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6143Klemp Must Think Aesop Is An ECK Master

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  • prometheus_973
    Mar 11, 2012
      In the March 2012 H.I.
      Letter Klemp continues
      to share more of his
      redundant pseudo-
      spiritual message to
      his EK Leaders. It's
      somewhat subtle but
      shows that something
      is up, or down like
      with donations.

      He states that all people
      both inside and outside
      of EK are moving along
      quickly toward the same
      goal... God Consciousness.

      Why do EKists need Klemp?
      Maybe his continued purpose/
      mission is to remind them
      of the obvious and to give
      them tips (assumed to be
      spiritual) to help them to
      pretend that their religion
      is better than others.

      His reasoning is that we
      are all unique and yet the
      same. That we trip ourselves
      enroute to that one spiritual
      goal when judging another's
      conduct. Sometimes it's
      deliberate and sometimes
      it's unconscious. But, here,
      Klemp seems to be indirectly
      chastising H.I.s for talking
      about and judging other

      Apparently Klemp's ten
      year old Handbook for
      EK Leaders isn't working.

      Klemp's solutions are to
      count to ten which allows
      one to stop and reset their
      emotions and this, supposedly,
      gives one time to take a
      truer glimpse into a fellow
      Soul. Really? Count to ten?

      Next, Klemp shares secret
      tips he's given to his chosen
      few who are more spiritually
      advanced and can handle the
      finer vibrations of the highest
      God Planes... the 7th initiate

      Klemp, once again justifies
      his lame pseudo-spiritual
      teachings by mentioning
      his long ago vision about
      how Eckankar can reach
      people with the Voice of
      God, the ECK, via "stories."

      But why does Klemp see
      "stories" as being so important?
      He claims it's because tid-
      bits of "divine truth," found
      even in fictional stories,
      will be able to sneak
      past the mental censors,
      i.e. the sentries of KAL.

      But what is truth? This
      is Mental Plane stuff and
      subject to the manipulations
      of the KAL! Unconscious,
      subliminal redundant messages
      is how brainwashing takes
      place and Klemp knows
      this! Twitchell was a liar
      who stole most of his
      dogma from other distorted
      sources (fake religious sects)
      and then had his followers
      read and reread it, and only
      it, over and over.

      Or, what's more likely is,
      Klemp knows that the EK
      teachings are false and is,
      thus, tricking Eckists with
      his or others' stories. He
      simply adds to them,
      reinterprets them, or
      applies them to his own
      agenda and purposes.
      Twitchell did the same.

      But, for some reason Klemp
      thinks (or claims) that the
      KAL (the chief of Darkness)
      can be tricked with (Mental
      Plane) "stories" and will let
      his guard down. Thus, these
      stories are sowing seeds of

      Klemp even speaks of
      this technique in terms
      of planting a garden-

      The sun shines on the
      garden on the good days.
      And on the bad days,
      with trials and tribulations,
      this produces the rain.
      Klemp's bullshit must
      be the fertilizer! But,
      does anyone else see
      HK's analogy as being
      similar to what Chance
      the Gardner, Peter Sellers,
      would say in the movie
      "Being There?" Klemp
      mimics again!

      Next, Klemp mentions
      Aesop's story "The Belly
      and the Members" and
      says, "Stories catch our
      attention and illustrates
      what leaders must strive
      to achieve."

      Once again, we see an
      point being made and
      Klemp disguising his
      leadership problems as
      being "spiritual."

      If ECKists can't get along
      with each other what does
      that say about these "High"

      It simply points out that
      many H.I.s know that it's
      all bullshit, they're tired,
      and they aren't going to
      be pushed around
      anymore or coerced and
      intimidated into servitude
      more and coin for the
      Master. This is especially
      true for those 7ths who
      have hit the glass ceiling
      with no place to go
      except in their dreams.