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6079Re: I'm Surprised That Klemp (ECKankar) Isn't Suing Them!

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  • russrodnick
    Jan 22, 2012
      It reminds me of franchising. Spiritual boilerplate. Just change a few names here and there and off you go. What astounds me is how high we can get off the power of belief. We humans can be very suggestible which is why, we should learn to be self aware. Then no man can take us for a ride.

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > Just Google: Living SRAOSHA
      > Master and the site comes up.
      > This guy copied Paul's God
      > World Chart, which was copied
      > and plagiarized info, and then
      > tweaked it by adding a couple
      > of Higher Planes that Twit, Darwin,
      > and Klemp had overlooked.
      > After all, Why should Sugmad
      > reside on the 10th Plane (ANAMI
      > LOK) and not a higher one when
      > the LEM is of the 12th Plane and
      > the Mahanta of the 14th Plane!
      > The Living Sraosha Master (LSM),
      > [BTW-SRAOSHA means ECK, see
      > pg. 200 of the 1998 EK Lexicon
      > and page 51 of The Path of the
      > Masters] is just another conman.
      > Anyway, what's funny is that
      > anyone can simply insert their
      > own name in place of this guy's
      > and who's to disprove his "inner"
      > experiences and the story he's
      > spinning? It like with Twitchell's
      > bullshit which Darwin and Klemp
      > inherited by playing-the-game.
      > So, Twitchell's and Klemp's "God
      > Worlds Chart" i.e. "Worlds of ECK"
      > goes to the 10th Plane. This below
      > chart goes to the 12th Plane. The
      > 12th Plane is the AKSHAR and the
      > 11th is a derivative of this... I forget
      > exactly what it was. In any case
      > AKSHAR means SUGMAD and it
      > can be found in "Path" on pages
      > 264, 284, and 305.
      > **********************
      > AKATHA God Worlds Chart - Lower and Higher Planes
      > A message from Sri Kahtifji, the Mahaji, the 973rd Living SRAOSHA Master regarding the God Worlds Chart
      > "The AKATHA God Worlds chart is very important insofar as the chela (student of AKATHA) needs to see it in order to know how to negotiate through the God Worlds. It is especially important to manoeuvre through the lower worlds getting to the Soul Plane as quickly as possible. Still that paradox exists regarding the essence of man as Soul wherein each one is the Sound and Light of SRAOSHA and therefore, dwells really upon the Soul Plane. The problem is that those outside AKATHA do not know it. We are fortunate to have this God knowlege, the Para-Vidya, in AKATHA. Still Soul needs to see the God Worlds superstructure for the true matrix of the universe. This mapping is very old, older than time itself. Hence, we again are fortunate that Paulji (Paul Twitchell) was the pioneer for this mapping in the recent past. Otherwise, we would not know were to go on the inner. The chela should really appreciate that we know were to go spiritually in AKATHA."
      > You can view the AKATHA GOD WORLDS CHART by clicking on the PDF link below or viewing in Scribd.
      > the_god_worlds_of_akatha_31.pdf
      > Download File
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