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6099Re: Klemp Rationalizes His Fraud

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  • prometheus_973
    Feb 4, 2012
      Hello Janice and All,
      Thanks for sharing.
      I'll respond below.

      Janice wrote:

      I always did have a problem with the living eck master thing but I tried so hard to over come the resistance. I did for the most part I think because I did see Klemp in my dreams and in contemplations. In my dreams he was weird though like there was something wrong with him. I think it was my higher self showing me that he wasn't what he seemed to be.

      ME: I found it hard
      to drink the cool aid
      too, but eventually
      I did swallow it. It
      made running the
      local EK business
      center easier and
      helped to place me
      inside of the RESA's
      trusted circle. This,
      too, gave me contact
      and recognition with
      some of the higher
      ups at the ESC. You
      have to buy into the
      fantasy for it to work.

      Yes, Paul and Darwin
      were extroverts and
      had charisma, whereas,
      Klemp is introverted
      and has no charisma
      but makes up for this
      lack with his shyness
      and country bumpkin
      show of humility.

      Klemp was always more
      of an embarrassing little
      weasel than anything.

      When I would hear Klemp speak, I had to over come the impulse to think that he bordered on being slow witted. To me, he just didn't appear very intelligent and it was hard for me to understand why no one else seemed to see that. Over all, he was revered so much that anything he did was marvelous. My question today for myself and others is ; How do you make a God out of an uninspiring moron? Looking back, I don't know how I managed to fool myself so badly. I felt conflicted inside about it but on the outside, I tried so hard to believe he was worthy of all the adoration he was given. I would like to hear if others felt that way about the living eck master concept.

      ME: Yes, he's revered and
      worshiped. He can do no
      wrong and will accept no
      responsibility... he's God
      on earth! Even his stammering
      and long pauses while flipping
      through note cards will elevate
      his giddy followers to delusional
      states of nervous ecstasy.
      Or, it will put them in a trance
      and to sleep... especially at
      seminars after a long day of
      travel. But, no problem to
      fall asleep... you're getting
      it on the inner and you can
      buy the tape in three months

      During his talks, when awake,
      I would take notes of the
      highlights and the points
      he was making. Even in a
      brainwashed state I would
      have trouble with some of
      it, his assumptions and one
      dimensional perspectives,
      and later I would discuss it
      with my wife. Somehow we
      resolved the issues we had.

      A lot of rationalizing takes
      place. After all, HK's a 14th
      so how can "we" know what
      his intent is/was or how we
      were to fill-in the blanks.
      Maybe the "true" message
      came via the inner for Soul
      and the physical one, for
      the mind, was simply a
      means of priming the pump
      for it to be revealed in dreams
      on the higher inner planes!
      See! Eckists just imagine
      it to be whatever you need/
      want it to be.

      Shortly before I got out he started adapting Christian songs to Eckankar. One I remember is Amazing Grace. At that point, I knew he had to be lacking in something. To openly take Christian songs and try to use them for Eckankar was stupid to me since eckist were supposed to be the elite in spiritual development. To me it said that Klemp had no talent or inspiration to draw on. He, like Twitchell had to steal from everyone else.

      ME: Yes, there're more songs
      and an EK choir book is sold
      too! Klemp is trying to make
      Eckankar, and himself, blend
      in and seem legitimate with
      Sunday Worship Services, singing,
      choirs, clerics, and King James
      Bible scripture quotes. He wants
      to fit-in, so to speak, with all
      of the other church leaders
      in Chanhassen rather than be
      considered a cult leader. His
      cheap suits and mousey appearance
      are meant to disarm people.

      As far as how self delusional Klemp might be about his lies, I kind of feel like he has bought the idea himself that he is the living eck master. I think he believes it. He was in a mental institution at one point. I think it is probably something like how schizophrenics ofthen think they are Jesus.

      ME: I think that you are
      right. HK does believe it,
      but then, again, he doesn't.

      Klemp is a narcissist, ergo,
      he believes he's God's gift...
      as do all narcissists.

      True, he was in a mental
      institution for three weeks
      and "was released early"
      because he said he "learned
      how to play the game."

      That's how Klemp suckered
      Darwin... he was playing
      his game by flying under
      the radar, writing EK brochures
      and not telling Darwin the
      whole truth.

      I do find it interesting that
      Darwin was "hesitated" when
      Klemp wanted to meet to
      discuss the "transition" in
      an inner room at HK's office
      at the ESC, after, he had told
      DG that it was a Dark Room
      that had been Sound Proofed
      by the previous resident.

      Get it? No Light or Sound
      (ECK) could get in!

      For some reason this
      "coincidence" doesn't seem
      to bother Eckists in the same
      way it didn't bother Klemp.

      Isn't it true that Eckists
      believe there is No such
      things as Coincidence!

