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6237Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Some surpising things I learned about eckankar from 6 years of cult harassment

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  • Janice Pfeiffer
    Jun 4, 2012
      Thank you Prometheus.  You always say it so well.

      --- On Mon, 6/4/12, prometheus_973 <prometheus_973@...> wrote:

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      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Some surpising things I learned about eckankar from 6 years of cult harassment
      To: EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Monday, June 4, 2012, 4:03 AM

      Hello Janice, Non, and All,
      Since EK Dogma states that
      Klemp (the EK Mahanta/LEM)
      is aware of everything his
      H.I.s do, then, HK must be
      aware of what Rich Smith
      and his other H.I.s are doing.

      And, since Rich and other
      H.I.s are acting like KAL
      agents by being Negative,
      unfriendly, unkind, unloving
      and mean spirited, then,
      we have to logically assume
      that they are doing this
      with the full knowledge
      and approval of the full
      Mahanta, Klemp. And, since
      HK hasn't taken any action
      to demote or to denounce
      them it is because Klemp
      has approved their actions.
      Is trickery and negativity
      what a Black Magician
      would approve or the

      What's this really mean?
      It's obvious! It proves that
      Klemp is a fraud. If he's
      not a Black Magician then
      he's a conman!

      If Klemp had honesty and
      integrity he would have
      taken action against Smith
      and others. Really, if Klemp
      truly "knew" via Inner
      communication with his
      H.I.s he would have known
      what Smith and the others
      are/were doing and stopped

      So, HK either didn't know
      or he approved it.

      Also, if Klemp was really
      what he claimed, Rich Smith's
      consciousness would have
      been raised higher so that
      he would know right from
      wrong. But, come on! Non-
      EKists know right from wrong
      so why doesn't an EK Higher
      Initiate. Isn't there or shouldn't
      there be a Higher standard
      for people that are supposed
      to be more "spiritually advanced?"

      After all, Klemp preaches
      that nothing in the world
      of Maya matters. Politics
      don't matter and what people
      (non-EKists) say and do
      shouldn't matter... but
      Klemp is a hypocrite, a
      narcissist and a fraud.

      H.I.s act like they do because
      they are no more advanced
      in consciousness than when
      they first joined. They're just
      more knowledgable of dogma
      and of holding meetings. They
      failed the test and don't see
      that Eckankar was Twitchell's
      trap and his joke. It's simply
      another illusional religion
      designed to distract and
      placate the trusting and the
      naive, as well as, the psychopathic,
      the needy and the lazy.


      Janice wrote:
      Thanks to all of you for your stories and comments. Just as scientology has started making the news for it's harassment and bullying of ex scientologist, hopefully it is just a matter of time before eckankar gets some of the same. I hope no ex eckist would take any crap from eckankar on their local, state or corporate level. From what I got when I was in, the org doesn't want negative publicity. So I would think the best defense for harassment from them would be to drag their antics out where the world can see their deceit and lack of integrity. Documented proof is easier today than in times past. Technology today allows you to record and snap pictures on cell phones and other devices that weren't possible a few years before. I hope any person experiencing harassment would document and save. These people seem to lose their heads easily when their egos are threatened so it should be fairly easy to get the goods on them. If they ever start with me that is what I would do. Keep your kool. Let them rant and rave. When you got enough against them, sock it to them in court. Most likely, they will be deserted by their beloved org and end up defending themselves on their own. It might go a long way in showing those still mesmerized by the eckankar zargon what a one sided affair being involved with eckankar is. Anyway, thanks again for the stories and good luck and well wishes to one and all.

