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6106Re: Klemp Rationalizes His Fraud

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  • prometheus_973
    Feb 6, 2012
      Hello Apollonius and All,
      I'll respond to your
      comments below.

      apollonius wrote:
      Hi Prometheus,

      Many, and rightfully so,
      have strong feelings of
      resentment for being led
      astray by Eckankar.

      If you listen to the reasoning
      of today's Hi's (well, the
      older ones anyway) as to
      why they still follow Eckankar,
      this rhetorical question
      will many times be heard
      as the answer, "Why throw
      the baby (Eckankar) out with
      the bath water (Paul/HK's myth)?

      I have never let HK "off the
      hook". He has had 30 years
      to set the record straight
      regarding Paul's made up
      hierarchy and writings, and
      is yet to do it. Also, It appears
      that he is bereft of spiritual
      experiences to write about
      as multiple times I caught
      him using my experiences
      and others in his HI teaching

      ME: The truth as to why longtime
      H.I.s have remained in Eckankar
      has nothing to do with Truth. It's
      all about fear and ego! They fear
      not having their EK friends and
      family members in their lives but,
      also, not having their admirers.
      Plus, look at all of that time and
      money they have invested and
      the initiations they've received.
      Many were "grandfathered" in
      without having to jump through
      the hoops that HK requires today.
      Besides, there's always the hope
      of getting that 8th or 9th Outer
      initiation. This is why the "baby"
      isn't thrown out with the dirty
      bath water... and why the bath
      water is used over and over,
      again and again.

      In the early days we read and
      were told that the books and
      myth Paul Twitchell built was
      absolute truth. For me, there
      had been many prior years of
      extra-physical experiences
      including the blue and other
      lights dating back to when I
      was three years old. I really
      didn't care about the myth or
      the LEM so much as the wealth
      of research contained therein.
      How the concepts bounced
      around inside my little sphere
      of consciousness and took me
      to a different place. These ideas
      could be tried and discarded
      or kept as "My" individual

      ME: Twitchell, as a conman,
      learned that many people
      have many things in common.
      Everyone dreams. And if one
      places attention upon the
      mysteries and myth of the
      spiritual realm they will dream
      and "see" things. I'm not
      saying that your experiences,
      especially, as a child weren't
      real, but I also know that
      parents and adults can
      mess with what a child thinks
      is real. Sometimes it's done
      out of "fun" by a somewhat
      deviant parent or relative.
      Sometimes, the fun is more
      of a cultural/religious thing
      like with Santa Claus or the
      Easter Bunny.

      As I rose through the
      ranks of Eckankar there
      was a peculiar thing that
      I noticed. The Mahdi were
      not practicing what they
      preached and it seemed
      like I was always in their
      cross hairs. This special
      attention and the energy
      they spewed uncontrolled,
      allowed me to become
      much stronger. There
      were many arguments
      that ensued all along the
      way, even with Darwin.
      My point was always
      that it is the individual
      path that counts, not the
      group or worship of a
      leader. If the LEM didn't
      know about me personally
      (which I discovered to be
      true the first time I met
      Darwin) then I was on my

      ME: Yes, there's a lot of
      ego associated with being
      an H.I. (leader). Ego was
      always rationalized away
      and looked upon as a
      "teaching tool" or as a "coat"
      that could be put on and
      taken off. It wasn't true
      but it did help to explain
      away the personality changes.
      I know that when I was at
      ECK events, in leadership
      roles, I almost always came
      across as being serious.
      I knew that I was being
      watched and evaluated
      and had to be careful to
      portray myself well. I, also,
      had to be cognizant of the
      proper procedures to follow
      which are spelled out in
      the "Guidelines." All of
      this was quite stressful.
      Why? Because I saw first
      hand what could happen
      to those who fell out-of-
      grace with the RESA.

      Yes, Klemp wouldn't know
      anything about his H.I.s,
      either, if it wasn't for the
      reports his RESAs send to
      the ESC. Everyone has a
      file and black marks and
      red flags can have initiations
      and positions put on a
      three-five year (or longer)
      hold. Sometimes there are
      things put into your ESC
      file and sometimes it's
      just that one RESA.

      Prometheus said,
      >Yes, we all need to cut the
      > ties to any and all religions.
      > Religions are distortions
      > of Truth that are designed
      > around mass consumption.
      > A group consciousness,
      > and even that within a
      > "circle of initiation," will
      > always be lower or stunted
      > than what the individual
      > can/will achieve when free
      > and unimpeded. Of course,
      > all initiations, of any sort,
      > are fraudulent!
      > Consciousness is not handed
      > out by a demigod and printed
      > on an EK membership card.


      To my knowledge, Rumi
      couched his verbiage
      in the terms of the day.
      According to what I have
      researched, Rumi's teacher
      Shamsi was murdered
      for blasphemy against

      ME: It's usually thought that
      Rumi's companions killed Shams
      because they were jealous of
      him. After all, much of Rumi's
      poetry was inspired by the love
      he had for his friend and master.....

      However, Shams was Sunni.
      So, it could be that he was
      murdered by the more orthodox
      Shiites. IMO-Only a Shiite would
      say that Shams (a Sunni) was

      Though I can honestly say
      I never met any of Paul
      Twitchell's masters (and
      I doubt he did either) there
      have been times in my
      life when a "helper" appeared
      out of nowhere and guided
      me in a new direction with
      new ideas to think about.
      Whether I call them masters
      or any other term is irrelevant
      to me, they assisted my path
      and that's all that was needed.

      ME: I, too, have had experiences
      throughout life where it seemed
      I was being protected (mostly from
      myself) or was receiving guidance.
      Early on, Jesus would appear to
      me. I was a seeker and always
      seemed to be beseeching some
      spiritual authority for answers/
      guidance. But most people do
      the same! That's how/why the
      gods were created and, one reason,
      as to why religion was created.
      The other reasons for religions
      is to control the masses by
      alleviating their fears and giving
      hope of a better, pain free, afterlife.
      Plus, it's a money maker for those
      at the top of the hierarchy.

      Anyway, it was no surprise to
      see "EK Masters" in my dreams.
      It's funny that Eckankar validates
      itself with a handful of testimonials
      from people (innocent newbies)
      who claim they met a certain EK
      Master "prior" to joining Eckankar!
      It's kind of like (not really) St. Paul's
      experience with seeing Jesus while
      on the road to Damascus. Except
      Paul/Saul was blinded for three
      days. Hey, is that, and the Trinity,
      how Paul came up with/invented
      the, superstitious, EK Principle
      of the Threes?


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