      Anyway, this info can be
      found in CH. 7 of HK's hard
      to find book "Soul Travelers
      of the Far Country." Klemp
      edited out most of this info
      when he recounted it in his
      "Autobiography of a Modern
      Prophet." But, he does mention
      that Darwin "hesitated" to
      meet with him in that room.
      Just connect the dots as to
      why Darwin hesitated. Funny,
      Darwin saw the connection
      but Klemp didn't!

      Yet, Klemp referred to Darwin
      as the Black Magician when
      it was him! Clever, but as an
      agent of Kal, i.e. Satan, we
      should expect as much.

      For the most part now , I feel ashamed of ever having been an eckist. I only feel comfortable talking about it with others who were eckist too.

      ME: It was somewhat embarrassing
      then, but it's equally embarrassing
      to admit it now. Actually, I won't
      discuss it with people... not that they'd
      ask. I don't go to church so there's
      nobody to ask such probing questions
      as, "What church did you belong to?"

      So thank all you guys for being out there.

      ME: Thanks for sharing.
      Please tell us more if you'd
      like. Got any juicy EK stories?

      prometheus wrote:

      It's interesting to see
      and hear what the religious
      tricksters and conmen
      come up with in order
      to rationalize their guilt
      away. They will claim to
      be providing a "service"
      for people... to comfort
      them and take away their

      Klemp certainly gives Lip
      Service to this claim:

      How do the teachings
      of Eckankar help people?

      The most important
      concept we need to
      get across is the continuity
      of life and going from
      this world to the next
      and beyond. People worry
      most about meeting
      the end of this life. [end]

      Really? I disagree!

      Now, it could be that
      Klemp is concerned with
      death since he was born
      in 1942. He's getting closer
      and closer to the grave.

      And, I'm sure that many
      from the Baby Boomer
      generation (the generation
      Klemp dislikes most) are
      thinking more about their
      health and the end of life.

      But there are those living
      in politically unstable countries
      who have more immediate
      fears concerning day-to-
      day life and freedoms.

      What many people
      are concerned about,
      here and now, in this
      present time versus the
      future is having enough
      money to pay the bills in
      order to continue and
      maintain a healthy life
      style. And, not being
      alone and, thus, dying
      alone is an important
      issue too.

      Let's face it. People
      need God more than
      God needs them, unless,
      you're Klemp... a false
      God called Mahanta!

      Klemp needs his flock
      of suckers. Even if HK
      stepped aside for the
      next conman to take
      over he'd still be writing
      his trashy books and
      be posing as a God of
      some sorts. Maybe he'd
      move to some private
      island and start rumors
      that he had been reborn
      as Rebazar had. Klemp
      wants to continue the
      myth to be remembered!

      Young people certainly
      aren't concerned about
      death... they're concerned
      about finding a spouse,
      and having a good job,
      a place to live, and money
      for more education and
      a car, and gas.... maybe
      a new computer or i-phone/

      In truth, HK is trying
      to purge himself of
      his Guilt for not only
      having deficiencies
      as a God/Master but
      for his continued deceit.

      Consequently, he'll boost
      his ego and self-important
      image and, thus, feel
      good hand important
      that he's providing a
      "spiritual" service for
      the New Age segment
      of the population who
      are attracted to Eckankar's
      (Twitchell's) Western
      twist and edit of Radhasoami
      and Ruhani Satsang.

      But, it (religion) is all
      the same... just different
      dogma and jargon. Klemp's
      Eckankar is no exception!

      HK has millions squirreled
      away in an off-shore
      account so money and
      financial security is not
      a problem for him. Time
      is Klemp's big enemy
      and fear. That's why he
      wants to be remembered
      as being a great spiritual
      master even though his
      followers are deluded.

      Don't Eckists "worship"
      Klemp, their Mahanta?
      Sure! That's Klemp's plan
      to trick them! But, he
      sees it as being for their
      own good... he's helping
      them to find peace and
      happiness without fear.
      Eckists should believe
      in themselves, as Soul,
      and not give-up Soul's
      authority to decide and
      know. Initiations are
      bogus anyway and are
      simply used to dangle
      in front of people....
      that's the real "plus
      element" in Eckankar.
      There's Service, Coin,
      Time, Promises of
      Protection and Guidance
      "plus" that next initiation!

      Look at the Spiritual
      Exercises of EK that
      are designed around
      this purpose. Eckists
      will dream of, contemplate
      upon, and beseech
      their God/Mahanta
      for all sorts of things.

      These S.E.s are designed
      for Eckists to see HK's
      physical image don't
      they? Thus, the Mahanta
      brainwashing is reenforced
      over and over on a daily

      And, this is why it's so
      difficult to escape from
      codependency. There
      can never be real/truthful
      "Spiritual Freedom" for
      Eckists. They will always
      need Klemp... he's their
      crutch and their meth.

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