      Non <eckchains wrote:

      Sooo true, and of course they also claim to do it in the name of ek Love. Talk about disconnect! They also operate from a place of OCD fear, in that the non eckist is like an untouchable. HI's lack any real compassion and are lost in the narcissistic/grandiose sociopathic liar mentality. Most will never change this mindset.

      noneckster ; )

      "postekcon" wrote:
      > Ekult has similar mindset to 'spanish inquisition', 'nazi germany' etc.
      > A group of self-righteous people who see themselves 'superior' to others. In the case of the spanish inquisition, you had a church which did not tolerate any other views. It was called heresy! The teaching of the church was (following death) only its members went to 'heaven', all others went to the 'fires of hell'. From there, it was an easy logical step to justify burnings at the stake. The condemned individual was going to the fires of hell anyway, so why not begin the process now for sadistic satisfaction!
      > Ditto ekult. An individual who does not display allegience to HK and ekult, will have 'karma' heaped upon them. So, as with 'spanish inquisition' some ekult members justify their harrassment of others and actively work to fastforward this 'karma'.
      > -Postekcon
      > >
      > > Hello Robokidnx and All,
      > > True, Smith is a piece of
      > > crap and Klemp turns a
      > > blind-eye to his on-line
      > > RESA approved thugs and
      > > to the brainless EK fanatics.
      > >
      > > I'll make some comments,
      > > below, to what you've shared.
      > >
      > > "robokidnx" wrote:
      > >
      > > About eight years ago, I posted some irreverent anti-eckankar screeds on the now
      > > defunct A.R.E. channel. What followed was a six year smear campaign by eckankar
      > > with almost daily harassment, stalking and (yes) death threats which spilled
      > > over from the internet into actual contacts in my physical life.
      > >
      > > ME: H.I.s feel that they need
      > > to "protect" the Mahanta which
      > > is delusional since HK's supposed
      > > to be all powerful and all knowing.
      > >
      > > Then again, at major seminars
      > > H.I.s would sit in the front row
      > > in order to "protect" the LEM/
      > > pseudo Mahanta (Klemp) from
      > > the "negative vibrations" of the
      > > EK audience behind them. It was
      > > like putting a protective curtain
      > > up. At one time this was done
      > > because it was said that the Klemp
      > > was tired from traveling and
      > > his batteries were down. Now,
      > > however, he doesn't travel to
      > > seminars so what's the substituted
      > > excuse... HK's "the holding tank
      > > for karma."
      > >
      > > WE EKists had traveled long
      > > distance, were tired and experienced
      > > negativity how this could be
      > > caught or picked up by the
      > > Mahanta and harm him was
      > > puzzling. It did make me wonder
      > > why the All Powerful and
      > > All Knowing 14th Initiate and
      > > Mahanta/LEM, Harold Klemp
      > > (leader and highest of all EK
      > > Masters), could be subject to
      > > the minimally invasive, random,
      > > negative vibrations undirected
      > > towards him. How about us? Who's
      > > protecting us, in our weakened
      > > state, after a long day of travel?
      > >
      > >
      > > This was characterized by cult mouthpiece Rich Smith as "the long arm of the
      > > mahanta" reaching out to me. In other words, divine retribution. The elaborate
      > > harassment campaign was organized to "shut [me] down" (Smith's words) through
      > > public humiliation, exhaustion, fear and confusion. Fortunately for the rest of
      > > us, Klemp surrounds himself with incompetent, over-reaching sycophants. So, as
      > > difficult as the experience was for me and my family, it was an opportunity to
      > > directly confront the camouflaged insanity and soullessness at the core of this
      > > squalid little cult.
      > >
      > >
      > > ME: Yes, Smith's RESA, as well as, Doug
      > > Marman knew full what was taking place
      > > as did Klemp and all those staffers at the
      > > ESC. I would have contacted Smith's RESA
      > > and Eckankar Membership Services and
      > > Carol Morimitsu. What's funny, and is
      > > a Catch-22 for Klemp, is that he's responsible
      > > for his H.I.s and is supposed to "Know"
      > > on the "INNER" all that is taking place
      > > with his H.I.s. And, if this is not true,
