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6282Why Don't ECKists See the Truth?

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  • prometheus_973
    Jul 31 2:00 PM
      Hello All,
      I was thinking about some
      of the lies we were told
      while in Eckankar and of
      how and why we accepted
      them so readily.

      For instance, there's the
      long standing rule that
      EKists don't proselytize,
      in part, due to the Law
      of Non-Interference.

      But, all this actually meant
      is that ECKists don't go
      door-to-door like Mormons
      and Jehovah Witnesses.
      Proselytizing means trying

      "proselytize |ˈpräsələˌtīz|
      verb [ with obj. ]
      convert or attempt to convert
      (someone) from one religion,
      belief, or opinion to another:

      the program did have a tremendous
      evangelical effect, proselytizing
      many | [ no obj. ] : proselytizing

      for converts | (as noun proselytizing) :
      no amount of proselytizing was
      going to change their minds.

      • advocate or promote (a belief
      or course of action): Davis wanted
      to share his concept and proselytize
      his ideas."

      Leaving books and brochures
      in laundromats or bookmarks
      in books at libraries and in
      bookstores is not following
      the Law of Non-Interference.
      Neither is having EK Internet
      Videos or booths at Psychic

      BTW- Let me speak about another
      thought. Does Klemp have a sense
      of divine intercession? Does he sit
      in this Eden Prairie (mahanta) man
      cave and HU/pray for the spiritual
      evolution of mankind or for world
      peace? Many religious leaders and
      Maharishis who don't go out and
      preach at least pray for intercession.
      What does Klemp do except write
      trashy books and promote his $$$
      religious wares via his volunteer
      grass roots sales staff and via the
      pros at the ESC.

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