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6203Yes, Klemp Had A Hip Replacement

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  • prometheus_973
    May 8, 2012
      Hello Russ and All,
      Maybe that Karma was
      getting too heavy and
      his human hip couldn't
      handle the load? Maybe
      HK lost his balance while
      carrying all that karma
      down the stairs? I'm thinking
      he set the karma down,
      and forgot where he put
      it, and, then, tripped over

      Yes, Klemp fell and broke
      his hip and needed to have
      a replacement. Of course
      he used the same old "Holding
      Tank for Karma" excuse.

      I don't see why HK didn't
      just heal himself. WWRD?
      What Would Rebazar Do?
      I doubt that the fake RT
      has a fake hip. He's as
      perfect as a lie can be
      and is 500 years old...
      he's been a "holding
      tank for karma" too but
      isn't the worst for wear
      like Klemp! ROFLMAO!

      I'm told he was still in
      pain at the seminar, but
      fought through it for his
      chelas. What's both funny
      and sad is that he's simply
      experiencing what his
      followers experience, but
      they don't use excuses.
      It's called life! Plus, Klemp
      has the best health care
      money can buy!


      Russ wrote:
      I heard from an eck friend, the HK was in the hospital for 30 days with a broken hip. As anyone heard about this?

      I can hear the jokes this will generate. I guess his reality is a bit 'cracked'.

      but seriously folks...

      Prometheus wrote:

      Hello Etznab and All,
      It is interesting that Phil
      Morimitsu's books are
      no longer available and
      that Klemp doesn't permit
      other EKists to have their
      more profound stories
      of experiences printed
      since these could possibly
      be seen as a challenge
      to his authority.

      Some EKists think Klemp
      should have stepped down
      long ago and that his EMR
      illness (circa 1990) was
      a "nudge" by the ECK for
      him to acknowledge. Instead,
      HK used his illnesses to
      create the story about
      being a "holding tank for
      (the) Karma" of his chelas.


      Etznab wrote:

      They got reports? Hmm ... then maybe I should send in a report? :)

      I could give other examples where it looks like Eckankar is interested
      in stories from other people, including what people found by research.
      Apparently though, the LEM. isn't going to simply look at the Eck-Vidya
      and share answers to all of the questions people have. At the same time
      though, it looks like people pick and choose from all the information
      only what "THEY WANT" the facts to be and put the rest under the rug.

      If one disregards the reported facts written by Paul Twitchell
      concerning his meetings, encounters, and relationships with Eck Masters
      then where does it leave you? In Never Never Land with Peter Pan and
      Tinker Bell, etc.? (Hey look! He's playing a flute!)


      Are "spiritual experiences", the "stories" (and the stories that people
      send in) somehow more REAL than factual accounts which can be
      researched and verified? Or, Are "spiritual experiences" sometimes used
      as a label for anything a person wants to be true? Iow, does the land
      of make believe trump the actual facts? This is what it comes down to,
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