      > > then, why are these people a member
      > > of this religion called ECKankar? However,
      > > since Klemp does, supposedly, "Know"
      > > everything this means that he's complaisant
      > > in what Rich has done.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Although it's helpful to point out the glaring inadequacies of eckankar's
      > > writings and the absurdities of its dogmas, the real side show starts deep
      > > inside the fevered minds of the cult high initiates. All the action happens far
      > > from the cynical religious sleight-of-hand for the new people, the corporatist
      > > prosperity theology of the wannabe eck megachurch and the airbrushed four-color
      > > brochures of eckankar's public face.
      > >
      > >
      > > I knew of some H.I.s who saw themselves
      > > as part of the Mahanta's Inner Circle.
      > > They thought they were above the RESAs
      > > and even the 8th Initiates. Their delusion
      > > was fed by Klemp mentioning them by
      > > name at seminars and in his Members
      > > Only pubs and in his books. I know for
      > > a fact that their "stories" were embellished.
      > > But, when looking at Twitchell's lies, which
      > > became the foundation of EKankar, it's
      > > no wonder some EKies thought that taking
      > > "artistic license" was the norm.
      > >
      > >
      > > I'll spare you the details of the extravagant tactics and strategies they used
      > > to try to force their world view on me and my family, but in the process, I got
      > > a good hard look at how the eckie mindset works. Past the usual smokescreens of
      > > posturing and hypocrisy, they had no choice but to expose themselves while
      > > coming after me. Here's just a few things I learned from my six years in
      > > Toontown up against the eckankar goon squad. No particular order. All true.
      > >
      > > ~Eckankar appears to be splintered into a number of sub-cults each with their
      > > own leaders and collective delusions about themselves, Twitchell, Klemp and the
      > > larger cult. Eckankar is a house fractured and divided against itself. What's
      > > the waking dream here?
      > >
      > >
      > > ME: Klemp has organized and structured
      > > the org more so with his hierarchy of RESA
      > > police. However, there's still a lot of
      > > personality and initiation worship taking
      > > place. EK Authors and Musicians are very
      > > popular as are higher ups at the ESC with
      > > titles as well as 8ths and the President,
      > > Peter and those former RESAs who are on
      > > the guest speaking tour. it funny how these
      > > 7ths (in their 60's, 70's, 80's) are pretending
      > > they're 8ths on the Inner. I know that the
      > > EK leadership seems fractured, and there
      > > are some passive/aggressive tendencies
      > > when it comes to following the ESC's
      > > Guidelines, but RESAs do have some latitude
      > > on how they do things. Some RESAs are
      > > more hands on and others designate a
      > > lot of responsibility to others. The RESA
      > > of Texas is a delegator. The RESA of Hawaii
      > > (Rich Smith's) must, also, be one.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > ~Here's a mind-blowing eck secret teaching everybody should be warned about:
      > > Eckankar high initiates these days believe they are genetically different from
      > > ordinary humans - superior in intelligence, perception, insight and psychic
      > > powers. This is why they're arrogant. They can't help it. They believe they've
      > > got "activated" twelve stranded DNA which constitutes having "ascended" into
      > > higher planes while still in the physical body. Ironically, besides taking their
      > > word for it, there's little evidence of independent thought or psychic ability
      > > even in the most inflated of them.
      > >
      > >
      > > ME: I haven't heard that one before
      > > (at least with EKists) but I can see
      > > why some would believe it. Maybe
      > > Twit once found and used that DNA
      > > "spiritual master" activation thing
      > > somewhere and repeated it as his
      > > own mantra? I can see how and why
      > > some would/could buy into that,
      > > except, for the karma and Soul aspect.
      > > But, knowing how delusional H.I.s
      > > are, it's no wonder some could think
      > > they had "psychic" abilities. Although,
      > > the psychic was always seen as an
      > > Astral ability and this is seen as
