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  • prometheus_973
    Jul 14, 2012
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      Hello Harrison,
      Thanks! I enjoyed reading your
      comments. That's an interesting
      paraphrase of the Dali Llama:
      "being illusory doesn't mean it's
      not real, but rather its importance
      is illusory.

      It's quite a play on words which
      Buddhism does in order to get
      people to think with depth via
      creative introspection.

      However, I don't really agree with
      the second part (the twist) of the
      statement. To me, "it's importance"
      is Not Always "illusionary" due to
      the illusion's powerful mental
      potential to manifest and become
      "real" and to create circumstances
      that would end our physical existence
      or well being. For me, passiveness
      is self-deceit and non-attachment
      is simply a coping/survival technique
      (stress reducer) designed for the

      However, various natural stress
      reducers do have the potential
      to alter our perspectives and to
      give us real insights into our individual
      Real Selves and that of this Real
      Life Experience and Purpose.

      Maybe, we are simply taking another
      step for the future development,
      or decline, of the Human Race and
      towards its full Mental potential.
      That's our part and our involvement
      with what we can call the Universal
      Mind's Potential. Perhaps, too, we
      are being guided, unconsciously,
      by this innate potential via video
      games and other imaginative and
      technological advances.


      "harrisonferrel" wrote:
      Like so many other ideas, Karma doesn't hold water and seems to be a bastardized
      explanation of the way life works. It seems to have its origins in mythology and
      you'd need to read Joseph Campbell for an informed and intelligent look at the

      Of course, Eckankar, as a notorious bullshit organization, goes to town with the
      karma idea. It's just another in a series of things people can latch onto by
      believing that their own mental impressions and fantasies have root in reality.

      I was recently watching a documentary on the Buddha for the third time.
      Curiously, Siddharta had an epiphany that life/nature goes through a cycle of
      being born, living, experiencing old age then decline, then at last dying. In
      the world of nature, rebirth is the next round of life that appears. This in no
      way suggests it's the same "soul" that reappears, but rather it's the way life
      works, in a cycle. And Siddharta realized that he was part of this cycle and
      there was no reason to keep trying to escape it. Instead he realized it's
      important to embrace life and these realities. All else is self-deceit. The
      illusion is that life and all of its problems has a basis in longevity and real
      importance. To paraphrase the Dalai Llama, being illusory doesn't mean it's not
      real, but rather its importance is illusory.

      Eckankar is all about manipulation of people, facts and world teachings. If
      Harold, Twitch or any of the other Disney characters had an conscience, they
      would be ashamed of what they do to people in the way of this manipulation.
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