in the trash.
      Klemp had printed some of
      their embellished stories and
      during one seminar mentioned
      them by name and pointed
      them out. They were quite proud
      and thought they were above
      even HK's RESA's and a law unto
      themselves and shared in the
      "Mahanta Consciousness."
      Anywho, they put it out there
      that if anyone wanted to discuss
      Ford's book that they would
      take any calls and turn any
      confused EKists around and
      back to the "True Religion."

      JP: I believe it is a person's ego
      that keeps them spell bound in
      eckankar. The belief that they are
      special and that they are set apart
      from the rest of the world in their
      specialness is too much to relinquish.
      And so they continue to believe that
      klemp is God made flesh and eckankar
      is the path to spiritual freedom while
      they scurry around to do his bidding
      and give him as much money as
      they can afford to give.

      ME: Those Initiations are an ego
      Trap. ECKists claim to practice
      Detachment, but coveting initiations
      prevents Detachment. It's a tease
      or would HK call it a Test? Regardless
      of how Klemp would deflect it
      or how EKists rationalize it away
      the EK Initiations bind them to
      desires and to the ego.

      No "true blue" ECKist can say that
      they don't desire another Initiation.

      This is why some longtime 7ths,
      and former RESAs, like Fran Blackwell
      (bless her heart) will share that
      "on the Inner she is an 8th." H.I.s
      have discovered the loophole in
      The Masters 4 Discourse
      telling about the Ninth Initiation...
      that there must be Three Stages
      to every Initiation since there
      are Three Stages with the Ninth
      and everything EK must follow
      the Principle of the Threes. Thus,
      Two Stages are on the Inner
      and the Third and Final Stage
      is the Outer Confirmation. Therefore,
      ON THE INNER, before the Final
      Outer Confirmation Stage, every
      ECKist could claim to be One
      Initiation Higher that their EK
      Membership Card indicates.
      It's more delusion, but it's what
      makes all religions work!

      JP: So friends let us consider ourselves
      the lucky ones. Where once we were
      among the deceived, we did survive
      the ordeal and maybe we are all just
      a bit wiser about con artists and how
      greed can cause some to inslave others
      for profit. Bless each and all who did
      make the journey through the smoke
      and mirrors of eckankar and can today
      say it has no more hold on them. And
      may all of us think of those still with
      in it's grasp with compassion. Chosing
      the truth isn't always easy over a life
      of imaginary greatness.

      ME: I was always seeking the TRUTH
      and Klemp's presence and redundant
      message certainly isn't anywhere close
      to what I was looking for. At first it had
      promise, but after the trap had sprung
      I was kept too busy with distractions
      and wasn't allowed to question which
      would indicate that I was not "ready"
      for that next initiation.


      prometheus wrote:

      Hello All,
      I was thinking about some
      of the lies we were told
      while in Eckankar and of
      how and why we accepted
      them so readily.

      For instance, there's the
      long standing rule that
      EKists don't proselytize,
      in part, due to the Law
      of Non-Interference.

      But, all this actually meant
      is that ECKists don't go
      door-to-door like Mormons
      and Jehovah Witnesses.
      Proselytizing means trying

      verb [ with obj. ]
      convert or attempt to convert
      (someone) from one religion,
      belief, or opinion to another:

      the program did have a tremendous
      evangelical effect, proselytizing
      many | [ no obj. ] : proselytizing

      for converts | (as noun proselytizing) :
      no amount of proselytizing was
      going to change their minds.

      advocate or promote (a belief
      or course of action): Davis wanted
      to share his concept and proselytize
      his ideas."
      Leaving books and brochures
      in laundromats or bookmarks
      in books at libraries and in
      bookstores is not following
      the Law of Non-Interference.
      Neither is having EK Internet
      Videos or booths at Psychic

      BTW- Let me speak about another
      thought. Does Klemp have a sense
      of divine intercession? Does he sit
      in his Eden Prairie (mahanta) man
      cave and HU/pray for the spiritual
      evolution of mankind or for world
      peace? Many religious leaders and
      Maharishis who don't go out and
      preach at least pray for intercession.
      What does Klemp do except write
      trashy books and promote his $$$
      religious wares via his volunteer
      grass roots sales staff and via the
      pros at the ESC.

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