      > > offensive and of a low KAL level.
      > >
      > > Then, again, there are those misguided
      > > ECKists (H.I.s) who would sacrifice
      > > their own Souls to, supposedly,
      > > "protect" the Mahanta. I knew of
      > > one RESA police who would try to
      > > read minds and project thoughts
      > > to others. Sure it was Astral (psychic)
      > > but this person didn't care. Anything
      > > done in the name of the Mahanta
      > > was okay because if it wasn't he
      > > (Klemp) wouldn't allow it... right!
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > ~Check this out. Eckie high initiates believe they are physical incarnations of
      > > a vast hierarchy of super beings that transcends not only the galaxy but the
      > > universe itself! Yep. They believe they're an order of inter-galactic avatars
      > > embodied here on earth. Their grandiosity is not to be challenged or questioned.
      > > (They get pissy when their egos get bruised.) This explains a lot of the strange
      > > puffed up behavior they've become famous for over the years. This self-identity
      > > is based on reconstituted Theosophical dogma and a millennialist belief system
      > > borrowed from the 2012 world ascension movement. Of course, if you tug on this
      > > particularly gooey mass, you'll pull up all the associated craziness of
      > > reptilian invaders, underground UFO bases, new world order matrix mind control,
      > > bird-brained Libertarian politics, right-wing Masonic paranoia, climate change
      > > denial, illuminati, alien races, Niburu, Atlantis, crystal skulls, channeling,
      > > spiritualism, ascended masters, demonic possession, exorcism, remote viewing,
      > > psychic surgery, astral wars, star gates, worm holes, alternate timelines,
      > > fallen angels, time travel…the hits just keep coming and it's ALL very real to
      > > the indiscriminate sensibilities of the befuddled eckie cultist.
      > >
      > >
      > > ME: I never saw it this way.
      > > As Soul we are all, supposedly,
      > > eternal and ancient and have
      > > probably lived in alien bodies
      > > on distant worlds. However,
      > > this isn't discussed much if
      > > at all. It mostly goes back to
      > > Venus. I will agree that there
      > > are some nuttier EKists, especially
      > > Canadians, that do go for the
      > > more phenomenal such as
      > > Bigfoot, UFOs, the Illuminati,
      > > Adam Dreamhealer, Quantum
      > > whatever, etc. But wormholes,
      > > I'm thinking, are scientifically
      > > real... at least in theory.
      > >
      > > Yes, it's very easy to bruise
      > > the EK ego. They are very
      > > defensive. What's funny is
      > > that they don't like the GOP's
      > > Presidential candidate, Romney,
      > > and neither do I. However,
      > > at least I can criticize his
      > > Mormon religion. ECKists
      > > can't! How can one cultist
      > > complain about another
      > > cultist. It's a lose/lose for
      > > ECKists.... too funny! LOL!
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > ~The inside of a high eckie's head is a smorgasbord of new age internet
      > > websites, popular sci-fi and non-stop Coast to Coast AM. Klemp apparently knows
      > > all this and never comments on it. Since eckies believe they are the font of
      > > higher consciousness on earth, that means Klemp owns all the new age Crazy
      > > that's out there. As the god-man of the ultimate new age religion, he's the
      > > source of it all. He owns that shit.
      > >
      > >
      > > ME: True. New Agers are targeted
      > > by Klemp and company. But, I like
      > > Sci-Fi. It's nice to have an imagination,
      > > it can be fun and creative. Actually,
      > > most H.I.s don't use their computers
      > > and the Internet all that much. Steve
      > > R. and Rich and some of those guys
      > > sure! Many H.I.s are afraid of EMF
      > > and attribute their weakened health
      > > to the electro magnetic frequencies
      > > transmitted by electrical wiring and
      > > devices.
      > >
      > >
      > > ~Since there's no substance to the eckankar teachings to begin with, it's been
      > > necessary over the years to back-peddle and fill in the enormous gaps left by
      > > Twitchell's scam. Fortunately for business, the growing field of
      > > neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, mind control, Scientology, Pop
      > > Psychology, pseudo-science, remote viewing, Ken Wilbur and the entire menagerie
