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6009Klemp's ECKankar Is Non-Pacifist... Why?

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  • prometheus_973
    Dec 31, 2011
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      Hello All,
      I was wondering as to
      why a religion that claims
      to be of the "Highest
      Consciousness" anywhere,
      and for all time, and to
      be the "most direct path
      to God" doesn't practice
      pacifism/peaceful action.

      The argument could be
      that there would be no
      one left to practice their
      belief if they turned the
      other cheek and didn't
      defend themselves by
      killing their enemies
      or those of their country.

      However, the eradication
      of one's enemies isn't an
      option for pacifist religions.
      Everyday life is, of course,
      seen as a test of faith, but
      they take it a step further
      and to the next level.

      Why does ECKankar have
      the same views as other Non-
      Pacifist (violence condoning)

      And, what's really interesting
      is that these Pacifist religions,
      EACH, have more members,
      worldwide, and are more widely
      known via historical records
      than ECKankar! The Pacifists
      have a real religious history!
      "ECK" does not!

      So, one has to wonder why
      Klemp (the 14th Plane Mahanta)
      states that it's okay for ECKists
      to be members of the military.
      Is it because he was in the
      U.S. Air Force during the
      Vietnam War and that he
      enjoyed his military experience?

      And, let's not forget that
      the founder of ECKankar,
      Twitchell, was in the U.S.
      Navy during WWII and he,
      also, enjoyed the experience!
      He made it seem that he
      was a real hero!

      Here's a site that lists the
      various Pacifist religions:


      Interesting, too, that this
      topic of pacifism is yet another
      unexplored/discussed aspect
      of the ECK Teachings that is
      quickly slid in under the rug
      and is accepted by longtime
      members (H.I.s) without question.
      And, these Higher 6th & 7th
      Initiates, supposedly, have
      a "Spiritual Consciousness"
      beyond that of the *4th Plane
      God (KAL, i.e. the Devil, Satan)
      the Pacifists worship! Amazing!

      *Autobiography of a Modern
      Prophet, page 385, by Harold
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