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6175Re: ECKists Wearing Blinders

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  • prometheus_973
    Apr 18, 2012
      Hello All,
      I think that the reason
      there aren't many EKists
      the truth about Eckankar
      is that they don't read
      books by non-EK authors.
      They have a rather limited,
      stunted and passive view
      of things. Like Klemp,
      whom they emulate,
      most EKists are more
      talkers than listeners.

      It's so funny when one
      looks at the list of books
      and movies the average
      H.I. will recommend.
      "Animal Angels" and
      other childish, immature
      or antiseptic material
      is common place.

      Where's the EK book
      on "People Angels"
      where non-Eckists
      (common people),
      as with animals, are
      instruments of the
      Divine? I know it happens
      because non-EKists
      have written dozens
      of books on the subject.

      Many H.I.s are simply
      stuck in the past along
      with Klemp. It's sad that
      they've given up seeking
      the Truth. As independent,
      powerful and unique Souls,
      as we all are, there should
      be some desire to want
      more than what Klemp
      has delivered upon via
      empty promises that are
      equivalent to what other
      religions conmen have

      The "spiritual" posers,
      like Klemp, create a need
      for codependence. EKists
      have taken the bait and
      have fallen into the trap
      as they beseech the
      Mahanta to make common
      place decisions for them
      on a daily basis.

      Yet, Klemp has no knowledge
      of these requests, unless,
      informed so by snail-mail
      correspondence. Not much
      "Inner Communication"
      is there? The Catch-22 is
      that EKists can use the mind
      to dream or imagine their
      reality and to "prove" the
      promises and the dogma.
      This is what every other
      religion does and, yet, EKists
      refuse to acknowledge the
      flaws and the deceptions.

      Maybe, Eckankar is the religion
      closest to their beliefs and they
      accept the good with the bad
      since nothing is perfect (in the
      lower worlds). They need to belong
      to a group of like minded people
      who won't laugh at them or think
      they're crazy cultists. People are
      social animals and Eckankar gives
      EKists something to do (busy
      work of PR and sales) and an
      excuse to get together... to act
      important, spiritually evolved,
      and to look for a "love" connection.

      Really, it's nicer and easier to
      follow the crowd and the well
      worn path. Self-mastery and
      responsibility requires more
      effort and courage.... and more
      awareness of tests, trials and traps.

      p.s. Around 2000-2001 Klemp
      mentioned that there were
      some people coming into
      Eckankar (1st initiates) that
      were more spiritually advanced
      than some H.I.s (5-9). I was
      involved with a Roundtable
      discussion at the time and
      a lower initiate pointed this
      HK quote out to a H.I. (5-6th)
      Wow! The H.I. got really hot!

      Then again, can you blame
      this H.I. when he's jumped
      through all of the hoops and
      took all those discourses
      and leadership trainings and
      invested all of that time and
      money and, here he is, no
      better off nor more spiritually
      "evolved" as a new 1st initiate!

      That info must have flown
      over the heads of 99% of
      H.I.s. or they simply tuned
      it out and continued on with
      their denial. But, it does make
      one wonder why Klemp would
      undermine the EK initiations.

      But, how spiritually evolved
      or advanced does one have
      to be when compared to EK
      Higher Initiates? LOL! Maybe
      Klemp was having some fun
      with his stooges, and at their
      expense! [end]

      Janice Pfeiffer wrote:
      To Nonecster: Thank your lucky stars that you didn't invest more time and
      energy into eckankar. As for your relative, I believe that eckist are so
      entranced by their religion that there is nothing you can say. I have seen some
      who read the truth about eckankar; agree that it is full of lies and go right
      back into it because of fear or just plain needing the comfort of belonging to
      something so controlling. I think if you give them the material that shows them
      the truth and then refuse to argue about it, they would have a better chance of
      waking up. Either they take hold to the life line or they don't. Trying to
      force them to see the truth only seems to make them more determined to hold on.
      I wish you and all of yours the best. Please be at peace in knowing that it is
      the responsibility of each of us to make our own path. You are not responsible
      that one or more of yours chooses to wear the chains of eckankar.

