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5941ECKankar's Approach to Gain Suckers (Seekers/Members)

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  • prometheus_973
    Nov 16, 2011
      Hello All,
      I found this link that
      shows how Eckankar
      is still approaching
      spiritual seekers with
      the same old crap and
      hooks involving karma,
      dreams, and past lives.


      I'm amazed that these
      ECK leaders think that
      their "path" and their
      "Masters" are real. How
      desperate and delusional
      they must be! But, after
      all these years what choices
      do they have that would
      fill the void? Well, okay,
      Truth does fill the void
      but it's not an overnight
      happening. And, I'll admit
      that some EK authors do
      write well, but what they
      say is usually a very generic
      and is a feel-good approach,
      especially, the cute animal
      angel thing. However, it's
      all based upon the false
      teachings of other false
      teachings that Paul Twitchell
      recreated via a hodge-podge
      accumulation of plagiarized,
      paraphrased, and reedited
      material containing half-
      truths, via his sect and
      other questionable sources,
      he was "compiling" for
      his future vocation.

      It took Twit years and years
      to fine-tune and reedit his
      scam and it's taken Klemp
      years and years to redirect
      PT's Hindu/Sikh Sect approach
      toward a more "Christian"
      friendly perspective. And,
      of course, Klemp has self-
      promoted his own image
      much like the scammer
      Twitchell did with his!

      There's the correlation
      where at age 27, in 1935,
      that Twitchell was "twisting
      facts" and "exaggerating"
      to get into Who's Who in
      Kentucky and Klemp getting
      into the International Who's
      Who of Intellectuals (9th edition).
      How is it that Klemp is an
      "intellectual" anymore than
      Twitchell travelled to India
      at age 15 to meet Rebazar

      After all, Klemp's books and
      title, Mahanta/LEM, are based
      upon the same fraud that Twitchell
      originally perpetuated! Twitchell
      was a loser and Klemp has always
      been a loser and a wannabe! If
      it wasn't for their shared religious
      scam they would have little in
      common and even less success!