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  • etznab@aol.com
    Feb 17, 2012
      Try researching the definition for corporation sole.

      A corporation sole is a legal entity consisting of a single ("sole")
      incorporated office, occupied by a single ("sole") man or woman. [....]


      My impression "according to Darwin Gross" is that Harold turned
      Eckankar into a corporation sole. Someone would have to follow up on
      this and check for verification. If corporation sole is what Eckankar
      is, then I don't know if members need be allowed to vote, or if a board
      can in any way trump the single individual in charge.

      Can a non-profit be a corporation sole? One would have to determine
      that first. I think they can, but are not sure.

      Member is another word one needs to follow up on and how it is defined.
      One could argue that not all people as part of a non-profit are members
      with legal voting rights.

      Whether members can vote is probably a mute point, IMO. I don't think
      the org. / corp. is set up that way. Not according to what I have read.

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      I was reading Minnesota's requirements for a nonprofit org since the
      rules for such are governed by state laws except for some federal
      regulations concerning tax exemptions.  According to what I read,
      members of a nonprofit org have a right to vote on the board of
      directors.  I don't recall eckankar ever giving card toting members a
      chance to make any decisions much less vote on who occupies the board
      of directors.  I also read that the board members and other officials
      can change the by laws of the org as they see fit. 
      I was reading about such things because I wondered if the state of
      Minnesota was especial beneficial as far as gaining and maintaining
      nonprofit status.  I am thinking that they have a lot more casual view
      of nonprofit orgs than maybe most others.  So maybe it is not just that
      it is familiar territory for Klemp.  They may actually have an easier
      time maintianing their status there.
      Any comments about members being allowed to vote on the board members? 
      Can you imagine eckankar letting members do that?  I wonder if that
      would pertain to all members or just local members?  I guess what I
      mean is if that would pertain to out of state and or out of country
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      Subject: Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Where I Stand
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      Date: Friday, February 17, 2012, 10:29 PM

        "Plus, Gail's not going to tell him the truth anyway because she'd be
      admitting to her participation
      in the scam!"

      According to the "contract of sale", I believe, Gail was released from
      all liability for the writings of Paul Twitchell. Therefore it is
      possible that Gail is not legally liable for any of it.

      There was a copy of the contract of sale on the Internet once, but I
      don't believe it's available any more. I do remember something about
      this, though. As I read the document when it was public domain.

      I do see your point about Gail not admitting much. However, I really,
      really, really wish she would write a tell-all book some day. I think
      she could make a fortune on something like this. Really I do! At the
      same time, I also wonder about if any other "legal" agreements were
      struck between Gail and others that are not available to the public. I
      haven't seen any, but I do wonder if Gail ever agreed (in writing) NOT
      TO do something like a tell-all book. Not now. Not ever.


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      From: prometheus_973 <prometheus_973@...>
      To: EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous
      Sent: Fri, Feb 17, 2012 4:11 pm
      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Where I Stand

      Hello All,
      Interesting. Yes, Klemp,
      Gross and Twitchell
      have taught us about
      the religious con. Many
      Eckists are still learning
      and will never understand
      the lesson. The longer
      one remains under the
      influence the more stuck
      they become. These long-
      time EKists are generally
      identified via impressive
      titles and higher initiations.
      Other than that these three
      were not true teachers and
      certainly weren't masters...
      except at deceit.

      I think that the best lie can
      be told when the teller allows
      himself to believe it as well.
      Plus, of course, a little truth
      mixed in also helps to make
      it more believable.

      Twitchell (and Gail) were the
      two originators of the lie and
      were more aware of the distortions
      than the Twitchells' followers.

      Next came Gross (and Gail
      again). By being once removed
      from the con it appears that
      Darwin did, at first, believe
      some of Twitchell's religious
      myth. But, Gail, of course,
      never believed any of Paul's
      Mastership Stories. She did
      like the attention, to a degree,
      and the friendships she had
      made. Mostly, she likes the
      things that money could/can

      Next came Klemp. He despised
      Darwin because of the womanizing,
      flashy egocentric appearance,
      and DG's big spending habits.
      However, HK was also envious
      of Darwin's power and title/status.
      Klemp learned how to "play-the-
      game" in order to be released
      early from a mental institution
      in 1970 and flew under the radar
      to have Darwin trust him and
      need him (depend upon him)
      to write EK publications.

      Klemp showed Darwin what he
      wanted to see... a meek and mild
      admirer who was easily controlled.
      This way Darwin could continue
      to have fun and the admiration
      of Eckists while Klemp would run
      the business and write the books.