      Non eckchains wrote:

      This is exactly what my close relative does, except there is also this constant
      sense of superiority and displaced anger at me for having gone through a period
      when I was younger in which he tried desperately to get me to join, which of
      course involved me asking a lot of questions, not only about eckanakar but other
      religions, mysticism and philosophy. I am a very curious person by nature, and
      this also means that I see through inconsistencies. I was not a very good
      eckist, even though I was having lucid dreams in childhood, long before getting
      involved in the cult. eckankult really did a number on me because of my natural
      propensity towards mysticism and poetic dreaming.

      eckists are really just in a self-imposed state of ignorance. They can't see the
      forest OR the trees, as theirs is a low information hierarchical religion.
      Trying to engage them in any kind of interesting conversation is really
      impossible, even suggesting a book on compassion will get a defensive reaction.

      Thanks for your post. It helped me to affirm and articulate what was in the back
      of my mind, and to understand why being around this eckist irks me so much.
      Unfortunately, when it is family, you can't just walk away as easily. It's hard.

      Noneckster ; )

      prometheus wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > It's so interesting talking
      > to current EK H.I.s... not!
      > What I found to be both
      > odd and comical is that
      > the subject of religion
      > seems to be off-limits
      > and that ECKists are
      > both uninformed
      > and naive about other
      > religions. I'm talking
      > about discussing the
      > nutty Mormons, Old
      > Testament Christians,
      > and Muslims.
      > Or, maybe it's the H.I.s
      > I know since they've
      > been programmed for
      > 30-40, plus, years not
      > to gossip or to say any-
      > thing negative. Nah! If
      > you say anything about
      > about the GOP candidates
      > you can get an ear full...
      > except when you bring
      > up the religious nut cases!
      > Really, I steer away from
      > discussing anything ECK,
      > unless, they bring the topic
      > up and then I simply go
      > along with it and say something
      > nice or neutral like, "Oh,
      > you stayed at the Chanhassen
      > Inn? How did that work
      > out with transportation?"
      > When EKists discuss
      > religion it's like...
      > let's be polite and
      > allow everyone to
      > believe as they choose
      > and not criticize
      > people or their
      > religious beliefs.
      > Except, PT and HK
      > have pointed out
      > that all other religions
      > are 2nd or 4th Plane
      > religions and their
      > "God" is actually
      > the KAL or Satan.
      > So, being nice and
      > polite and giving
      > a person space and
      > all of that is a facade!
      > The real problem is
      > EKists don't want to
      > throw stones when
      > they're in a cult that
      > can be equally criticized
      > for their own short comings.
      > This is the real reason
      > for EKists to avoid any
      > discussions about other
      > religions and their negative,
      > primitive behaviors and
      > beliefs.
      > Plus, wouldn't EKists have
      > to admit (unconsciously)
      > that their beliefs are as
      > mythological, with pretend
      > beings, heavenly places,
      > and a hypocritical conman/
      > leader as do all of those
      > other lesser, phony religions?
      > No, they'd never consciously
      > allow those doubts to resurface.
      > One thing I do know. Everyone
      > has doubts and misgivings
      > and these do surface from
      > time-to-time, especially,
      > as one ages.
      > Yes, Eckists are very judgmental,
      > except, it's usually hidden
      > or rationalized in some way.
      > Look at how RESAs determine
      > who's to be recommended
      > for a pink slip or given
      > a position in the Satsang's
      > hierarchy. It's a judgement
      > call based upon opinions,
      > bias, emotions, personalities,
      > and less to do with "spiritual"
      > standards since they don't
      > have a clue!
      > Another reason why EKists
      > don't want a discussion
      > of other religions is because
      > the conversation might
      > plant some seeds that
      > would grow and open the
      > door for EKists to look at
      > their own religion with new
      > eyes. New insights can lead
      > to a new perspective that
      > would reveal the truth about
      > Eckankar.
      > I will say that EKists can't
      > really make a fair comparison
      > to other religions. It's like
      > being Amish. What other
      > religion compares with theirs?
      > On second thought, all religions
      > have rules and dogma that
      > are edited and reinterpreted
      > by the leaders of the hierarchy.
      > Maybe these are the things
      > that make religions possible:
      > A Leader; Dogma; Rules;
      > Laws; Symbols; a Hierarchy;
      > Ignorant Followers; and Money!
      > The belief in God, and the
      > communication with the
      > Divine Essence is something
      > a person can do on one's own.
      > Isn't that the way it should be?
      > Prometheus
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