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5930Klemp's Vanity - His Wisdom Notes and EK Brochure Photo

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  • prometheus_973
    Nov 3, 2011
      Hello All,
      This is simply more proof
      of Eckankar's deceptions.

      It's come to my attention
      that Klemp is still using
      a 10-15 old photo as his
      "Official Photo" which is
      to be displayed at ECK
      functions and EK Centers.

      WHY? Really, why is this
      being done?

      Isn't Klemp comfortable
      with his aging?

      On the front page of the
      September, 2011 "The
      Mystic World of ECKankar"
      is a current photo of Klemp.

      However, if one looks at
      the back page where "The
      Wisdom Notes" are given
      there is the older "Official
      Photo" depicting a younger
      looking Klemp.

      Is the real and present day
      photo depicting the Outer
      LEM while the "Official (past)
      Photo" depicting the Inner
      Master/Mahanta? Is that
      Klemp's rationale for this
      subliminal trickery?

      Really, I don't think that this
      issue has ever been addressed
      since ECKists aren't permitted
      to ask such questions without
      risking reprisals by their RESAs
      or via the ESC (Klemp).

      But, in Eckankar, what is reality?
      Is it anything one wants to deny
      and imagine differently as you
      like it?

      This photo switch is simply
      another trick that Klemp uses
      to cloud the minds and reasoning
      abilities of his followers so they
      can feel good about their religion
      of pretend Masters, Initiations,
      and Planes of Consciousness.

      This denial of the obvious is
      why ECKists are comfortable
      and passive sheep and/or are
      chickens in the EK hen house.
      However, on the other hand,
      ECKists are stressed out as

      ECKists must be Vahanas/
      Missionary's and give Service
      to Klemp (and Lip Service to
      the public) in order to advance
      and/or to maintain their status
      as official spokespersons.

      The Lip Service is when they
      give the "official" presentations
      which omit facts with the guise
      of being "too much spiritual
      food" for the seeker to handle.

      Come on, just tell them how
      long it will probably take them
      to become free of Karma or
      reach the 5th initiation! And,
      how many more years (and
      what's required) it should
      take them to reach the 7th
      initiation. Then tell them
      how long it will be for them
      to reach the 8th initiation...
      maybe the RESA would know
      that answer. LOL!


      From Dec, 2009:
      Isn't it strange that a "spiritual
      master" (a Mahanta) would still
      be using an outdated photo.
      This shows that Klemp is attached
      to KAL's lower plane influences.
      This is more proof that HK has
      fallen from SUGMAD's Grace (not
      that he ever had it). Still, for some
      ECKists Klemp's youthful appearance
      attachment must be confusing.
      Others simply turn a Blind Eye
      to it all... they like the public
      seeing the younger looking photo.
      It's less embarrassing than the
      real thing. H.I.s, especially, live
      in a state of denial because it's
      comfortable and convenient
      and EK Membership has become
      habitual and ego driven.

      {Note: Annual EK Membership
      is actually required in order to
      receive and keep initiations. The
      reenrolling of one's membership
      must become habitual or risk
      losing the fake connection with
      the Inner via the outer monetary
      membership requirement. Thus,
      EK membership is ego, as well as,
      fear driven.}

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