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  • prometheus_973
    Apr 24, 2012
      Hello All,
      It makes one wonder
      why there's a difference
      between lower and
      higher EKists. It's an
      exclusive club which
      has absolutely no benefits.

      Getting into special
      H.I. meetings or being
      able to read special
      books and the H.I.
      Letter and some H.I.
      Guidelines, all written
      for those with a "higher
      consciousness" (LMFAO)
      is not special. It's mostly
      about the business side
      of ECKankar and bringing
      in new recruits and selling
      Eckankar to the public
      so they won't think Ekists
      are scary cultists.

      Separating EKists has no
      intrinsic value. Quite the
      opposite! It creates more
      and more delusion and
      exclusion via the ego.
      Actually, when one becomes
      an H.I. one is scrutinized
      more because you are
      expected to volunteer
      more and do more things
      to develop leadership skills.
      Klemp expects H.I.s to
      become more responsible
      and work harder while he
      reaps the benefits.

      In many cases 4th initiates
      work the hardest because
      they are trying to prove
      themselves to others and
      especially to the RESA to
      get that coveted 5th initiation.

      Anyway, check out the
      H.I. Membership info for
      yourselves on Eckankar.org
      and see what I'm saying.

      Login: march2012
      Password: afield