      > > of new age woo have filled in the knowledge vacuum for eckankar. Yet still,
      > > there's no there there.
      > >
      > >
      > > ME: Yes, NLP is big business.
      > > Politicians use it all the time.
      > >
      > >
      > > ~This is funny and sad at the same time. The holographic universe and the
      > > pedantic eckie know-it-all: Here's one of the secrets of how eckies "know" so
      > > much. Take any pseudo-scientific theory and turn it into a dogma. E.g. since the
      > > universe is holographic, even the most insignificant detail of a thing actually
      > > contains the whole truth of it and you need look no deeper. Also, if you're an
      > > eckie, the eckie god helps you by pointing out the details he wants you to
      > > notice. Fine, until you try to use this simplistic idiocy to judge real people
      > > and evaluate events based on half-baked insights paired with wild-eyed guesses.
      > >
      > >
      > > ME: I think we have to look
      > > at religion as a whole. ECKankar
      > > dogma came from, mostly,
      > > Sant Mat which was flawed
      > > as well. Besides, most EKists
      > > don't really read that much
      > > material outside of authorized
      > > ECKankar books.
      > >
      > > True, EKists have become very
      > > codependent upon their fake
      > > Mahanta. HK's has even taken
      > > the place of the "Parking Space
      > > Angel." All responsibility is
      > > deferred to "the Mahanta" which
      > > was created by PT in 1969.
      > > EKists, also, look for "signs"
      > > via signs coming from their
      > > imaginary friend and Klemp's
      > > alter ego... the Mahanta.
      > > It's such nonsense that people
      > > who see themselves as "spiritually
      > > advanced" Souls have to become
      > > codependent upon a charlatan.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > True to religious control strategies though, this approach makes eckies feel
      > > smart but guarantees they remain superficial in their comprehension of
      > > experience. Eckies exist in an echo-chamber of mutual self-confirmation and
      > > self-congratulation. They never question or challenge their own conclusions â€" no
      > > matter how stupid or far-fetched. This is a lesson taken, no doubt, from Klemp's
      > > oeuvre of peculiarly bizarre stories and examples from his own life.
      > >
      > >
      > > ME: Yes, Klemp's arrested
      > > development is seen as a
      > > quirkiness due to his detached
      > > spiritual advancement. H.I.s
      > > blind themselves to the truth
      > > because to realize the Truth
      > > would be devastating... what
      > > would they do with their shattered
      > > lives? Plus, what would happen
      > > with their EK friends and family?
      > > And, all of that time and money
      > > and effort would be wasted if
      > > they just walked away from those
      > > precious initiations.
      > >
      > >
      > > ~Besides the death threats, maybe the most disturbing thing about the whole
      > > harassment campaign by eckankar has been the sadistic glee with which they
      > > carried it out over the course of the six years. I have no doubt the
      > > psychologically truncated leader sets the emotional tone for these organized
      > > actions against former members.
      > >
      > >
      > > ME: True! It's obvious that these
      > > people are no more spiritually
      > > advanced than those who water
      > > board their suspected enemies.
      > > However, this simply proves that
      > > the ECK Higher Initiations of Rich
      > > Smith are false and that Klemp is
      > > a false prophet/Mahanta. If Klemp
      > > was who he claims to be and with
      > > the abilities to see into the lives
      > > of his H.I.s via the ECK... then why
      > > did he allow this to happen? See!
      > > This proves that Klemp and the
      > > ECKankar dogma are fraudulent!
      > >
      > >
      > > But wait! There's so much more. These are just a few of the eye-opening
      > > discoveries I made about eckankar while they stalked, harassed and threatened me
      > > and my family for six years. I think it should be enough though, to give readers
      > > a heads-up on this truly unhinged and dangerous little cult. It is what it is.
      > >
      > >
      > > ME: Thanks for sharing this.
      > > They've helped to make the
      > > case against themselves!
      > >
      > > Prometheus

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