      Since Klemp is more removed
      from the original truth of Eckankar
      being a scam and a vocation for
      the Twitchells' I do think that he's
      deluded enough to believe the
      hype... to a certain point. Plus,
      Gail's not going to tell him the
      truth anyway because she'd be
      admitting to her participation
      in the scam! BTW- Did you know
      that Harold's daughter, Marion,
      has the middle name of Gail.

      Klemp wants to believe the hype
      because he's not only a narcissist,
      and is vain, but he's also mentally

      He a big fan of the "as if" pretend
      principle. When people write to him
      and say they saw him in their dreams
      yada, yada, yada, he actually believes
      it.... to a degree. The problem is
      that Klemp doesn't remember any
      of it! He's unaware of what's going
      on (on the "INNER") and that's why
      he needs Eckists to "write" to him
      via their snail-mail testimonials.

      So, how does HK rationalize it?
      Well, he's getting what he wants...
      financial security, admiration,
      and he's the boss!

      Eckists get what they want
      and need. Someone to look
      up to, worship, dream of &
      journal, believe in and trust!
      And, they have EK Centers,
      Worship Services, HU Sings,
      Harji potlucks, their books,
      CDs, DVDs, jewelry, a Temple,
      seminars, invisible and
      immortal ECK Masters and
      those Higher Initiations!


      Janice wrote:

      Thank you Russ for such a good description of your experience. I too
      enjoyed the sound part of eckankar teachings and I continued to use Hu
      for a while after leaving until I found other words to use. There was
      a lot of good stuff in eckankar teachings but for me it was spoiled by
      the fact that Twitchell stole most of it from others. I would prefer
      to read the originals. The way I see it is that eckankar can't stop
      those who leave from using any of the techniques they learned as eckist
      if it is beneficial. The effect eckankar has had on me is lasting. I
      don't feel I could ever feel comfortable joining any kind of spiritual
      or religious group again. I read all kinds of stuff and find bits and
      pieces that are useful to me. I don't know if this is the best way or
      not to seek enlightenment but it is the only way I can go at this
      point. I do so enjoy reading the experiences that others have had in
      eckankar and since leaving. It makes me feel less alone in my own
      journey. It can feel lonely when you aren't able to share with others
      what I consider the most crucial part of my life and development. The
      one thing I can't forgive or forget about eckankar is the lies. To me
      this is inexcusable. I hope through hearing from people like you I
      will be able to put these things more in prospective one way or
      another. I feel it would be better for me to let go of it all together
      because in sorting out these things for myself, eckankar still has a
      certain amount of my attention. I don't think about it continually but
      wasting any time on eckankar to me some how seems like a waste. There
      will always be people like Klemp, Twitchell and Gross who use other
      people for self glorification. Part of me just can't seem to let go
      because I see eckankar as highly destructive to impressionable people
      who are looking for truth while eckankar will give them only lies.
      Sometimes I feel pulled by what is right for me and the idea that since
      I participated, maybe I have some responsibility toward others. These
      can be such gray areas when one seeks to do what is right. I could
      certainly use yours and the ideas of others about how you view these
      things. Thanks

      Russ wrote:

      Good Day All!

      Take what is good and leave the rest behind.

      I naturally gravitated toward the part of Eckankar that had been
      missing in my spiritual practice and that something was the sound

      What I did was put faith in the lem though in my heart I know/knew that
      it was a crutch. I even stayed in for 33 years. I was afraid I would be
      severed from the sound current if I left. Absurd really.

      I came to my senses and I can say that the practice of chanting hu
      (there are many other words that are effective too}established in me an
      awareness of sound and light. So, I now have a certain beingness, a
      part of me that knows about this connection to the Higher Self.

      I also find myself wishing that PT had honored his real teachers and
      simply wrote his books as his own opinion. I don't know or really care
      about his motives. I believe that truth can be discovered anywhere but
      only with a quality of sincerety. Every teacher is limited but
      followers pull a teacher/leader into a position of authority. Not many
      can resist the pull. We humans under the pull of illusion have to
      believe that something is the greatest when in fact it might be new to
      us but pretty ordinary otherwise. Experience is indeed the best

      So, yea I got a lot out of eckankar but guess what? I got more out of
      leaving it and shaking off the dependency. I feel more empowered, real
      and clear about my reality. So, the final test of a disiple(sp) is to
      thank the teacher and move on. That's the honorable thing to do. imho.
      And avoid the master-chela trap and counsel others when possible to
      also avoid this trap. The power and love are within you.

      What I do know is that what is REAL stands the test of time. Let the bs
      faall awwaaaay.

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