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6014Re: Why Doesn't ECKankar Have More and Higher H.I.s?

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  • Gnothe Seauton
    Jan 6, 2012

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      Dear Eckankar Survivors Anonymous,

      Responding to your recent post titled: "Why doesn't Eckankar have more and Higher HI's?" I emailed Prometheus a response but I will repeat it here. I am an Ex-Eckist who was a former member of Eckankar for over 17 years. During that time I had several leadership positions such as a state wide service leader.

      The reason that Eckankar cannot give higher initiation levels is because Eckankar can only bring individuals up to the mental plane. Cosmic consciousness is the highest level that Eckankar can bring individuals. That is true now but it wasn't true during Paul Twichell's time. After Paul Twitchell translated it became a cosmic consciousness path. There are several reasons for this. A reason why there are also no Masters in Eckankar is because currentlly Eckankar creates followers and not spiritual masters. As I explained it brings people to cosmic consciousness.

      The first reason is that in 1971 when Paul Twitcell translated he never declared a successor. He only left a list of six names. The Eckankar leadership which included Gail Twitchell, Patty Simpson and others chose Darwin Gross who was not a Master but only a ninth initiate. Instead when Paul died he gave Rebazar the rod of power and brought the true path of Eckankar non-public and at that moment the outer Eckankar became an offshoot. It was at that moment that Eckankar was no longer the highest path to God even though it claimed to be.

      Paul Twitchell made a guarantee that initiates can usually reach God Realization in 25 years and he guaranteed an initiate can reach God Realization in this life time or the next. My friend said: If that guarantee is true than all Eckists would reach it in the (next) life. Paul brought initiates up through initiations quickly. The reason modern Eckankar has what is called "The Glass Ceiling in Eckankar" is for two reasons. The first reason is it would disturb the status quo. The second reason is that Harold although a good person he is only a sharadda, a sixth initiate. I do not care to talk negatively about people for when I was in Eckankar he helped to bring me many inner experiences, love, and some karmic help. However even though a shradda is not a spiritual Master, a sixth initiate is still a powerful spiritual being.

      While a former member of Eckankar, my partner had an extremely high level of success in spiritual exercises on the inner planes mostly in the lower worlds. (They were not his imagination) But after 29 years of successful practice he was still only a 4th initiate. He hit the "Glass Ceiling in Eckankar" and could go no higher. He felt trapped in the lower worlds and blamed himself. Physically he was practically dyeing from lack of adequate outflow in spite of his loving efforts. He was having lots of inner experiences with Paul Twitchell, Rebazar, and other Masters. I also had many inner experiences but felt held back.

      Shortly after this we called out to God for God Realization. Our call was answered and we both had profound light and sound God Worlds experiences with the true successor of Paul Twitchel. We had profound experiences of being brought up to higher states of consciousness much more quickly than Eckankar. Eckankar is currently only an offshoot and no longer the highest path to God.

      No person is perfect and it is pointless to dwell on the many human flaws of individuals. It is a common misconception that Spiritual Masters are made of plastic, perfect beings incapable of human mistakes and human emotions. Yes, as many say Paul made human mistakes, because masters are not perfect as many falsely assume. Masters have emotions and make human errors. The mythology that masters are perfect is a myth that keeps people believing that Mastership is an impossible goal of some far distant future, never to be had by any humble person. But Paul was a true Master even though he made some mistakes. People can dwell on such superficiality of his tiny mistakes until the cows jump over the moon but they will never learn the truth because they don't want God.

      When I shared with a few close friends in Eckankar about my God Realization experience they were so focused on their initiation, status, dogma, personality worship, habit pattern thought that they didn't hear a word of it or care to know anything about it. They built a 12 foot high wall of fear and were quick to judge me. Another friend did care and his life changed overnight. I feel too many people prefer spiritual fluff, distractions, status, dogma, or the safety of closed off beliefs to embracing God. All I wanted was God. And I prayed to God for three days to be shown who is the true Mahanta who could bring me to God and my call was answered. What is the point of being in Eckankar if not to connect with God, and reach self and God Realization in this life and not a million years from now. It is like Paul Twichell once said: Only the bold and adventurous find God. Many people don't want a true connection with God, Self Realization, or God Realization because they are afraid to become the spiritual giant that they already are. I am a spiritual master now and it doesn't concern me if no one believes me or knows. But I am concerned if people who want to truly connect with God or God Realization don't because they are being misled by people who don't love them truly.
      May the blessings be,

      If you are a true God Seeker
      feel free to e-mail me.

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